O.k. In tennis they have what’s called junior
rackets. But nobody likes to play with a junior racket when they’re an adult. So I’ve dug
out my old racket ball racket. And the purpose here is, because it’s short. This will help
you to learn to how volley and hit against the wall. As in skiing, they give you short
skis. So you don’t kill yourself, going down the mountain, too fast with long skis. I wanted
you to just think about a shorter racket, is a much more natural swing. Because it’s
almost your hand. So if you got an old racket ball racket or if you find a nice short junior
racket for tennis. Don’t be afraid to use it as an adult. Because you can work on a
lot of stuff. As you can see that this racket ball racket is much easier for me to maneuver
than a big old tennis racket. So that’s what’s great about getting your old junior racket,
small racket. Learning the stroke. These things will help you. Because you see, I can maneuver
it, nice and easy. So you don’t have to have the latest racket. You just have to learn
the technique. And when you have a good technique, you can use any racket. And if you use the
latest best racket with the best technique. Your results will be excellent. But anything
you find around the house, you can use to help train yourself better.

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Dennis Veasley

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