Hello! My name is Aleksej Sypachevskij. Now I’m going to discuss one important question about so called futility of defense. It’s very popular topic of discussions
on the Internet and so on. Defense is horizonless, offense is the best. Defense has no chance. Joo Sae-Hyuk plays one, Ma Long plays another, and so on. Defense is so hopeless, that Hyuk hasn’t become World champion, just some World vice-champion. About futility, it’s important to establish against what exactly it’s perspective or not, because there is no spherical perspective
or futility; as perspective, or its absence, is always against some supposed result. For example I may have perspectives against election of the president… of some country, whatever. I may not have perspective against no reason
in particular, there must be some result, to speak about perspectives against this result. So, perspective of defense against what exactly result we are speaking of. If to speak about perspective of defense
against majority in the world, and in Top-10 best players there would be 7 defenders out of 10. Well… in such case defense is really horizonless. If you are a coach, for example,
and want to prepare 7 players, which would take places in top ten, don’t reckon on that they would be defenders. If you are customary table tennis player and don’t worry about world top ten, you have completely nothing to think of defense global leadership or its absence. What difference does it make to ordinary
table tennis player who plays for himself what is happening in the top ten? I’m a player and the positions of Hyuk and Ma Long don’t really factor into my results. Neither into me, nor into somebody else, Hyuk and Ma Long have no influence. Let’s take other result against which we may follow perspective of defense. For example wins at amateur level.
This result is much more interesting in practical sense for ordinary tennis players to view. Not for Hyuk and Ma Longs with their coach,
but for ordinary non-professionals at any level, or even not for non-professionals. So we will view defense perspective at such play level. Moreover, I don’t think that Hyuk, Ma Long
and their coaches watch my videos, so I have no reason to talk about them. I will better talk about those
and for those who watch me. As for defense perspective at this level. Let’s walk through lower amateur level.
I think that most viewers play about this level. What is the main point of playing table tennis at this level? The point of this level, according to our topic, is that at this level there are lots of unforced errors. Because of lack of experience,
poor technical skill or their absence, players always make mistakes on their own. Majority of unforced errors and very few
good effective attacks or something else. It’s not a surprise that
if at such level there are unforced errors
and technical mistakes, and those players who at least keep
the ball on the table and don’t make such mistakes, will have much profit and outplay many opponents. By the way, in reality
we observe exactly such situation. At lower levels, when defender… well, defenders may also be different,
who always make some tricks, want to attack somewhere and play some difficult serves. They also make lots of unforced mistakes. There may be and such defenders. But if defender centers on returning
balls on the table, without various fancies, tricks and super heavy underspins, which would make Ma Long overstrain himself. If defender manages to return
balls over the net, he has many chances
to win only due to this. Because he centers on not making mistakes and at very least returns the ball over. But his opponents without
appropriate technical background
and experience will always fail and lose. We really observe such situations in reality,
because at such levels defenders have more wins. Of course with higher level, defender has to widen his range, and to always use simple returns, he must learn something new to score more points. For example if to come to Denis
Kalachevskij level, at such international level,
simple returns will not be appropriate. And Denis has to, and he acts,
make something to score points. But speaking about passive defense,
just returns without attacks, at professional level passive
defense may be quite good variant. Some of you may think that I concoct it. But in reality, only those who don’t visit
tournaments, don’t see what happens there and how different players play, may think so. But having visited many tournaments, having seen much and even having played with many players I may say that there are many
defenders at professional levels. I saw them, met and played with them. The matter is that there are very few players
and you may rarely met them, because coaches prefer preparing offender champions. Though it’s clear that there is not enough
champions for coaches and may be it’s not necessary for every coach to think of it. They may start from easier tasks
and at least train ordinary skilled players. Well, in such defense style we have really few players, but not because of futility, but because coaches think that it’s better to create offenders, and players also think that defense is horizonless and want to play in offensive style. So not everyone should play in offensive style and not everyone should be trained as offender, as naturally we are all different. Someone looks to offensive style, someone to defensive, someone to mixed style, like Tel’noj or Kalachevskij, who both attack and defend much and neither is dominant. But not about this. Let’s come back to defense
perspective or its so called futility. For those who watch my videos, and I remind, that Ma Longs and their coaches will not watch them. For my viewers, defense is of course perspective and sometimes is more perspective than offense. One more time, I’m not telling that everyone should play in defense style. I’m telling to pay attention to yourself and what you look to, and play in appropriate style. It’s the best way to achieve the best results. And the progress will be made quickly. It’s not my inventions and the science investigated this question deeply to make such conclusions. And when I worked in this question, I worked in that different styles are for different people. So you should look closer to yourself and point for what you have a taste. And not think out that “I want to be like Ma Long, ’cause I like to play in the same style”. Well, if you naturally have the same tastes as Ma Long, then yes, you have to play in this style. But if naturally you have opposite
tastes and skills, so you have to… I don’t force anybody, just say what is better, more effective and successful. There will be more efficiency and effectiveness, if you will follow your natural tastes. If you are likely to play as defender and you have such skills, then better play in defense style. And about perspective of defense at lower play levels, I remind you and make conclusion, that at such level this style is even more perspective, because all opponents are up to make an unforced error and technical mistake. And if you instead of making technical mistake just return every second ball on the table, you have profit. You return the ball on the table,
and they create some damn thing every other time on their own and hit the ball on their side. I think it’s enough for this question, if you have some more question about this topic or some similar aspects you want to be described and discussed, please, leave them in comments below. Write your questions, thoughts. And I wish everyone to play in style due to your natural tastes and skills. And by the way, sport equipment should be chosen also due to your skills, and not Ma Long’s. I’m sure Ma Long feels well with it, but it doesn’t mean that it suits everyone. The same with Timo Boll, I’m sure that his equipment suits him, but if you’re impressed with Timo Boll’s style it doesn’t mean that it will suit you either. The equipment has to be chosen due to playing style. And by the way, in our shop
we are able to do it correctly. So if you want right equipment, call us. My name is Aleksej Sypachevskij
and this is channel TT-Maximum.

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4 thoughts on “Defence style in Table Tennis. Is it hopeless really? Whom the defense play will suit? ENG SUB”

  1. Please turn on the Subtitles in English if you do not speak Russian!

  2. Очень хорошее видео. Таких бы побольше. Надо Сыпачевского просить почаще выставлять и делать подобные видео.

  3. я играю в атаке, но ракетка позволяет защищаться. Если меня отдавил от стола напористый атакер, то ну и ладно. Могу отрезать слева, отрезать справа, а потом быстренько к столу вламывать или качать.
    Чего мне париться изза каких то перспектив защитных стилей ?

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