This modern living room is filled with warm light. Whose house could this be? (Whose house is this?) The bedroom looks clean. There’s an island in the kitchen. (The kitchen is clean and modern too.) In the lovely children’s room, there are three scooters. One area stands out. It’s full of gym gear. (It’s a home gym set in the balcony.) (Could this place belong to an athlete?) Here is a crucial clue. There are many trophies. For some reason, they look familiar. (Wait!) The trophy’s owner is Donggook. The Lee family must have moved. My job requires me to move a lot. We’ve moved many times, and it was always during a game. We’re always moving without me. I’m thankful but I also feel bad. Did you sleep well? – Yes. / – I feel strange. This is my first time in our new place. I came last night, so I don’t know what’s what. Dad, I got hurt here at our original house. What’s original house and what’s this house? (Where are we?) What is this place? Our new place. Yes, this is our new place. What about the old house? Songdo house. Songdo house? Where are we now? The new house. – Yes, the new house. / – New house. Guys. Where did you get that? (This cutout accompanied the kids last week.) You were gone to play soccer. The fake dad came. Real dad was gone, so fake dad came. Do you like him or me? – This one. / – What about you, Sian? Real dad. I’m curious. What did you do when you met the teacher? – Attention. / – Attention. Who was the leader? Sian. Were you the leader? – Father. / – Good. – Father. / – Father. – Goodnight. / – Goodnight. I just woke up. Should I sleep again? – Hello. / – It’s good morning. Good morning. Good. Did you all sleep well? – Yes. / – Now that we moved, we should show Grandpa the new house. (They’re calling Donggook’s dad.) Grandpa. – Sian. / – Attention. – Good morning. / – Good morning. Sian, do you like the new house? I like it. – Do you? / – Yes. (Grandpa, come visit us.) After you move, you should hang pollack on a silk thread. Dried pollack? Dried pollack. Hang a big one. Make some rice cakes and give a lot to your downstairs neighbors. Since the kids run? Yes, they run too much. You should go and say hello. – I’ll do that. / – Okay. You should visit sometime. – Okay. Bye. / – Okay. Bye. – It’s here. / – Dad. Look, these are rice cakes. – Hello. / – Hello. – I ordered on the phone. / – It’s rice cakes! – Yes. / – Rice cakes! This one is good… No, no. We’re not here for those. – What are we buying? / – Steamed rice cakes. Steamed rice cakes? This is ours, Sian. (He ordered 24 packages.) (They’re being put into a plastic bag.) This one. Are you going to put some there? – Yes. / – You can do it. Sian. Yes? We should share the load since we’re both men. It would be unfair for me to carry it all. (No!) Let’s split it in half. – What? / – Let’s do half and half. (I can’t hear you.) You tend to ignore me when it’s disadvantageous. I think it’ll be heavy. (Sian rushes out.) Sian, you’re carrying just two rice cakes. Look how many I have. Look. I have so many. Take as many as you can help me. (Gosh…) – This one? / – Yes. As much as you can take. Take as much as you can carry. (Three are all I can carry.) Just three? You’re being cheap. I’m carrying so many. Are you only going to carry three? (Yes!) You have a bag too. Let’s put some in here. Don’t be cheap. I have so many. (Donggook is trying to give Sian more.) (One more rice cake in the backpack…) Another one. (He’s adding one more.) I have too many, right? Dad, it’s too heavy. You have to carry this if you want to become an adult. – Bye. / – Take care. Sian, this way. Daebak. – Sian. / – Sian. My name is Sian. (Sian is slowing down.) Dad, it’s too heavy. Mine is heavier. I don’t have any hands. It’s too heavy. Is it too heavy? Let me see. I’ll carry one. I’ll take one. Carry it. Okay. (Donggook is evil.) Let’s go. (Sian hasn’t sensed it.) (Why does it still feel so heavy?) It’s not hard anymore, right? It’s a little hard. It’s a little hard. Wave hello to the man on the bicycle. (Hello, Sian.) Say hello to that man. Hello. (Donggook is fast with the rice cakes.) Let’s go. Carry it. – Let’s go. / – It’s heavy! – What? / – It’s heavy! – Okay, give me one. / – Take this out! You put it in, right? No. It must have jumped. Give it to me. Put it in. Let’s go. (Sian is still suspicious.) One, two. – Two. / – Two? – Come here, Sian. / – Yes? It’s so heavy. Shall we eat one? Yes. I’ll eat my own. (He wants to make his load lighter.) Here. No, we’ll eat mine. (Are we eating yours?) Go feed the cameraman. We just moved. Eat some. We just moved. Eat some. Have a rice cake. Thank you. I’ll enjoy it. (I better eat as much as I can.) (Chewing) Let’s go, Sian. Carry it. (Already? We only ate yours.) Let’s eat Sian’s now. What? (Donggook laughs at what Sian said.) Okay, okay. We’ll eat yours now. (You’re getting smart.) Hey, it’s a policeman. – It’s a policeman. / – Salute. Salute. (Salute!) We just moved. – Enjoy the rice cake. / – Say salute. Salute. Have a good day. Sian. Yes? Shall we play rock-paper-scissors? Okay. Dad, you go like this and I’ll go like this. (Dad versus Sian) I should do this and you’ll do this? Do you trust me? (Not really.) If you lose, you have to carry this. – We have to switch. / – Okay. – Rock-paper-scissors. / – Rock-paper-scissors. (Dad will let me win, right?) (Donggook wins!) (Why did you play rock?) (He grabs Sian’s basket.) Let’s go. What? (Grumbling) Okay, I’ll give you one more chance. I’ll give you a chance. (Sian’s plan was ruined.) (Sian is completely upset.) Yes. You must be upset. This is how you learn. All right. (There’s no dad you can trust.) All done. Are you done crying? Let’s go buy banana milk, okay? (He calms Sian down with banana milk.) Let’s consider it never happened and make up like real men. Give me a punch. Come on. Come on, let’s be men. I’ll buy you banana milk. Hold this. I’ll hold this until the crosswalk. I’ll carry it for you until then. (They’re still sharing the load.) You can’t cry like that just because you lost. No one will want to play the game with you again. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Isn’t that right? You shouldn’t be so narrow-minded. You should be thoughtful. Become a bigger person. All right. Go downstairs and hand these to them. Use two hands. Good luck! (Today’s deliveryman is Sian.) Should I ring the bell? (Jumping) (I can’t reach it.) (I’ll just knock instead.) We just moved. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. We just moved. Please enjoy it. – How old are you? / – How old are you? He’s younger. He’s three years old. Let’s get along. – Bye. / – Thank you. Hello? – Gosh, Sian. / – Hello. Hello. Nice to meet you. I came to give you rice cakes. – Are you giving it to me? / – Yes. – Is it for me? / – Yes. Gosh, thank you. I won’t run. Okay, thank you. Let’s take a picture. – Good luck. / – One, two, three. Good luck. – Bye, Sian. / – Thank you. Bye. – Bye. See you around. / – Okay. (Where is he going last?) (Who is that?) – I’m here. / – Who are you? – I’m Sian. Sian. / – Who? Come in. I came to give you rice cakes. Goodness, thank you. I’ll enjoy it. Who is your dad? Lee Donggook. Are you Sian? I’m Sian. How old are you? Four? You’re the same age as my granddaughter. Thank you. No problem. Salute. – Okay. / – Bye. – See you. / – Okay. – The dried pollack… / – Do you untie it? Wrap it like this? – Tie it. / – Yes, like this. What do you do next? – Okay, follow me. / – Okay. – In the olden days… / – Are you really hanging it? – Are we hanging it? / – Yes. Okay, say hello to the pollack. Hello, fish. It’s pollack. Hello, pollack. Wow, look at that! Sian! – I’m done. / – Sian. Sua. Sian. – Sian has a basket hat. / – Guys, come here. How was it, Sian? What did they say? They thanked me. What a good boy. Good job. – Come here. / – I came like this. – Like this. / – Did you come like that? – Yes. / – Come here. Good job. Well done, Sian.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Daddy Donggook’s bad hands… The son cries again today. [The Return of Superman / 2017.10.22]”

  1. I love how father teach his son so many things that its totally useful for his future life,❤❤❤💙🙌

  2. When I was little I use to live in a village and my mom would always make food for my grandma. One day she told me to deliver the rice and beans that she had made for my grandma she says that I was okay with it, but when I got almost there I ate it all by myself and went back and told my mom that I was hungry so I ate it she ended giving me more to go give it to my grandma and at the end she said that not all the time she is going to forgive for what I had done she said that you have to work for things in life and then they will be giving to you. I’m thankful for that lesson. I like seeing them together they remind of me when I was little more I little less devilish

  3. Has anyone noticed that the restaurant they went to , to get rice cake was Suga’s mother’s restaurant (bts: Min yoongi)

  4. Lol at 13:02 they started playing They dont know by ARIANA GRANDE 😂shes my queen I'm a true arianator

  5. Waiting for a compilation of Sian's pranked moments with appa!!!😁❤❤ Love these two so much!

  6. I'm holding on Why is everything so heavy? Holding on So much more than I can carry I keep dragging around what's bringing me down If I just let go, I'd be set free Holding on Why is everything so heavy?

  7. This family is the reason I watch this show in the first place, other than Seungjae's. I firstly found their vids on KBS' FB page, and thought he's so funny when he pranks Sian and Sian is so innocent. But that's his charm that makes me love him.

  8. I’m glad he’s letting Daebak cry more often lol he’d go to school and definitely be called a cry baby if he kept that up. Plus he has to learn the concept of games so that he won’t cry if he doesn’t win.

  9. Ottoke… My eyes cant get away from the dad. 😄😄😄
    His face, body and personality just fit my taste. How could a person look so delicious even when he already has 5 child. Ommonaaaa… Whats wrong with me😱

  10. Me gusta señor " donggook" . Como cria a sus hijos. Me como a besos a " sian".🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

  11. Am I the only who thinks Sian talks like a robot 😂😂 omg he sooo freaking cute!! Can’t get enough of he’s cuteness 😭😭❤️

  12. does DG think his son is mentally slow? cause this ain't it chief this isn't how you train your son to be smarter and more cunning than you since we been seen 20 episodes of your son repeatedly crying. kids will grow up and learn in their 20s who their real friends are. doing this isn't going to get him to toughen up since he's always crying

  13. someone pleaseeeee explain to me why they call him Daebak? Like i know what Daebak mean but i don't understand why they call him that.

  14. Omg, stop torturing beautiful Sian… he is soooooooo sweet and adorable! Among all the kids in the cast, he's the most responsible and respectful sweetums ♡. Not big fan if his crafty sisters but definitely look forward to seeing Sian on the show.

  15. He is a great Papa😉😉😉😉love to tease his kids to learn abt life how amazing 😉😉lucky papa lucky kidzzz😉😉😉 I also want to teach my kids in future 😉😉 in Sha Allah like this

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