Ok. Some other things, you know, when juniors
or adults if you get bored of tennis practice there’s a lot of other things that you can
do like play frisbee because you if you think about your backhand it’s just like throwing
a frisbee and it’s fun. What we do when we play all these other sports, like if you’re
going to really go far in frisbee you’re going to see it’s just like a tennis shot, and that’s
the backhand, and then the forehand, which I need a lot of work on my forehand in frisbee,
but it’s very similar. You see how I have to use the hip and shoulders. And also, one
of these little footballs. Ok, it’s very much like the serve motion. So by doing other things
you’re going to help train yourself. So play catch, you know, play soccer, play frisbee.
Do a lot of other stuff if you want to really get good at tennis because a) it takes the
pressure off the juniors or as an adult because you just have fun, and as you develop other
athletic skills you’ll be able to apply these all to tennis because see the serve is a lot
like throwing the football, and I was in Texas for a while and if you don’t know how to throw
a football they kind of look down on you there. So it’s good to learn it and you’ll have a
lot of fun doing it.

Dennis Veasley

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