OK, on this drill, I’m going to feed Ken,
I’m going to throw Ken the ball and he’s going to hit a down the line ball off my cross court
throw. So this is usually what happens in tennis. This would be an opportunity after
your opponent’s hit a weak cross court, it opens up the whole court, because you can
either go back cross court or you can go down the line. So off my throw, Ken’s going to
hit it down the line. So Ken, hit this one down the line, good spinny ball, move, move,
move. OK, more movement Ken. You’ve got to move around it, that’s it. Step into it, don’t
just open stance it. Move, move, move, move, because you are going to want to follow it
up. Move around it, move around it. Good. And again Ken. Move around it, move around
it. And a couple more. So really move though. You’ve got to got to move, you’ve got to move,
you’ve got to move. That’s it, nice spin. Good job. Get to the side of the ball. That’s
it. Try to go down the line a little better. That came in the middle of the court too much.
Good, that’s a little side spinny. I want some more top spin. Move, Ken move. That’s
it. OK, so that’s how you change the direction of the ball and take advantage of a short
cross court or you learn to hit the ball. Changing the direction is tough, but this
is how you do it.

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Dennis Veasley

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