Okay, it’s been said that changing the direction
of the ball is the riskiest thing you can do in tennis. So a lot of times, you want
to just hit the ball back the way it came. So, since a lot of rally’s are cross court
, what this final drill of this segment is; is I’m going to give Ken a cross court feed
and he’s going to hit it back to me. So, a lot of times, you can just win a game by just
hitting the ball back to them endlessly and that’s how Agasy did it and that’s how Federer
and Hewlett and a lot of the great ones do it. It’s nothing complicated; just hit the
ball back to where it came. So, cross court, off a cross court feed. There you go Ken.
Excellent. Beautiful. Who needs Federer? Nice. Turn and hit. Turn and hit it. Beautiful.
Get down low. Get down low. Here we go. Up. Up, more cross court Ken. Good and one more.
Okay, so what that does; is that grooves your ability to line up properly with the cross
court ball and to hit it back from where it came. Now, if you hit a nice powerful speeding
ball, you’ll probably win that battle of the trition with most opponents.

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Dennis Veasley

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