Ahhh, the crack of leather on willow. RAD
The thud of a ball slamming into a pad. WILL
The roar of the crowd as they cheer a six. RAD
The gasp of the crowd as the batsman plays and misses. RAD
If you love the sounds of cricket, then Cricket 19 will be music to your ears. Sweet, sweet
music. And all for your ears. WILL
It’s made right here in Australia. In Melbourne, in fact, by Big Ant Studios, who have been
making cricket games since before Steve Smith was captain of Australia. I think it’s fair
to say they know their cricket. RAD
And it really shows. Cricket 19 is just a fun game of cricket. You get to bat. You get
to bowl. It’s not too hard. It’s not too easy. You can just pick a team and jump right
into a match. Or you can spend ages fiddling with your batting order and tweaking field
placements. WILL
And for cricket experts, there’s a pro control mode – so when you’re batting you’ve got
to move the analog stick like it’s actually a cricket bat, taking into account the backswing
before you hit the ball and the follow-through after you’ve played the shot. It’s hard,
but when you get good at it you can really place and time your shots exactly how you
want. RAD
Yeah, but for beginners or if you just want to have a more relaxed time, there’s
a simpler control mode. Here you just point the stick where you want to hit the ball and
press the button at the right time. Also, I love how Cricket 19 doesn’t bog things
down with loads of boring cricket statistics. WILL
But I like cricket stats! Hey, did you know that Mitchell Starc became the first bowler
to take three five-wicket hauls at the recent World Cup? RAD
No. No I did not know that. Look, for the stats geeks there ARE plenty of run rates
and bowling averages to lose yourself in. But for the rest of us, we don’t have to
worry about it. The game takes care of everything. Which is handy because there is just SO MUCH
cricket here. You can play as Australia in the upcoming
Mens Ashes series. You can play as England too. You can play as Australia and England
in the Womens Ashes series. You can play as India, New Zealand, Canada. Scotland. Bangladesh.
Afghanistan! WILL
And heaps of other countries in a One-Day or T20 world cup! Or, just grab a second controller
and dive straight into a quick match versus a friend. And you can do all this with either
Mens or Womens teams. Actually, you know what my favourite way to
play is? The Career mode. This is where you can create your own young player and follow
their whole career from lower-grade cricket all the way through to — HOPEFULLY — international
glory on the world stage. RAD
Is this the mode where if it isn’t your turn to bat or bowl then you’re not actually
doing anything. You’re just watching? WILL
Yep! I love it. The game just fast-forwards through the bits of the match you’re not
participating in. I created an all-rounder who batted in the middle order and bowled
some part-time leg-spin. In one match my team was in trouble. I came on to bowl with the
other team needing just 50 runs to win so there was a lot of pressure on me to take
quick wickets. Another time I came in to bat at 3 for 200 and I could just try to hit everything
for six! RAD
Okay, I get it. It’s nice to feel like you’re one player who’s just part of a team. WILL
Exactly! And when you get the chance to bat or bowl you feel like you’ve got to make
your contributions count. Especially if you want to get picked to represent your country. RAD
One thing I didn’t like is that the commentary in this game can… sound… a… little…
bit… stilted. They’re definitely cutting and pasting a bunch of recorded words to fit
what’s happening in the action. And it can sound a bit silly. WILL
Yeah, and for some of the teams they didn’t get the proper likenesses of each player. RAD
There’s definitely a few elements that are a bit rough around the edges, but
overall the feeling of being on the pitch in Cricket 19 is pretty much how you would
want it to be. I’m giving it 3 rubber chickens! WILL
Because it’s a cricket game I’m going to score it with rubber ducks. And I’ll
give it an extra one because I love the Career mode so much. It’s 4 rubber ducks, from

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  1. Can anyone please tell me what's the difference between the "International Edition" and normal game? I seen two kind of boxes for PS4. One says "International Edition" and one says "official game of the ashes" on main front cover. What's the difference between the both?

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