We’re auditioning for Goldfinger 2 and we thought
that you should read for one of the parts Cool! How are your car driving skills? I’m a beast. What’s the fastest you’ve driven? Speed limit Okay, that’s not very James Bond Okay scuba dive?
Yeah! Skydive? Yeah, I mean just last week I dove. Amazing! Perfect. Okay, so would you say you
would rather play a hero or a villain? Villain! Villain? That’s great. Could you do like a villain laugh? It’s really, it’s really really important for the role. All right… Hahaha! I just need to see how good you are at throwing a hat
cause we need you to be able to I play horseshoes all the time decapitate someone and action! He’s dead Well done. Well done.
I’m just gonna talk to my people and then Can I keep the hat? Sure you can keep the hat We’ll have … my people will call your people. Thank you so much for coming in Nice to meet you I love it!

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Dennis Veasley

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