OK, in this segment, Ken’s going to hit a
cross court ball off a straight throw. So in a point situation this would be as if you
hit a weak, relatively weak ball straight at them and he just takes it and hits an angled
winner or puts you in a deep hole. So I’m going to throw the ball to Ken, and he’s going
to hit a cross court off this straight throw. Very nice Ken, move those feet, beautiful.
Move those feet. Excellent. Move those feet. Excellent. So as you can see, this is a way
of opening up the court when somebody gives you a weak ball, or something without much
pace, because you can be at the baseline doing this but this drill is incredibly great training
because you can get a lot of balls in a short amount of time and really practice, get your
repetitions and your accuracy working for you. So changing the direction of the ball
need not be dangerous if you practice enough. Work this drill a lot and you’ll see your
results will skyrocket once again.

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Dennis Veasley

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