Last summer,
I lost a tennis match when a bee buzzed up the leg of my shorts
at a crucial moment. Lee’s team. Right. What was the crucial moment? Match point. What was the score at that point,
in sets? I’ll be honest –
we only played one set. And what was the score in
games at that point? At that point? Yes. The score in games… I think you know what I’m
asking you, David. ..was 5-4. To you?
3, 2, 1, I’m going to tell you… It was 5-4. To you.
No, no, I lost. Oh, I see, at a crucial point. Right, so, did this bee sting you,
or did he come in, have a quick shufti, and exit? A shufti and exit.
Did it exit out the other leg? No. Or was anything
blocking his passage? Do you play regularly?
I don’t really, no. I used to play more regularly,
but now I play… What standard would you say you are? If zero is someone
that’s never played ever, and ten is Boris Becker,
what are you? What’s one? Tim Henman. Well, in which case,
I’m probably a 0.3. Would you give us a demonstration
of your serve technique? Oh, yes, that… It would be lovely, I think, for Lee
and his team if they had an idea. They look at this serve, they say,
“Well, there’s a guy “who wouldn’t be bamboozled by
a bumble,” or maybe “he would.” All right. I have to say,
I think this is totally pointless. But I’ll do it. Shall we say…? I like a man who joins in
with the fun. I’m so sorry,
this is just a waste of your time. This is the racquet, in my right
hand. David, why don’t…? I’m so sorry, I… Rob… OK, caught it. Ready? Are you going to actually…? You’re not going to fire it at me,
are you? No, I’ll… Aim it over there.
I’ll zing it down that way. Please do, yeah. OK. Well, it’s a bit…
Bit tepid, David. Whoa, whoa, whoa. That’s barely even over the net. You
don’t believe I serve like that? No. I want to see your feet off
the ground, and put some… I want to see you grunting. Oh, hang on! Wait a minute! Haven’t got a ball, have you?
It went over there. All right, ready?
Right, go on, then. I’m going to grunt. Go for it.
I’m going to put my back into this. Go on, then.
I’m going to show I want it. What you doing that
with your hand for? You trying to get rid of the bees? I’m bouncing the ball. Looks like
you’re congratulating a small child. “Well done, son. You did very well.” OK, and… BZZZZ! GRUNTS EXCESSIVELY
APPLAUSE That was lovely, thank you.
That was lovely. That was… That was more than we could
ever have hoped for. Thank you. What do you think? He doesn’t look like
a tennis player. He probably has picked up
a tennis racquet. I don’t think he’s claiming
to be at county level. He doesn’t look like he
would be at any level. No. I just… I don’t think… I think that’s a lie.
You think it’s a lie. Yeah. Warwick.
I think it’s a lie, cos he… Maybe a bee flew up his shorts
when he was having an ice cream, but he definitely wasn’t… That’s the most belittling thing
I’ve ever heard on this show. OK, we’ll say it’s a lie. OK. David. Was that the truth, or was it a lie? It was a lie.

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Dennis Veasley

50 thoughts on “David Mitchell’s tennis match with a bumbling bee – Would I Lie to You? [HD][CC-EN,ET,NL]”

  1. I don't like it when Rob gets involved. He's just the host, he should just let the funny people do their thing, without him trying to be funny aswell.

  2. Warwick judging a person based on appearances there…
    David, with his hi intellect and witty banter, could have smashed Warwick's soul into the ground. Class act for seeing boundaries and giving the poor little guy a break…

    I thought I'd finish that with a wee tennis joke for you too.

  3. ….a fantastically withering smile David gave Warwick's ATTEMPT at humour, as usual, a long way wide of the mark!!

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