Hurry up, it’ll get over. No one knows, the musings of the heart. No one knows, the musings of the heart. The musings of your heart, the musings of mine. Find a better cricket experience on the Google app, with ball-by-ball scores and commentary. Hey Suparv, show me the video.

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Dennis Veasley

29 thoughts on “Cricket Answers Made Easy | Google App”

  1. साईं बाबा के शिर्डी में दोपहर को कड़ी धूप थी Google बता रहा था बारिश हो रही है ESI Raat Ko Barish Hui aur Google dikha raha tha इसी रात को बारिश हुई और google दिखा रहा था आकाश में बादल छाए है वाह री गूगल wa re Google key Technology👎🤓🤡 Google is not faithful टाइम पास करने के लिए ठीक है🌷🌷🤡🌷

  2. Ridiculous advertisement. It shows that cricket more important than our cultural programmes. If a person dnt want to listen, he should leave the show rather than pretending that he is enjoying the music/song, encouraging the musician, etc. but actually he is checking the scores??? why u want to show music is not that important…. stop this advertisement running on television.

  3. Google India app TV ad in Tamil channel is unethical & Unprofessional – a male vocalist sings, the front row person pretends to listen/ to capture the Indian music singer, but watches Cricket thru Google app, such an unethical advt – If I pretend to watch Google but actually browses facebook or whatsapp or Onedrive or Yahoo- how will you guys feel , I didnt expect such a cheap mentality from Google India – Rajesh agg is perfectly right

  4. To destroy the Humanity is shame on Google an Media
    you don't have Rights to cheat any Artist an culture shame on Media making miss-use of Art

  5. People comment here its "Indian Tradition bla bla bla" they would never ever attend such a concert! It's just an ad grow up people!

  6. ys. this is the advertisement. you could have taken the sample of match only or any serial. allthe time why the indian classical music is to be angled? all the time we the indian classical musicians have to adjust and to suffer and to be insulted by all. why ? i want the google should ask apology to the artists like me. being a senior reputed artist i strongly oppose this add. very bad thinking.
    Dr. Anupamaa (Gudi) Mangalvede.

  7. Oh my god.
    Indians get literally offended for every small thing.
    If you care about classical music so much, stop listening to bollywood crap, pop shit and listen only to Classical music.
    (I'm Indian too btw)

  8. Google went non-sense when it dared to demean and chide the traditional practices of this great country. Google must be ashamed of it.
    Take it off the air.

  9. Deeply disappointed that Google would approve such a boorish misrepresentation of Hindusthani Classical Music.
    Glad that many music lovers are expressing their shock and disapproval.

  10. Google is not only insulting Indian music but also our PM – going by wordings in the ad. Also, the ad is insulting our elderly people by completely neglecting their achievements. This ad is too careless and insensitive.

  11. Google !!
    I can't believe that this video came out from you guys..
    Really disappointed..
    How can you humiliate our classical music which is an integral part of our culture of which we are proud of ?

  12. This advertisement of google in TV has made a controversy, especially among the Indian Classical Music lovers as well as musicians. I have gone through many Face Book & WhatsApp Shares, comments, discussions and got few questions in my mind.
    A) First of all I want to ask you that can’t we see this ad from a different point of view? What I can see in this ad are
    i) The young couple is real classical music lovers. Despite of Ind-Pak match, they have attended the function to enj…oy music.
    ii) Look at their face, you can’t find any boredom when the lady asked to search google.
    iii) They have started searching google just before Tihai. So before that they enjoyed almost full part of the music, again despite of having hyper match.
    iv) Both of them know very well that how to respect a senior Indian Classical Musician. They know searching google openly is showing dishonour to a senior musician. So they acted as if recording video.
    v) A classical musician is always involved in self criticism and that’s the way of success. Here, the Musician asked for the video to see his performance for betterment and that’s Indian Music, based on improvisation on spot.
    B) Ok, let me think that I was totally wrong in my analysis in the first point. Then also it is an Ad which actually promotes Indian Classical Music. Google actually reminded all of us how odd all these mobile searching and conversations are during an Indian Classical Music Performance. We all should relook to ourselves, how we behave, how we talk, how we use our mobiles during a function we attend. I have (I think you all too) noticed that in an auditorium, at least two mobiles start ringing, more than half of the people become busy with WhatsApp and Face Book, some of them become Live on Face Book, some are busy taking photos including Selfies and post it in FB (Checked in at …… auditorium enjoying music of Pt………..), etc. Even front row guests are no exceptions, being double faced, talking and  expressing enjoyment with “Kya Baat” at the same time. Don’t we??   
    So, is not it an Ad for Indian Classical Music?

  13. people who are crying their asses off for the support of indian classical music are also the same people who gave 15-75k to watch Justin Bieber lip syncing in Mumbai.

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