the second semi-final the men’s singles
wheelchair tennis great britain’s arcuate number two seed working jera
belgium Gerard raced into a three-game to leave
but you were all back eventually taken first set 7-5 in just under an hour yeah the second set was an equally tight
affair but once again was entered by hewitt eighteen-year-old taking it 6-3
win 3-2 his first Parliament final his first tournament games your face itches Gordon the final of the men’s blood cell number
one seed still an all-cotton Australia take some great riches and relapsed on
all cop was getting to his second code of these games having already run the
quad doubles competition rejoin the action in the first set got leading by
five games to three brilliant it’s himself in position execution is spot-on you said points for
Australian still in all courts gold medal match we’ll take it he will take it it is the first set to Australia
external costs 63 scores tied it for all in the second set I’ll cut pro platform served take the
lead this time you make sure that was getting so frustrated because in the
previous service game the same story such a good survived wide with
everything right there you go to channel their is back in hold position that left the 25-year old Australian
serving for the match yeah advantage alcosta just one point from
the title a brave effort from huge gold gold cart second of the games running through 6-3

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Dennis Veasley

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