Today we are featuring top five cricket teams who walked out of the cricket ground due to some reasons. These are rare incidents in cricket history, So Let’s Start… Please Subscribe Our Channel and Don’t forget to hit the Bell Icon. At number five we have team India. It was 1996 World Cup semi-final, India was taking on Sri Lanka. After Tendulkar got out in the second innings, the Indian batting order collapsed the Indian crowd got excited and behaved abnormally. Later on, the match referee came inside the ground and awarded the match to Sri Lanka. And both the teams walked out of the ground. At number 4 we have England. England was playing a Test match in Karachi. There was a sudden explosion with a huge sound, everyone thought that was a bomb or something like that. The whole England team got scared. Match officials and other security peoples came inside the ground. Later on England team walked out of the ground due to security issues. Team Pakistan is at number 3. Pakistan was playing against New Zealand in 1994. Pakistani fast bowler with Rehman was fielding on deep cover and was hit on the head by a water bottle thrown from the crowd. The whole Pakistan team gathered in the middle of the ground and decided to leave the ground because of this issue. Team Australia is at number 2. Australia was taking on West Indies. While taking a run Sharon Campbell collided with the bowler in the middle of the pitch and got run out. Due to this issue the crowd got excited and started to throw water bottles and other things inside the ground. Later on the whole Australian team had to leave the field due to security reasons. At number one, we have 1996 World Cup champion, Team Sri Lanka. It was a match between Sri Lanka and England. When Muttiah Muralitharan bold few deliveries, the leg umpire noticed and called a NO ball due to his action. Captain Arjuna Ranatunga talked with both the umpires in the ground and then took a old decision. He told the England batsmen the issue and walked out of the ground with his whole team.

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