Ok well this has been a very enjoyable series
of videos to make. I hope that if you get anything out of them that tennis is a game
that if you break it down into it’s littlest parts and help, and start working on those
parts you’ll see improvements in your game as a whole. So tennis is a game of physical
and mental, it’s tactical, it’s technical, there’s a lot to the game of tennis. It’s
not just batting a ball back and forth. The great players make it look like that, but
they’ve put a lot of time and effort into it. So I hope you enjoy the game just as a
way of socialization, playing with other people. Playing doubles is great fun, but if you really
want to improve your game break it down into the parts. Do what we, you know, look at all
the segments that we put on this Expert Village video series and start practicing these drills
and you’ll see over time your game is going to really start improving, and when your game
starts improving you get a sense of joy. Something that you don’t get from watching TV or eating
a sweet dessert, but you get that sense of joy because you’re able to do something you
couldn’t do before, and plus it’s going to make you want to get fitter and stronger it
really can. Tennis is a game for a lifetime and it really can change your life for the
better. It’s really changed mine for the better and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thank

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Dennis Veasley

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