– Welcome to the Plan B tryouts. The Blues are looking for a Plan B team. The most reliable cricketers
on and off the field. Not the flashiest. Not the fastest. Are the most dependable
characters that are always there when you need them. To make the squad that
will play on the SCG, you need to know the
importance of planning ahead. Like when you’re out
celebrating after a win, you’ve got a Plan B to get home safe. So let’s meet some of the candidates and put them through their paces. – I haven’t picked up a
bat in four years because I’ve been taking care of my wife and kids, and just to have a chance
to have a go at the SCG would be a dream come true. – I should be on the Plan B team because I look after my mates. When they are starting to get a bit drunk, we get their cars back home
without them driving them. – Everyone’s been giving
the ball a good whack, plenty of aggressive cricket, and I’m sure they’ll have a
lot of fun out on the SCG. – You get in and watch
test cricket as a kid and it’s all you want to do. You want to step out there
on the field yourself. – I think not only their playing, but some of them really good characters, which is obviously I think more important than their cricket skills. – So fast yorkers and
fast bounces going on. And then some of the batters, Harry and I bowled a ball each and we both got smacked around, so we could be in trouble. – Playing ahead is always involved in, be it game or personal life. You have to be ready
with your Plan B always. – So who’s gonna make the Plan B team that will get to take
on a new South Wales 11 on the mighty SCG? Stay tuned the team announcement
on our social channels, and the game itself. Remember, if you’re drinking, don’t drive.

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Dennis Veasley

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