Okay, we’re once again going to show the traditional
volley which is just under spin; somewhat flat. Ken and I are going to go ahead and
keep it in play. So, let’s go Ken. So, you can see that this is a traditional backhand
volley, but what’s happening in tennis now, is the players have gotten so fast that if
they get a floating type of shot, instead of just hitting a volley, which the other
player might get to, now they’re coming and they’re ripping them with a lot of top spin.
So Ken’s going to demonstrate how to hit a swinging volley. So, I’m just going to give
him kind of a high arching slow pitch soft ball and he’s going to come in and hit a top
spin backhand. Move it, good. Keep those feet moving now. Move, move, move, good; more footwork,
more footwork, more, more. That’s it Ken, good. Okay, now to hit the swinging volley,
Ken really has to move his feet. Move those feet; beautiful shot Ken. Move those feet.
Good try, move those feet. Move; little steps, good and move those feet. Come on, little
steps, good. Move those feet. Okay, so the swinging volley is a way where you can get
this type of floating sitter and instead of hitting a traditional volley which doesn’t
have as much pace as you may like, you can now move into it and hit top spin and it has
a lot of pace and usually can result in a winner. So watch the pros hit it on TV. and
practice it and you’ll be able to hit it too.

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