Cheap Thrills [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>What’s up family? It’s your boy Nate aka @TabaskoSweet,
and you’re watching Cheap Thrills. Just open your third eye and then you’ll realize you’ve already
known what it is all along. Your boy’s just over here smudging my MF
crystals and expelling all the haters. You feel me? Dark energy, we do not touch. On some positive [BLEEP], thank you for
going ham in the comments, and voting for
me in the virtual boyfriend contest. Sorry, Will.
>>[SOUND]>>Put some clout on Will the God though, he’s the wokest [BLEEP] out there. Speaking of legends coming out of Phili, I’ve been hella inspired lately
by Little Uzi Vert, The Goat. I mean, he’s been dropping some
certified bops if you ask me. Today, I’m gonna show you how to bless
yourself with his signature links so your neck too, can be on froze. Brr! So as the story goes, A$AP MOB
co-signed onto Little Uzi’s clout and introduced him to Ben Baller, one of
the most legendary jewelers in the game. This fully iced out masterpiece,
it was rumored to have cost 100 grand. [SOUND] That’s racks on racks, family. Ben Baller even tweeted that
he considers this chain to be the best one he’s ever
made in his entire career. Very clean. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but your
boy is just not breaded like that, yet. So let’s get it, family. Let’s cop that ice
without paying the price. So here’s what you’re gonna need,
some soda can pull-tabs, colored rhinestones,
a pair of pliers, oven-baked clay, [NOISE] some small jewelry rings and
a clasp, and some super glue. We’re going to start out by bedazzling
these pull-tabs to make the iced out links for our chain. As you can see, your boy’s been
hard at work harvesting his cans. I do it for you, family. Pro tip, lay out your pull-tabs on
a piece of tape, keep everything steady. [MUSIC] You’re going to wanna apply
a little bit of superglue and then swoop in with your gems one
at a time before it all dries. [MUSIC] Pro tip number two, borrow some of your
mom’s tweezers for maximum precision. [MUSIC] You can use whatever colors you want, but
I’m basing mine off the real thing and doing a different color for each pull tab. [MUSIC] I got ice, baby. [BLEEP] your jeweler. Dripping. Once you have the front side of the tab
all blinged out, repeat the process with all the other colors, until you have
enough tabs to go over your head. [MUSIC] Very clean. So a lot of you have been throwing
shade at me in the comments about swapping out for
more completed products. What?
Do you think Martha Stewart bakes the whole
pie in front of you? So, today, your boy’s coming clean. I pre-made all these, big deal. You wanna see me do it in real time,
let’s talk about a live stream. So let’s move these aside and
starting working on our pendant. The pendant is based on the artwork for
Lil Uzi’s album, Lil Uzi Versus The World. Now if you’re on that
nerd tip like your boy, you know that this design took heavy
inspo for Scott Pilgrim comics. Shout out Bryan Lee O’Malley. Gang gang. For this part,
we’re gonna take our oven bake clay and flatten it out on our work surface. Roll out. I’m gonna use a spray can as
an improvised rolling pin. That’s right, ghetto Martha Stewart. I’m back on my [BLEEP]. [MUSIC] Tight, looking nice and flat. Shout out white girl booties. Now we’re gonna cut out the silhouette of
cartoon Lil Uzi with Shorty lounging on his nog. [SOUND]
>>Don’t sweat it family. This design is super simple. Now he’s always sporting this thing. So you can totally peep his Gram if
you need the reference, but as always, your boy’s kicking it from the dome. [MUSIC] Very clean. Make sure to add a little loop of wire on
the top before you bake this to make sure you can attach it to your wings. All right, now we’re gonna pop
this Lil Uzi into the oven. As always, 420 degrees for
about 10 minutes. [MUSIC] [SOUND]
>>Cheap Thrills.>>All right, it’s ready family. Let’s check it out. [MUSIC] Make sure to use a spatula,
you don’t wanna burn yourself. Like I always say, real ones only burn Backwoods.
>>[COUGH] [MUSIC] This is looking very clean. [MUSIC] After it’s cooled off for
a couple of minutes, it’s time to lay down a base coat
with our silver spray paint. [MUSIC] Make sure you get the sides, and
when it’s dry, repeat on the back. [MUSIC] Now that our paint’s dry, we’re gonna
draw the shapes with permanent marker. [MUSIC] Don’t worry family this drawing is so
easy my dog Bogo can do it. [SOUND] [MUSIC] Tight, now we’re gonna repeat the same
process we did with the pull tabs, by adding a little superglue, and putting
in the rhinestones with our tweezers. Now the colors that you’re
gonna be using are purple for the hair, silver for the shirt,
and Lil Uzi brown for the skin. Shorty’s shorts should be blue,
her shirt should be pink, and her skin the same as Uzi’s. Now these details could make or
break your piece. Now this is very painstaking and
meticulous work. Keep the CBD on deck. Keep a steady mind and a steady hand. [MUSIC] Whoo, I think I just burned my hand,
family. Cuz this is some serious heat. Now we’re gonna start stringing the pull
tabs together using our jewelry rings. You can cop these at pretty
much any craft store. And while it would be easier to use wire, these will make your piece
look a lot more legit. Now I’m opening up the ring
very carefully with my pliers. And once you have the ring open, just
slide in two different colored links and close it back up. Just keep going until your rig
is slammed to your liking. [MUSIC] All right family,
we’ve linked and we’ve built. Now it’s time to finish this bad boy
off with our clasp and our pendant. Now count out all your tabs and make sure you attach your pendant
to the one that’s in the middle. Just like with the jewelry rings, go ahead
and tighten this up with your pliers. And there you have it, family. Damn, I was trying to feel like Lil Uzi,
but here I am feeling like Ben Baller,
your boy Tabasko the jeweler. [SOUND] [MUSIC] Keep showing your love in the comments,
family. Stay boosted, and keep your head up. Gang gang! [MUSIC] Like, comment, subscribe. Don’t be a Zer. Tune in every Tuesday for
some new fuego videos. [NOISE]
>>Gang, gang.

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