Forget Lil Tay, DDG is one of the youngest
flexers in the game! At just 21 years old, he has been able to
create a lifestyle for himself that very few people ever attain. He’s made millions through his multiple
successful YouTube channels and his music career, collabing with Famous Dex, YBN Nahmir,
G-Herbo, Black Youngsta and selling out shows: But the rich life isn’t new to DDG. He was already making 7 figures by the time
he was 20 and today that number has only grown. He may have come from Pontiac Michigan, but
the kid has moved onto cars like his Mercedez Benz G-Wagon AMG G63, not 1 but 2 BMW i8’s
and he’s set to buy a brand new Wraith for his next birthday! He has watches that include an AP, a Rolex
and a Richard Millie and DDG recently purchased a multimillion dollar mansion that will include
a home theatre, a sauna and a backyard pool. Not bad for a college dropout from Michigan: DDG has a reported net worth of anywhere between
750k and 3 million dollars. That’s up from his 2018 online net worth,
which was listed as 500k. But DDG isn’t new to making money, he has
been financially supporting himself for a few years now from his videos and music career. Plus, he just signed a multi-million-dollar
record deal with Epic, and owns all of his Masters. So this is only the beginning for DDG. What’s going on guys? It’s your boy Michael McCrudden, walking
you through the financial come up of DDG, here for you on The Rich Life. We’ve recently covered other celebrities
like Austin McBroom of The Ace Family and Kylie Jenner, but you got to let us know who
to cover next in the comments down below. Before we start, I’ve got a trivia question
for you though: “What’s the name of the person who handcrafted
DDG’s G-Wagon engine?” Stick around for that now let’s get into
the video! Darryl Grandberry was born in Pontiac Michigan
on October 10, 1997. Darryl comes from humble beginnings growing
up with 5 siblings in a dangerous area. His father worked at the Ford Motor company
and his mom worked 2 retail jobs to help pay the bills. But he stayed out of trouble and focused on
his goals of one day making it out of his circumstances. He had a 4.0 GPA and became the school’s
valedictorian. Darryl made music from the time he was 10
years old but when Darryl got hold of a camera, it he found a new love. Darryl did deal with a lot of trials and tribulations
before living the life he lives today though. He lost his brother to senseless violence,
which is one of the most impactful moments in his life. Darryl attended Central Michigan University
to study broadcasting and theatre interpretation. But it was his YouTube channel that became
his main focus and he eventually left college to pursue his dreams full time. And it worked out because he was making more
than many of his teachers from YouTube. In 2011, PontiacMadeDDG created his self-titled
YouTube channel in but it wasn’t until 2014 that he began to post regularly on the channel. PontiacMadeDDG makes a supposed 2 million
dollars off of his DDG Family Vlog channel per year. With over 3 million subscribers and close
to 400 million views, the channel is bringing in an estimated 5,600 dollars per day from
ads. But when YouTube’s adpocolypse hit, DDG
decided to take his music more seriously as a plan B. And he’s turned it into a successful music
career. Many YouTubers who also rap end up stuck in
a weird lane of being a so called “YouTube rapper” but DDG has found success outside
of just the platform. His Spotify streaming numbers are in the millions
with his song “Arguments” hitting 21 million plays. And he signed to Epic records for multiple
millions. But the biggest thing that he did was make
sure he owns his masters. Which is a move that will pay off big time
in the long run. Speaking of investments, DDG has also invested
in Bitcoin Alright, so let’s get into the lavish lifestyle
of DDG and look at what he spends his money on. Most recently, DDG bought a multi-million-dollar
mansion at the young age of 21. He bought his first legal drink and his first
mansion in the same year! What a life. On top of the 2 million that the house cost,
the renovations cost 428 grand! The house is pretty empty right now, but he
plans on putting in palm trees, a pool and waterfalls in his backyard! So lookout for that:
Now, on his song “Givenchy” he raps: “Social media got me rich, I ain’t have to use a
kitchen.” So, his kitchen probably won’t get used
very much. But it seems like the basement is going to
be a nice little spot for a party: The
house also includes a home theatre: And a sauna! And the driveway to that new house will be stacked
because DDG is a big fan of cars. At 19 years old, DDG bought himself a 2016
BMW i8 Next, he needed a truck and bought a new Mercedez
Benz G-Wagon AMG G63 for 150 grand! It looks a whole lot better in that video
than it does in this one: But the first i8 got a little too boring for
DDG, so the only logical thing to do was to get a newer one. He bought himself a 2019 BMW i8 Droptop for
170,000. There are only 200 of the first edition made
in the world and DDG has one of them. He even picked his little sister up from school
in it: I’m guessing you get a lot of cool points
as a kid if your brother pulls up in a car like that… And speaking of family, who needs two i8s… So he gave it to his brother DDG loves to make the people closest to him
smile. He gives back a lot. This year for her birthday, he bought his
mom a 2019 Mercedes Benz Coupe for 60k and got her a trip to Hawaii. He mentions all the time in his videos that
his dream car is a Rolls Royce Wraith, but since he loves to give back so much, he got
one for someone special: Well, actually he was renting it. Don’t worry, you can relax in the comments,
I know he didn’t buy it there! But, he said he’s actually buying it for
his birthday. And DDG’s birthday is coming up in October. The price of a Wraith starts at over 300 grand,
so that’s a huge accomplishment. We might need to do another Rich Life on him
after that. In terms of jewelry, the kid’s got some
ice. His Cuban link necklace is reportedly worth
around 25k. He’s got a DDG chain, iced out earrings,
a Rolex, and an AP watch which he bought for 50k. And his next watch was a Richard Millie, which
reportedly go for around 150 grand! But DDG is in this for the long run. He wants to be able to resell his new purchases
for more money in the future. DDG says that his shoe collection is worth
30 grand and his clothing collection is worth another 40k. So add in those watches and the man probably
has close to half a million dollars’ worth of stuff in his closet. DDG also loves to travel and recently took
a trips to Dubai. But all of the stuff he posts online he is
extremely grateful for. And like he always says in his videos, he
posts his riches so that he can hopefully inspire the people watching him to go make
a better life for themselves. As for the name of the dude who built his
G-Wagon’s engine. I don’t even think DDG can pronounce it,
but there you have the answer to the question from the beginning of the video! Let us know who you want us to cover next
and we’ll be sure to make those videos for you. But as for this video that’s all I got
for you.

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