hello friends,welcome to canvas window
art Channel I’m Elaiyaraja Dharmalingam, today we
will try to draw a batsman being bowled in cricket. to this drawing you need a
image that I have taken from Internet and then,observe the image deeply and try to
convert into basic shapes. Here, I am drawing a rough drawing with a pencil
very lightly not to add much detail into the picture initially just make it as a
basic shapes after making rough drawing you could add
minute details to the picture far away we could add the spectators with
expression and then you could outline rough drawing
with a brush pen okay, now here we have completed the
outline ..mm fair outline drawing with a pen brush after this I could erase unwanted
pencil marks. after this if you want to color the picture you can color it,
otherwise if you want to light and shade with a pencil,or watercolor it or whatever
medium you want, you can do that. Thank you for watching! I hope you like this
video! subscribe, share, and don’t forget to comment and we will meet again with
another tutorial. thank you! you

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