Okay we’re going to cover a relatively new
shot in tennis which is called the swinging volley. So, the traditional volley which we’re
going to demonstrate is this; just under spin, rocking the ball. But in the last ten twenty years, the players
have now added a new shot called the swinging volley, where they take the ball out of the
air like we just did but instead of hitting under spin or a flat shot, they’re now ripping
top spin on it. So, I’m going to throw the ball underhanded to Ken and he’s just going
to hit the ball out of the air demonstrating the swinging volley. Good, be ready. Okay, so that’s the forehand swinging volley.
So in tennis now if you were to have hit a more traditional volley, the players are so
fast, they may run it down. So what happens is when you get this easy ball; this floater,
the players are now hitting big top spin for a winner. So, it’s a great shot to add to
your repertoire and it really helps you to groove your forehand, top spin swing in addition
to learning the new stroke.

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Dennis Veasley

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