– Today is a special day. We’re gonna do something a
little crazy, a little different. I have all kinds of gear lined up. I can’t wait for you guys
to see this video because I know it’s gonna be awesome,
well I don’t know that but I think it’s gonna be awesome and I think you guys are gonna enjoy it. Let’s go for a ride. (slow Greek dance music) Alright guys, so I said we
were gonna go for a ride and we’re gonna hop in the Model Three and see if the trick with the orange on autopilot actually works. We’re gonna go as long
as we can and of course, we’re paying attention,
we’re being responsible here but we wanna see if putting
the orange in the steering wheel will actually make
it so you don’t have to, don’t have to actually hold onto it and see if that trick works. (slow Greek dance music) Okay. We’ve got the Go Pro’s
going, mic’d up, ready to go. Test the orange, we’re at 309, so we’ll see how far we get on our trip here. So we’re officially right now, 305 miles and we’re starting out
at zero, zero trip A. Let’s go autopilot and orange and here we go. (slow Greek dance music) Oh! No! Oh, I cheated it, I cheated it. Alright so it just said,
hold steering wheel and the orange didn’t work, apparently. I had to touch the orange a
little bit to get it to work. So the orange is failing. The orange is failing us. I’m gonna switch to, let’s
go down to the fruit jar. Let’s go for a lemon. Now no one’s asked me to do
the Lemons for Leukemia thing so maybe this will be my chance to do it, assuming this works so
let’s take that out, got some orange peel on there,
let’s throw this guy in. We did bring a bevy of fruit, of course. (slow Greek dance music) Yeah, there it goes. Hold the steering wheel. Alright so the lemon didn’t
work, an orange didn’t work. Let me make sure we don’t lose it, oh… Oh, there we go. We’re gonna break out the big guns now. Oh yeah, man I don’t know about… Does that, Jesus. This doesn’t even fit. Alright, see if that works. (slow Greek dance music) I did look up whether or
not we’d get a Guinness Book of World Records for this. Oh, fail, look. It’s not working either. Uh. Okay, so none of those worked. I wonder if it has to be
with a position of it. Maybe down here. Alright. Nope, fail. Okay, well. There’s only one thing left to try. Alright, 9.7, completely
fruit salad steering wheel. (slow Greek dance music) As they should. Oh! Fail! That’s it, man. So I guess that’s it, it doesn’t work. The guy that posted that, I
don’t know what his results were but real world test, Model Three, autopilot, fruit test, fail. Does not work, fake news. And you shouldn’t do it anyways
so please don’t try this, please don’t try this,
please don’t try this. (slow Greek dance music)

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Debunking Tesla Autopilot Orange Hack on Model 3? [DO NOT TRY]”

  1. Perhaps the software update is responsible for it not working. You will need to try older software versions.

  2. Very fun video. Maybe you can try with something what cover outside of steering wheel. Sorry on my poor eng.

  3. the test failed because you kept the wheel centered after adding the fruit. The whole reason the 'trick' works is because it unbalances the wheel, thus giving the false positive that the wheel is being moved against the autopilot system.

  4. I think the pressure and or weight must change location occasionally to be recognised. A water bottle, where the water sloshes around might work better. Love that you are sitting on the speed limit and EVERYONE else is passing you by.

  5. It's just a simple fix that tesla did, they just change(program) the way to sensor works. Before it always sensing the pressure but now maybe a timer and need to re activate the pressure sensor of the steering, need to let go the pressure first then hold again.

  6. hey @teslanomics Ben, how do you like the moderate drop lowered springs on your car? is the ride good still or is it bouncier?

  7. How can you state fake news and at the same time praise the weekly updates when you tried it after a couple of months?

  8. This is the most irresponsible thing I've ever seen. Elon is going to take away AutoPilot from everyone who has figured out how to hack AutoPilot!

  9. Steering unit need feel weight, resistance of your hand. This make more sense than rely on pressure sensors all over wheel. I think it is possible they aren't any sensors at all, it's cheaper this way. So any sufficient weight at side of wheel will do the job.

  10. I would use a tube filled with water and mount it level across the wheel, the idea is to create torque as the wheel moves in AP. Water sloshing will mimic hands on the wheel. It’s not mass on the wheel but mass in motion. Sounds complicated but would try it myself if I had a Tesla. Go for it Ben!

  11. Update to idea, tube half full and make darn sure it's behind wheel so airbag deployment doesn't kill ya.

  12. It’s crazy to watch a system designed to make driving safer result in idiots doing all kinds of nonsense that results in damages injury and death.

  13. Right my theory is that if you use a battery of some kind with a fruit or a ball of Something it might work as might be using capacitive touch buttons which need an source of energy sort of like if you had gloves on using a phone it doesn't work but if you use a battery on the negative side it does try taping a couple of wires to the steering wheel both negative with fruit for the weight hopefully this gets seen and tested as I have suspicion that they are using this feature

  14. And if the orange dropped to the floor, and rolled under your brake pedal, what then, stupid test!

  15. just going out on a limb here.. if someone where to create a plastic hand that hugs ur steering wheel on the sides.. would that work?

  16. I know it's all fun and games but if you were to die in an AP accident this kind of video would probably come up as evidence.
    If anyone was to try this on a private road, a weight on a string to one side of the wheel only might work. The swinging motion might trick the system more often than the static orange.
    I never do this as I realised that if I were to fall asleep on a long road trip, the car might continue driving for minutes or even hours but at some point it would end badly with the car running off the road at high speed.

  17. "The stunts performed in this video were performed by professionals".

    Professionals = Guys with YouTube channels..

  18. So the way it works is it detects a lack of movement over a period of time and assumes it is not your hands.
    you need to occasionally bump the fruit or touch the steering wheel to fool it.

  19. Try fishing line tied to one side with a lead weight and then try time both sides of the steering wheel with the same thing only make one of the sides a little heavier and see if that works

  20. The question is how does the wheel detect that hands are on it?
    If it works by the conductivity of skin then try something else that conducts better, and if it is that then see if it still detects hands with gloves on.

  21. What you need to do is put a dog in the driver seat, and train them to keep their paws on the steering wheel. Then you can just climb in the back and go to sleep. (just kidding of course!)

  22. I guess you have to move the steeringwheel abit to act like your hands are holding it.

  23. You have to hold it from outer curved edges of steering wheel not from inner sides…
    Instead you may use glove tie a knot in its fingers so it acts as a grip on steering wheel rod okkk…
    Give it a try…

  24. Try a lacrosse ball. It has more mass and it’s smaller which is better for the Model 3 wheel vs the S and X wheel

  25. I think its because if you press too long on the same position, it thinks the driver has collapsed on the steering wheel

  26. Not enough torque on the wheel

    Use a water bottle or stick the orange to the outside of the wheel with duct tape

  27. I know this sounds crazy but the only thing I got to work is a large (only Dasani) water bottle on the bottom left hole of the steering wheel. But you have to drink like 3 gulps out of it so the water sloshes around back and forth. Stick it in bottom end in first (top facing you). Try it! It will work.

  28. Maybe the pressure is not great enough. Also, maybe it detects pressure and movement…. static pressure does not seem to work. Similarly, when I hold my steering wheel, once in a while it says I need to keep my hands on the wheel. So, I adjust my grip or change the pressure. So, I think you would need to construct a device that will periodically move at least once every minute and maybe that device simply shifts its weight from left to right and back.

  29. You're doing it on a model 3 the guy on freeway was using a Model S SEDAN completely different sensors hence different result

  30. The guy who posted it had a model s with an entirely different steering wheel. asking very stupidly why it doesn't work is beyond dumb.

  31. First:
    The music is too loud. I have to turn it up to hear you speak, then I have to turn it down to avoid a headache. I can just hear you, then I'm glad I'm not wearing earphones. This is my only complaint about this video.

    There are a lot of people here suggesting that you tape the orange to the outside of the steering wheel, that you try a half-full water bottle, that you try a lead weight on a string…
    I feel that these people are missing the point. You weren't trying to show that Tesla Autopilot in unfoolable, nor were you crowdsourcing Autopilot fooling methods. You were just showing that this particular, generally-known method doesn't work, at least not on the current Model 3. Whatever can fool it, that doesn't work. Of course there would be some way to fool it.

    Cadillac Supercruise doesn't use any steering wheel based method to see if you are paying attention; it looks at your eyes. I'm sure there's some way to fool that, too. Maybe in the future Tesla could use both methods: hands on wheel and look at your eyes. Sure, that could be fooled somehow, but at that point it's probably easier to just watch the damn road.

  32. What is the point of auto pilot if your hands have to touch the steering wheel? Thats as dumb as radio controls in a steering wheel, got to touch it.

  33. I think the reason those things fruits don’t work is because they apply a constant force at all times. A human will never be able to apply a 100% constant force for an extended period of time

  34. There are only 3 kinds of sensors that could be there – pressure, capacitive, and temperature. Capacitive is the cheapest and is in the Prius. Lane keep assist and radar cruise is similar, but not quite up to the task as well as Autopilot. I have a 2014 Prius Five with the advanced technology package.

  35. brings 4 different pieces of food so he can try the same exact method four different times… Tesla owners…

    Vehicle Virgins made a video 2 months before this one about the Mercedes's autopilot and showed that he tricked that one by hanging a weight on one side of the wheel. Next thing I would do is see if it senses pressure all the way around by taping or tying some cloth to the wheel (while stopped, first) so the pressure isnt in just one spot. that sounds like an easy software patch for them to do if indeed they do have pressure sensors around the wheel's handle and not only on the inside.

  36. It because the model 3 if u have your hands on it it will say that because the model 3 do not have OK electric wheel but my model x have a electric wheel and that works

  37. They need to remove the self driving feature. PERIOD.. If you cant leave it on from start to finish without touching it, THEN ITS NOT SELF DRIVING.

  38. Guys I own M3… The gentle force is triggered by a gentle turn … Orange won't work unless it was a wait stuck on the outside of the wheel causing it to softly turn. Tesla is designed to feel owner and measure it's own actions against it. Using a cheat you will screw up the AI data

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