This are cool shoes the ones that cost alot of money

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Custom $10,000 SHOES!! 👟🎨 | ZHC”

  1. for the people that say im giving to homeless people for views and subs, its more than just that. I genuinely love giving away and I have even before I started youtube! It just so happens doing something I love can also help me grow so I can give even more away so I think its a win win for everyone! and I thought why not have the loser do some nice things too? I just wanna do more positive things! Love you guys and thanks for supporting me❤️


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  2. Balenciaga shoes are no where near one of the most expensive shoes. 10’s of thousands of thousands of shoes resell for around the same price.

  3. Okay soo i can’t really believe all that money winning stuff but it’s still great that you give random people money or cash

  4. you always help homeless people… that was so meaningful life. hope more people will follow what you did. keep it up bro!!

  5. Count me in every giveaway you have. Here is something for the subscribers, if your not sharing this video then I don't know what your waiting for?😂 share subscribe and just hit that thumbs up button😂😂❤️❤️❤️👍👍love to every one that's watching and sharing❤️❤️❤️

  6. I don’t have a phone can you give me a iPhone X black if you are wandering what I’m common from it’s a computer

  7. Billionaires: Do you know of a good paint brush?

    ZHC: Yea of course Balenciaga best paint brush out there.

    Billionaire: Oh this is a shoe?


  8. Just to put it about there that other guy said it was his first season but then he was talking about how he did last season wtf ?

  9. No I'm dieing it's so funny I have those shoes and I see you color them I laugh so hard also I luv those socks shoes and honestly ppl make fun of me for them i don't get why people say it's expensive it was cheap for me…

  10. my mon even have some money i dont have a phone even just a school laptop all my friends have i relly wish i could be in your familyso i could get an iphone hope you se my kom love you + Turkey <:

  11. Nobody:


    ZHC Channel: Adds a new live video

    everyone: (Watches video, subscribes and likes the video)

    ZHC video: ends


  12. Can i have 2000$ oh and i thought that is super thoughtful to give money to homeless if i had the amount you do i will help everybody

  13. We really watched this man be worried about spending 1k on art supplies to giving 15k away in the span of a year I think. Congrats 😁😁😁

  14. The most manly sport isn’t boxing! Personally I find the sexist and discrimination!
    Please take notice of this and I don’t expect to see something like this happen again. Now I am not just having a go at Steve I am also having a go at Zack because he should know that no sport is most masculine or feminine.
    I am afraid to say this but if something like this happens again I WILL unsubscribe.

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