hey everybody Danny Maude here head
professional at the Canterbury Golf Club in Kent if you clicked on this video
you’re probably looking at a couple of things you’re looking at getting more
power in your game or you’ve kind of looked at this all you’ve heard it’s
time called laggy you want to know what it is and why it’s so important to have
in the golf swing so this is what we’re gonna discuss today we’re going to talk
about what is like why you should have it and how you go about achieving it so
let’s have a look what is like what does it look like so lag is basically this on
an image you’re gonna see like like this the lead arm and the club shaft when the
hands get to hip height it forms a 90 degree angle this is an image of what
you’ll see when people talk about lag those who don’t have lag when the hands
get to refer back here you’re gonna see watch this a reduction in this so this
is almost now very very little angle at all lag no like why is it important so
if you release this lag too quickly what happens is the club starts to bottom out
too early you don’t really take any divots out of the golf ball and what
you’re gonna do is start to catching the ball thin and fat right that’s the first
thing because you know you’re you’re lowering here you’re releasing too early
the club bottoms out too far behind the ball and we fat it right the other thing
I don’t have used to see this is if you release the club too early here and
release lag the club is it’s fast it’s point is going to be behind the golf
ball as a poster at the moment of impact so not only you’re going to start to see
poor strikes but you’re also going to see a loss of power so that is why lag
is so important we want to create lag because it improves the quality of our
strikes and it also enables us to make sure that the maximum amount of club
head speed is right at the point of the golf ball
so that’s lag not even forgetting that question is how do we go about creating
it so as you know I’ve seen a lot of people when they try create like they
start to work on pulling their arms into this position here and holding this
there and in in an image when you can it hear think oh great I’ve achieved
it but lag isn’t created by forcing this angle lag is created by a natural
transition from the backswing and to the downswing because what we want to create
at the moment is almost a whip through impact right so what we want to do is
yes we want to kind of see something like this a 90 degree angle but how we
go about achieving it is more important so what you’ll see with the leg is this
we want to create like because when we create here there’s a softness in the
wrist and then right at the moment of impact there’s a release another and
there’s a whip through impact and it’s that whip that creates the power that
hits those balls those epic distances so that’s what we want to do so it’s not
just kidding if we create this when we pulled around to hold it here and we’re
trying to hold on to this Golf Club here although I can I might look good on
camera initially that’s not really a golf swing there’s no real power and
you’re really really struggle to strike it so what do we do to create this
natural Martian the first thing which is put something you could probably do
indoors is just to see if you can feel what it’s like so if you just take the
club in one hand maybe right hand if the right any golfers left if you’re
left-handed and all I’m going to do is this I want me to do some swings
backwards and forward feel that the way to the club is you’re holding it nice
and loose in the water club you’re just swinging back right now as I’m doing
this you’ll see the club probably get into a certain height there on the
backswing right now just before it gets that height what I wanted to do is start
to unleash a lower part of the body so just before he gets to the top or as
it’s going to the top just start to move the lower part of the body and what you’re doing is is this you can
even if you can see this but as I’m transitioning my lower part just before
the clubs are reached we create a lag the club lags behind right
it likes behind compare that to this all I’m gonna do now I’m going to do
anything here and I’m gonna swing and I’m just gonna go now the club is
releasing too much there’s nothing going on here and the quads releasing so what
we want to be able do is learn Tish to feel what that’s like is like first
before we put two hands on the goal just not like ears and let’s learn the feel
of that that’s the first thing then what I want to do is this is what is lag lag
is really the upper part of the body the arms and the club lagging behind the
lower part of the body so when we get to the top here the lower part of the body
is going before the upper part that’s what lag is this but it’s lagging behind
the lower part and when we get to here then there becomes this amazing amount
of fire through the ball and power so that’s what I want to create you’ve now
got a bit of a feel of what lag is let’s start doing some exercises on how we go
about achieving that so again second exercise you can do right now at home to
kind of get a feeling of this we’ve got a kinematic sequence is Helena posh word
but basically it’s the correct sequencing of the body so you don’t have
to have a golf club actually but put your hands on your chest and what you do
here is just get yourself in position here okay feet close together turn them
back and as you get to here what I want you to do the first thing I want to do
here is this just get the sensation here at the leg going first you’re stepping
in so what’s happening the lower bodies leading and then the what this is like
you’re behind through so try do that fairly quickly so you’re going to turn
back and through turn back and through now it seems like an inoculation sized
on it but what is helping you train is this it’s helping you in a sense get the
lower part leading and the upper part lagging behind there’s one thing we
talking about lag but what’s the point talking about if your body can’t feel it
and learn it so again simple exercises you can do it at home turn back
watch it I’m doing it very slowly turn back and I watch like through see turn
back and then start to increase the speed of this okay move that into the
swing you see that can you see my lower part go first
and hit the path lagging behind alright one simple exercise there hip you can’t
do the gold Glover hub but you can certainly do the body exercise when they
give you another exercise so you push see me do this before this is a towel
exercise similar kind of thing so watch this we’re gonna swing the towel round
here now what do people do if they don’t have lag they release their hands and
their arms too much right I’m gonna powers here behind the Bob there’s no
lag watch this we’re gonna rather than create a snap of
the towel behind we’re gonna create a snap of the towel in front of the ball
so we’re gonna here we’re gonna go now watch the only way you can do this is if
look my lower parts leading and watch this is lagging behind and away we go
I’ll get a bit crazy back here and snap through these drills kind of seem
Cillian and a simple right but they will promote the feeling this is a difference
between just listening now and kind of understanding what lag is I’m trying to
train your body in terms of the feeling it’s cannot tell you how important this
is so many people take the understanding that they may see from some of these
videos and then assume that that will just apply to the golf swing we need to
take these understandings and then learn to help our bodies learn the muscles or
the feeling of these motions so these exercise will teach that so we’re gonna
swing it back over here and then watch this lower part leading and snap we’re
trying to create that sensation here so suddenly now what we’re doing is the
upper part the body the arms are all starting out to lag behind
what do we do next we met at that towel exercise and then move on to the kind of
upgrade that a little bit and I was working with a client recently on this
Chris when we get back here we want to create our sound over the
ball or even after it watch this lagging behind let’s lagging behind and away we
go this is going to require some commitment when the ball gets in the way
one of the things I find is that people freeze they can stay too still
particularly the lower part it stay very very still and that all that’s gonna do
here is at the upper Pat’s gonna dominate it’s now no longer I’m gonna
lag behind the lower part and bang we flick like this if you’re a head still
guy I’ve got to keep my head still this is a typical example as you see very
very still the other part just what doing all the work there’s no lie
because it’s just a hit here you can see nothing’s going on lower part leads
tosser hands all like behind and away we go let’s see what this looks like in the
swing not bad all right so what is like in
summary lag is the upper part of the body lagging behind the lower part of
the body torso likes behind arms like behind Club likes behind what does it
look like it looks like you’re maintaining a 90 degree angle impact how
do we create that we do not do this I see too many people doing this pulling
their arms in position that is not what we need that will not create like now
like is a dynamic process what exercise have we done to kind of help you create
the leg well we you need to feel like right so doing some things one-handed
we’re basically as the club swings to the top here just before it rise gets to
the top what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna transfer direction what happens
the club lags behind and then we create that little snap near the golf ball just
learn to get that feeling you’ll get a sensation of what like is then we give
you the towel exercise why is it so important because again we need to be
able to feel what leg is when we get here and you release there well there’s
nothing going on I’m releasing the upper part there’s no lag we want to hold back
here let the lower part lead and snap near the ball even here after the golf
ball the body’s leading and then finally they provide catch it up and snap
through the shot we then transition that to the golf club you can use this sound
if I release sound here it’s all upper body there’s no lag here watch this
lower body leads everybody like behind with two lovely snap that we’re after
and that is it nothing more complicate don’t do the pull down see too many
people doing that little big loss of power okay so if you enjoying this
training and this really really helped you think someone else might benefit
please share it I’ll be really grateful and if you enjoying the content every
week and you want to receive it in your inbox don’t forget to press the
subscribe button and the little bell and until next week have a great golfing

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Dennis Veasley


  1. Hi Danny, i tried to contact you today regarding lessons , prices etc, but you web site wasn't having it. Thought i'd let you know. Really enjoy your vids sir, they resonate with me. Thanks for posting

  2. Best explanation I have yet to come across to describe what lag is. I am looking forward to trying the drills. Excellent work Danny and thank you!

  3. Hi Danny,

    All makes sense. Question: You swing through to an upright finish (seemingly).
    Your other video in Dubai shows you with a stance bending over the ball (and you say it's never enough).
    How come you don't finish with the same spine angle which would be a mirror of the backswing?

  4. Great video, as usual. Simple easy to understand instructions. I find your vids to be the most useful out of a lot of youtube instructors.

  5. This makes a really good add on to the exercises in the effortless golf swing + power. I’ve been doing these every day, but the weather has been so awful, I haven’t had a chance to hit a ball in the last two weeks. Probably for the best as I have a habit of changing my swing according to my ball flight when I’m trying to make a change to my swing.

  6. Great advice, I fell into that trap of keeping the 45* angle on the downswing, and forgetting totally about moving my lower body, I was basically flat footed until after impact. Interested to know though what position you're head should be in at impact with irons, as with driver when you're head is well behind the ball. Thanks again Danny

  7. Thanks Dan , question ,is the lag you describe with your irons the same when hitting a driver ,as you said to maintain the 90 degree with club shaft and left arm until hip height ?

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    Stop by my channel when you get a chance to see my first golf vlog 🙂

  12. Hi Danny I watched this video 3 times this morning before going to play golf , you made me realise I was not relaxed enough and not using my lower body more arms and gripping the club to tight as well, so I totally relaxed today and ( wow ) what a difference it made effortless power and more accurate shots and the more I relaxed the easier it was to strike the ball and it eliminated my lower back pain.
    Many thanks again for all the time and effort you put into your videos it's very much appreciated.

  13. Sorry for late review been on holiday. Another excellent video Danny I'm one of those players you describe at the start of the video trying to force the 90 ° angle. Will give your method a try at the weekend.

  14. This drill emphasizes the fact that EVERYONE relies on a misconception of the golf swing. This misconception evolved around the misuse of one word… and I'm not saying what it is! If the pros new it, 59s would be commonplace.

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  16. I moved away from the ideas of lag it produced a open face witch sliced my shots plus it encouraged me to pull more down rather than releasing the club more naturally witch made me swing even more left! But I'm more educated in my golf swing now relies how damaging it can be holding on the angle of the club!!

  17. Hi! Why not just say leave the arms alone. Take your right arm on the top of the swing and prevent the left arm to get out of position keeping the same angle at the top. Now move your upper body down and then you will have same angle at the top coming down to P6. All that force is ready to release at impact but not before that. If someone were to hold your arms while you rotate down and then let go. There you have lag and speed!

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  21. Going to try this at the range tomorrow as I really struggle with lag!! Let you know how I get on

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  25. Superb explanation again from Danny. This has really helped me loosen up on the backswing and allowed me to move my lower body more. Still a little unsure as to how much you 'pull' the arms down as you rotate, but from my practice on the driving range, the simple motion of rotating the hips and lower body seems to pull the arms down automatically. Will keep working on this. Thanks again!

  26. Hi Danny l really liked this video. Very well explained lagging theory. I will try and put this in practice and let you know the result. Thank you very much.

  27. Get that woooosssh Baby. For anybody wanting another simple perspective, to me the down swing has nothing at all to do with using your arms and hands. They stay "frozen or dead " at the top. You gotta keep your backswing position in place as if God was reaching down and holding your club head back. You gotta use your lower half to pull the club free. When it springs free is gonna be fast. Boom there goes your ball farther than it ever has with little effort. Lower body = larger muscles. Use them

  28. Danny, I thoroughly enjoy your videos and they have helped me tremendously. I shot 84 and also 38 on the front 9. I have less tension also, and more confidence. Thank You. Your videos are amazing!!!

  29. Another great and helpful lesson, with simple drills! Thanks a lot, Danny!
    "One lesson of Maude a day, keeps the (double) bogeys away!"
    Grtz, Jan

  30. I have heard a lot of talk about needing lag but have never heard anyone break it down and actually explain how to create it. I have seen players bring the club down just like you demonstrate and think that helps create something good (lag) but you give clear, concise direction for how to make it happen in a real swing….Thank you Danny!

  31. Hi Danny this is great but its different on the course because you need to be brave , you have one chance to get it correct. PAUL

  32. Hi Danny! This video along with your other videos have helped me tremendously. You're a really good teacher. Thank you!

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  34. Danny–I am a recent subscriber and have really enjoyed and benefited from your videos. One in particular stands out–which is the step on the big screw and turn for both the backswing and thru swing. It seems to me that if this is done properly, it solves many of the other swing mechanics that you have addressed such as creating lag, shaft lean at contact, effortless power, proper sequencing, etc. Do you agree? Thanks much!

  35. Jaime Boxer I supose it is the feel of the head of the club , as I learned from my first golf teacher, the problem I have is to be consistent on all shots

  36. Hi Danny. Love these drills….although I play to a single digit I never lagged the club….today I decided after watching your videos to commit to learning the technique . Are you supposed to start down before backswing is completed? How can you tell at which point to begin moving down?

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  38. very good lesson danny. problem with me is that i am not trusting my swing so everytime when i am about to hit my shot i think about how i should be doing the swing and try to remember how i did hit good shots previously which i can never remenber and of course then i slice, hook, pull etc.
    ☹. i come down my down swing too quick as well. how can i overcome this and trust my swing?

  39. I have now successfully created lag thanks to this video, but the ball is slicing now just a tad .. my guess is I'm not completing the sequence at the end and letting the club drag forward or not correctly rotating.. I don't think its club face as it initially goes straight and then turns right in a curve.. I think I did see a video you had about correcting this.. I can't seem to find it

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  43. Paul here do any of your readers have children ?? !! And have they ever given the child/children an Aeroplane. WHAT IS AN AEROPLANE. ?? This is when you hold the childs Arm And Leg And Turn Round . WELL ITS OCCURED TO ME IN MY DRIVE SWING THAT IS WHAT I'M DOING BECAUSE YOU TURN THROUGH .


  45. Hi Danny. In these drills, I see you use your right hand/arm to illustrate… does it mean that I have to feel lag with my right hand/arm more than my left? thank you.

  46. Hey Danny, I am currently at a 4.8 HC. You recently helped me get to a faster swing speed. But it seems I can have some drastic differences in my speed. For instance, my 6 iron can be 78 mph on one swing then 92 on the next. The rest will be something in between. What can be causing a 14mph difference? I can’t feel the difference from one swing to the next. I feel like I lag properly. Sometimes I feel like maybe it’s an errant reading. I know when I air swing, it’s almost always in the low to mid 70s. Any ideas? I also don’t feel as though I am swinging with my arms. Maybe my body rotation? Lol Maybe just need to put my radar away.

  47. What people need to understand is lag is in the body, not in the club. The wrist lag part is simply a byproduct of your upper body lagging behind your lower body. Yet another great video Danny.

  48. i can't believe i spent 11min and 40 sec to learn some old ass drills u would think he would have something new the only should be the snap of this vid

  49. Brilliant as usual ! And it works ! Confidence is coming when in front of the ball. Lower part of the body first to create lag ! I've never been taught golf like this and wow I love it. Thank you so much Danny

  50. I notice that your lead (L) leg does not straighten as you swing through. Am I whistling in the dark by attempting to straighten that leg?

  51. What and where should I feel on my left side, leg, hip, and foot as I transition my weight from my right side…as well should my right leg and foot be pushing off during this movement and I assume weight shift…..great video…very helpful…

  52. Hello Danny, just to let you know how brilliant your videos are, last week I spent about ten hours practicing stance and swings, how to keep my body in the correct position when swinging and how to follow through.
    On Sunday with the temperature at 102 deg I had the best game ever, two pars, and five holes with one over par, no swearing and no club throwing. Excellent game and all down to your videos. Thank you for all you do.

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  55. Great explanation and drills. This is a way of understanding what Hogan called the "chain action" in the downswing. He said the order of the body parts must be: Hips, shoulders, arms, hands, and then the clubhead. This creates tremendous speed with minimum effort.

    I think timing of the start of the downswing is important in getting good "lag" in the swing. Start the legs before the backswing is finished and you won't get full distance in the shot. Start too late and the club has already rebounded off the top and it's hard to get everything going in the proper sequence. There is a short segment of time when the lower body should start moving, for best results. I think that is why you hear a lot of pros say when they practice, they work on timing and tempo.

  56. As I start to understand the golf swing more and more your videos make more and more sense to me. I was trying this at the range yesterday with good success with my irons. I tried it with the driver but realized I had to make minor changes in the way my weight transfers cause your driving up on the ball rather than down. Maybe you could do a club head lag video specific for a driver?

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