You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Hello. This is the case
ofWilson v. Felix/Brown.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day, Your Honor. Ms. Wilson, your son died tragically just one month ago. WILSON:Yes, ma’am.JUDGE LAKE:You say thatsince then, a flood of women
have come forward with claims that he fathered
their children, but you believe they’re trying to pin
their children on your son in an effort to get Social Security
benefits, is that correct? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE:
Ms. Felix and Ms. Brown, you both state
that you are 100% sure that Mrs. Wilson’s
deceased son, Mr. Marquette Dames, is the biological father of your children
and are fully entitledto survivor’s benefits,
is that correct?
BOTH:Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE:So Mrs. Wilson,tell us what happened. Well, he got,
uh, gunned down on July 6th, so it’s really hard for me because all I do is cry. JUDGE LAKE: Yes. All I did is cry. When they took him,
they took a part of me, too. Yes. They ripped my heart out. I just buried him July 30th, you know,
and it’s not easy for me as a mom losing a son.And I just wanna knowwho’s his kids
and who’s not his kids.
Because everybody’s talking
about they got kids and I only wanna know so I can have closure
for myself. How many women? WILSON: There’s… It’s 11 people. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) We’re talking 11 kids here,so…JUDGE LAKE:Oh, my goodness,
Ms. Wilson.
WILSON:…it’s not justthese two young ladies,
you know.
It’s all the womenthat’s, like, literally
inboxing me. How old is your child? BROWN: My child is two. JUDGE LAKE: And, Ms. Felix,
how old is your child? Three. JUDGE LAKE:
All right. I wanna start with you. And I wanna understand
the circumstances surrounding your child. FELIX: Yes, ma’am. And was Marquette a part of your child’s life? Yes. He was a complete part
of her life. He was there
when I was pregnant. He made sure I was doing right while I was pregnant.He was the one
providing me the food,
he went to every
doctor’s appointment.
He was there throughout
the whole thing.
She also knew about it.She used to come to my house.
We used to play cards, you know, and hang out. So we were
in a serious relationship and she knows it. JUDGE LAKE: So are
you wondering now why she’s questioning
the paternity? Yes, I am. I am. I am very much wondering because I don’t understand why someone would do
all the things you did for my daughter
and then be questioning her paternity
at the same time. JUDGE LAKE:
What kind of things
did she do? FELIX: Like, she
was in our wedding. She helped me
name my daughter. She was there
when I had my daughter. She was there through
the whole entire thing, and I had no clue at all that she had questions
or doubts about her at all.None at all.So, like…
What would you like
to add, Ms. Wilson?
First of all,
my son confided in me and I promised my son
I wouldn’t say anything. Before my son died, we was talking for the past six months before he passed away. He had doubt
about several kids. Her baby was one, Darielle’s baby
was the next one.Also, he told menot to say anything
and tell anybody about it.
So I kept it a secretbetween him and I. JUDGE LAKE: Understood. I held my son’s body for over two weeks. It took 24 days for me to put my son
in the ground. I saved my son
just for you guys to get DNA from him so that we can find out
who’s kin, who’s not. That’s not easy. And you had to do all of this. You had to wait
this amount of timebecause you were
to allowing the coronerto have the opportunityto collect the DNA… Right. JUDGE LAKE:
…so that you could get these tests done. Right. So you could
pretty much answer the questions… WILSON:
Questions. …that your son
confided in you. Right.
These two right here, before he even got buried
in the ground, called Social Security office
to get claims. WOMAN: Wow! He wasn’t even
in the ground. Funeral arrangements
wasn’t even ready. They wasn’t even put in place. And these two did that. I didn’t hold it
against them. I didn’t hold it
against them at all. Because guess what?
At the end of the day, this is my child.
It ain’t their child. They didn’t care
about my grief at that present time.
They didn’t care because it was all about
the money to them. It’s not all about him. AUDIENCE: Aw. FELIX: (STAMMERS)
First off, I had no clue
you were supposed to wait until someone was buried
to get Social Security, okay? I didn’t know you had to wait. And he was paying
child support for my baby anyway, okay? So… And the fact that
it upsets her, I’m wondering, “Why does
it upset you so much “if I went down there anyway?” Like, are you gonna get it
if I don’t claim it? Are you worried about them
not getting the money? Like, what is your problem? I don’t understand. So… They don’t love him like we do because if you loved him,
you’ll at least wait to see he got buried
in the ground before you went down there
to do all that. (APPLAUSE) Okay. Okay. Okay. WILSON: That’s a fact. Okay. WILSON: And so… What exactly did he say about Ms. Felix’s child? WILSON:
He said that the reason why he had doubt
because he was gone away for four or five months and when he got back, uh, she said she was
three months pregnant. That’s what he told me. But I never said anything. I just… JUDGE LAKE: He wanted you to keep that a secret. Secret between me and him. And I said,
“Well, I’ll tell you what, “since you feel like that, “why don’t we just do
DNA testing “to all of them?” FELIX: I don’t believe he told her that.
She just started doubting them after his death. All this came about after he passed away. No. FELIX: All of this. I got a witness. FELIX: All of this came
about after he passed. I’d like to hear
from your witness, ma’am. WILSON:
I got a witness right there. Please stand. That told… He told her
the same thing… Mmm-hmm. …and her mama, so… State your name
for the court, ma’am. TURNER: Sharnelle Turner. JUDGE LAKE: And, Ms. Turner,
you are… His cousin. JUDGE LAKE:
You are Mr. Dames’ cousin. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: What do you know about this? Um, when Marquette came, he stayed with me
for about a month. Oh, he was like,
“Hey, Nelly, guess what? “I’m having another baby.” So I was like, “Oh,
you’re having another baby?” He’s like, “Yeah.”
But he’s like, “I don’t know
if it’s mine or not.” So I was like,
“What do you mean?” He was like,
“Because I was gone for, like, “six months.”
And he was like, “She told me
that she was pregnant, but…” he’s like, “I also know
that she cheated on me.” I didn’t hear anything about any doubt until this vigil happened. And I highly doubt that he actually
told them that, you know. But even though, you know, on the obituary
that they did, you know,
they completely changed all the kids’ names on the obituary. I’d like to see that. FELIX: Yes. This is evidence that… FELIX: You
gave them all different names,
but I don’t believe there was any doubt
until that boy passed away. I don’t believe
he told them that because me and Marquette
were friends and he could’ve told me that if he actually felt that way. And he knows that. I don’t believe
he told them that. I think
she’s doubting him. I think she’s
doubting my babyall because of the money.WILSON:You went
to the Social Security place.
And so this evidence
that you presented
to the court, uh, it’s the obituary for Marquette Antwon Dames,
and it says,“Marquette leaves
to cherish
his memory.
“Loving and devoted
“Elizabeth Simon-Wilson.“Six children, “Marquelia Felix.” FELIX: Mmm-hmm. “Josiah Brown.” FELIX: Mmm-hmm. BROWN: Right. And his name
is Josiah Dames. And her name
is Marquelia Dames. WILSON: Excuse me.
They don’t know what they talking about
because I was the one
who wrote it and I was the one
that said not to put them names
in there because you don’t know
who’s kin, who’s not kin. And from what I was told, her baby name was Felix. And from what I was told, her baby wasn’t even
her last name. It was…
There’s another man… No, Elizabeth,
you’re lying. You’re lying. WILSON: Oh, I’m lying? You are. WILSON: Oh, I’m lying? You got that baby calling
somebody else daddy. All right. Ladies… I don’t like you anyway. You know
that I don’t like you. JUDGE LAKE: Ladies, ladies… WILSON: Learn some respect. Let’s get some order. Ms. Brown, have a seat. Have a seat. Have a seat. WILSON: I’m a very
emotional person right now. I have not grieved my son since he died
because guess what? I’m trying to deal
with other stuff. I just wanna know
who’s kin, who’s not. I don’t need
all the extra activity. I don’t need
all the extra curriculum.My son is gone.
They got their kids, okay?
I’m missing a child.That’s wrong.
You know what I’m saying? I’m just only trying
to find out the truth. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Felix, does Marquelia know
her daddy’s missing? He… She’s used to
seeing him. Has she asked for him? Every day. AUDIENCE: Aw. JUDGE LAKE:
And have you found a wayor have you even told her yetor are you just still saying,“He’s not here”?(SNIFFLES)
I talk to her. I show her pictures. I tell him… I tell her, you know, he’s in her
heart, you know. But that you can’t see Daddy. who’s kin, who’s not. When it got to
Darielle’s baby, I never took part of Darielle’s baby
since day one. And when she brought that kid
to my house, I told her, “That baby
looks just like her. “He doesn’t look like my son.” I told… Those were the words I told her
out of my own mouth. I never had any parts
with that baby, period. So, you know,
and I told my son that she would be
the last birth certificate that he ever signed
because if he signed another one, we will have
a serious problem. Because you go around
signing your name on these birth certificates
and you don’t know if these kids are yours and you could be signing
your life away and then it would be
somebody else’s child. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Understood. Ms. Brown, I’d like you
to stand now because I would like
to talk about Josiah. Okay. Thank you. Okay. So I’d like to hear from you. Okay. JUDGE LAKE: The relationship
that Marquette had with your child. Okay.
Um, Marquette, he came to me about me
being pregnant, actually. Uh, we were staying with one of his family members
at the time. JUDGE LAKE: And were you
in a relationship with him? I was in a relationship
with him. We moved pretty quickly but we indeed were
in a relationship. He claimed it
and I claimed it. So we moved forward, like I said,
he came to me about me being pregnant. So with the bug
being planted in my ear, I went ahead,
set the appointment. Him and his family member took me to the appointment. Um, found out
that I was pregnant. I found out
I was pregnant July 15th. He took and
rolled with it. He never questioned,
never doubted. When, um,
he didn’t quite come to the doctor’s
appointments because, you know,
he was living his life doing his own thing. During the time, you know,
around that time too, we had, um,
broken apart. So… But he always
kept in check, always made, you know, sure to check up on me. Um, when I told him
I was getting ready
to go into labor, he was there
within 10 minutes after I came to the hospitaland he stayed the entire time.JUDGE LAKE:Did he sign
the birth certificate
for Josiah?
He did?BROWN:He did.And Josiah
has his last name as well. He does. Marquette has never
questioned Josiahfrom the moment I told him
I was pregnant.
JUDGE LAKE:And Josiah is two?BROWN:He is two.JUDGE LAKE:
Were you receiving
child support as well?
You were not? Were not. And what relationship
did Josiah have with Ms. Wilson
and her family? BROWN: Uh, none. I actually brought him to see her a few times. She always acted
uninterested. So after a while,
I just stopped bringing him around. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Wilson, why did you act
like you weren’t
interested? Why did you doubt Josiah? Because I just felt like Josiah wasn’t his, personally. JUDGE LAKE: When you
looked at the child… WILSON:
When I looked at him,
he had nothing
of my son.
I said, “It ain’t his.”And I told him that day onewhen I’ve seen that baby, that they didn’t have
no resemblance at all. And she has him, um, call another man daddy. (AUDIENCE REACTS) I do. I’m not
denying that at all. And why is that? BROWN: Because Marquette
was in the streets. Uh, now my son, he do acknowledge somebody else
as his father while… Is that someone
you’re in a relationship with? Um, no, but he does help me out. He helps me out
and makes sure he eat. He watches him
while I go to work. He makes sure
he goes to school. And your son now has started
to call him daddy? BROWN:Right.JUDGE LAKE:But doesn’t thatcreate confusion
for the child?
And for the family
you want to accept the child?
WILSON: Mmm-hmm. BROWN: No. She… They never wanted to be a part until he was dead,
like she stated. She’s had other mens
in her life. She stayed with me,
she stayed with my sister. She’s had other mens
in her life. JUDGE LAKE: Okay.
Now I’m getting… Because I could
not understand. WILSON:
A family friend came over and told me
and my husband of how he was
dealing with her and how other mens
were dealing with her. And one day,
I followed her myself and watched her get in
and out of this van, the same person that she
was dealing with before she dealt with my son, so that’s why
I don’t believe her. And it’s the same person
I’m dealing with now, so what’s your point? TURNER: Same person. It’s the same person. WILSON: That’s the daddy. What’s the point? WILSON: That’s the daddy. If that was the daddy,
it would look like him. You know, girl? You just
wanna bring out… That baby looks like you. JUDGE LAKE: All right.
Before we… Listen. Listen, listen. Before we go… Before we go
in the wrong direction, what would you like
to add, Ms. Turner? If the results come back,
if they are, then… I mean,
we just wanna know. (VOICE BREAKING)
That’s all that we have left. WILSON: Yeah, that’s all. I mean… JUDGE LAKE:Ms. Wilson,
what are you hoping for?
that they are his, you know,
because that will give me
some closure.
At least I know that he…
What he left behind so I could be able
to take up the slack that he’s not able
to take care of. JUDGE LAKE: All right. WILSON: That was
the purpose of it. Well, we are here
to get answers. And I have those answers
for you. WILSON: Thank you. Ms. Felix,
I will read the results for Marquelia first. Ms. Brown,
you may have a seat. BROWN: All right. (SNIFFLES) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Wilson v. Felix/Brown,
when it comes
to three-year-old Marquelia Dames, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Dames… Is the father. Sorry about that, Luci. So I will be a part
of her life, all right? All right. He doesn’t look like my son. Ms. Brown, please stand. In the case of
Wilson v. Felix/Brown,
when it comes to two-year-old Josiah Dames, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Dames… Is the father. (APPLAUSE) Okay. JUDGE LAKE: You all
are still processing the fact that your children will grow up
without knowing their dad. WILSON: That’s right.
That’s true. It’s okay, Luci.
It’s all right. (APPLAUSE) I’m sorry. WILSON: And I’m sorry
if you felt like
I doubted her, but I love you
regardless. We’ll still keep
our relationship… I don’t want
no hug from you. I’m gonna be
honest with you. I don’t want
no hug from you. See, that’s exactly
why I don’t like you… JUDGE LAKE: Listen, listen. WILSON: That’s exactly
why I don’t like her because she nasty. Listen… That’s exactly
why I don’t like you. You don’t have to. Your attitude stinks. JUDGE LAKE: Listen. And when you learn to respect
adults, you will be
a better woman. JUDGE LAKE:
Ladies, in this moment, Ms. Brown was not ready. WILSON: She ain’t
gonna ever be ready. And listen, I hope for Josiah’s sake you will come around. And I think
Ms. Felix and Ms. Brown, if you think about
the love you have for your child
when you look at that child, I think if you think about what Ms. Wilson
has gone through, the thought, if you could
just picture in your mind how you would feel one day if that child was not there and you could not lay hands
on that child, talk to that child, it’s an unthinkable pain. And so maybe with time, you can give her
a little bit of understanding. And maybe forgiveness and hopefully
try to move forward. We have counseling
and resources for you all, take advantage of it. Figure out how to be a part of one another’s lives. But more importantly, form a village
for these children, all right? I wish you
the very best of luck and I’m so very sorry
for your loss. Thank you so much. The court is adjourned.

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