Cric cric cricket Cric cric cricket, so many wickets If you wanna have fun, go get tickets Maintain the run – flow Be steady but don’t get slow Get the ball to soar like an arrow All peeps want is – blow blow blow.. Why are you silent, hey, you guys? Blow Air-horn and make some noise They are insane, you don’t be wise All you gotta make sure get rid of disguise! So make some noise…. Awesome.. Teams got to pull their socks up and.. ..get ready to face the World-cup.. …and establish their place So got to handle every situation.. ..that comes their way in this eventful phase. Small packet, big blast.. ..Suspense remains till the last.. Hey You people set your aim and.. .. watch the game Gather around, settle down Rise up and cheer aloud.. Don’t keep calm and focus on.. Let the world hear your sound Hear your sound.. With every incoming ball.. With every attempted shot Catch the gaze, increase the craze. Play your part and set the blaze.. If You wanna have fun go get tickets Cric Cric Cricket

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Dennis Veasley

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