Chole! … briefly to go to the next hall. You could leave everything here except your workshop folder
would be quite good. You can find them in your bag. First of all, a warm welcome to all of you. Nice that you are here. One year ago we had the 1st HP course and it is very nice to see
how it has grown, more and more people from all over Germany. We have prepared a lot for you this weekend. I can only say to everyone, who is a the table tennis enthusiast and has the goals to get better in table tennis the HP course from Bojan is exactly
the right thing to attack and to long-term improve everything you’d like to improve. The course was really awesome! I went in without expectations. I’ve started recently and have to say that it is also great for beginners the whole coach here really have a lot of knowledge. If you have the wrong technique and do
robot training, then you internalize the wrong technique. For us, it is much harder if a player comes, who has a wrong technique than a player without any technique at all because then we can teach the right technique from scratch. It’s more difficult to change the wrong technique into a right one. That’s why it’s important again and again
to receive external help. Luca, Daniel and Kai … and in the last group is Moritz, Martin, Conor, Frank, Florian, Niklas, Wolfgang, Mark and Thomas. One side – in this case it is Nils – catches
to gently, until one side – in In this case me, say – “Stop”. I would say here “Stop, thats good”
and we hold that for 20 seconds, you are counting for yourself. After 20 seconds we change. … that will help you along the way
and maybe you are already where you are now can be just a mentor,who has nothing to do with with table tennis at all but just helps mentally So hello I’m the Thomas from Ulm. I’m Markus, I’m from the Palatinate. My name is Jürgen, I’m from Neuß. My expectations were exceeded, because the focus was on everbody personally No matter what question you have asked, next to the professional, where it already was set up very well multiball training was performed, exercises, also the integration of your own ideas I did FH – BH change and attack on both sides – It was just great course. Especially because there were really stars of the scene. For example, with the Martin Gummann who performed multiball training- that’s what impressed me the most- he was really professional I found the course really mega, it was organized from A to Z, the people focused directly on you, Bojan knew the name of everybody directly, did everything organized everything, really great. That was the best course I’ve ever had
because 10 coaches are there constantly with 4 multiballs, 4 small groups, it
was really a great experience. I would recommend it to anyone. I thought it was awesome because it was a great course
Coaches were high-class, the units were very intense, it helped me a lot. I improved a lot.
Absolutely great team, absolutely learned a lot and really recommendable to everyone – beginners up to top class players, everybody. I would recommend it to anyone, it’s worth it – the people are great, super nice.

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Dennis Veasley


  1. Worauf ich überhaupt nicht stehe ist das warm machen. 😂😂😂😂
    Aber bei jedem Lehrgang. Die Gesundheit macht es nicht mehr so mit. Mache selber nur noch ein paar kleine Dehnungs Übungen. Aber habe ich schon immer so gemacht. Vor allem im Sommer. Mehr als 20 Grad und ich habe Probleme mit dem Kreislauf.
    Aber es scheint mehr als ein sehr gutes Training zu sein. Auf jeden einzelnen eingehen was wesentlich besser ist.

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