Come on, Cricket! Cricket is Butterbean’s little sister! She may be small
but she’s always a really big help! I’m proud of you. She has a magic icing bag! Woo! Oops! – Oh, yum!
– Yum! Loves to cook! How’s this? Um… I think I’m starting to get it! And she’s the most awesome little helper
in all of Puddlebrook! Awesome sauce! Awesome sauce! – Awesome sauce!
– Whoa! [giggling] Let’s check out Cricket’s
Top 5 Most Awesome-Sauce Moments! I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait! [giggling] When sleeping outside
gets a little too scary… I have an idea! The scouts get an idea
from this amazing fairy! Cricket’s cool indoor camping trip
is number five! Welcome to the best campsite
in the whole café! Oh, wow, this is great! – This is pretty cool!
– This campsite is amazing! Nice job, scout! Cricket loves to give
her big sister a hand! Ooh, can I help? Yep.
Thanks, Cricket! And she’s the perfect kid
to run a lemonade stand! Yeah, that’s it! Cricket’s Lemonade Stand! My lemonade stand is going to be great! Cricket’s very awesome lemonade stand
is number four. OK, team! Welcome to the grand opening
of Cricket’s Lemonade Stand! – Woo!
– Woo! Cricket is great at making
all the fairies giggle! Especially when her first tooth
starts to wiggle! It’s the first loose tooth I ever had
and it’s gonna come out soon! Cricket’s first loose tooth
is awesome sauce moment number three! My tooth came out! Nice, Cricks! You know what that means? Er… nope! It means…
the tooth fairy is going to come! [gasping] A coin! Awesome sauce! [laughing] Cricket loves learning
how to cook and bake! OK, Cricket, let’s go! Awesome sauce! And riding a two wheeled bike
is just a piece of cake! Cricket’s big kid bike is number two! I’m doing it, I’m riding like a big kid! Alright, Cricket!
Woo! Whee! Ready for the last awesome sauce moment? Party, party, party!
Fun, fun, fun! Cricket can be pretty funny! Oh, my squash! Baked beans! Sparkle and sprinkles! Oh, melons! It’s a fact. Especially when she acts like a monkey! Cricket’s funny monkey banana dance
is number one! – Monkey dance!
– Monkey dance! [screeching] [giggling] Get cooking with Cricket
and all of your favorite fairies! Woo, alright! On Butterbean’s Café! Everywhere you find Nick Jr. You can find more Butterbean’s Café
in the free Nick Jr. app and everywhere you find Nick Jr.

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Dennis Veasley

33 thoughts on “Cricket’s Top 5 Most Awesome-Sauce Moments from Episodes of Butterbean’s Café | Nick Jr.”

  1. Cricket is really cute! Super cute, and so cute that I wish that she was my sister! I only have an annoying, loud, stinky, and austitic brother named Chad who is such a crybaby and eats like a pig!

  2. I seem to now like this show after bubble guppies, Nella the princess knight, and corn and peg because they're all on treehouse and after the shows that are my favourite and that are also on treehouse my little pony friendship is magic, Max & Ruby, and the Backyardians. Also if any character from this show was my favourite, it would be Butterbean, cricket, and poppy for no reason.

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