*WAPSSH* Top of the morning to you, laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome to a game called “Super Footbrawl Playground.” There’s a game coming out– I should preface all of this- There’s a game coming out eventually called “Footbrawl.” Which looks really, really fun. It’s like a soccer game. It’s kind of like a “Gangbeasts” kind of thing. I can’t remember the tagline they ha- Well, they compared to something they actually had on their website– Like “Gangbeasts” meets something else. I cant remember what that is. But it looks really fun, and it’s- it’s still in development. But they- they brought out this. Which is like a playground of, like, the physics. It’s like a silly physics game, where I’m gonna get in. This ball is gonna bounce around and a bunch of AI and me are gonna chase it down And hilarity will ensue. Hopefully. Um- And this demo of it is free, for now, until the first of January- Which- actually doesn’t leave a whole lotta time between now and then. Sorry, I only found out about it today. After that, then you have to pay for the demo- Well you actually could pay for the demo now if you wanna support it– And any proceeds that the demo produces, then, it will go towards the full development of “Footbrawl” itself, so- It’s a really good idea. I think I will definitely pay some money for that, because- Or, like, pitch in for that, because it’s so good- Well, like, the idea behind it is really good and I really like it, so- Let’s do, uh- Well, I have a bunch of shit over here– “Gameplay.” One, two- Oh… right. One- one player. Okay- uh, not slow-mo. Moon? Oh, God, no, I don’t want moon gravity. I just want- regular shit to happen. Let’s follow the player– Okay- That’s a lot better than what I was going for a second ago. And… Three v three. Spawn. [In game]: *yells* AH! Oh! Hey! Hey, fellas! *laughs* Okay, we’re doing it. We’re in it. We’re- We’re flying around. I don’t know what– I got fuckin’ wings or a jetpack or something. Oh, God! *laughs* Why?! Why do I have this? Oh… Help, dudes! Ah- Hello?! *laughs* I’m gone. Oh- he gone. Oh, he gaw-ne. Okay, let’s restart this. I don’t know. The fuckin’ left bumper just made me take off for some reason. Um- “Player-” Um, yeah, because I don’t want the orbit cam. I’m one player. Oh! I could actually just do orbit cam and just watch the characters mess around then as well, right? Yeah! *laughs* Seeya later, guys! Ah, no. That’s boring. Oh, oh! Okay, I’m figuring out the buttons. ‘Cause I dunno what they are– Hah! I’m trying to kick the ball, but I keep- keep kicking people’s heads. *laughs* C’m’here. Fucker has the ball. There’s two of them in one! W-What does- I don’t know what these buttons do. Okay, as long as I don’t press that last one- *laughs* I’m kind of getting it. Um- And if you guys remember the game “Prison Brawl” that I played, It’s the same people who made that. And they made something else as well. But I don’t think I played that one. So- They’ve a lot of potential in the stuff that they’re making– Oh, God! Into the pile! Everybody into the pile! Let’s just go fuckin’ bananas with this. Do one- one player. Yes. I can actually just kick around the ball on my own if I want. And let’s do- I dunno why there’s two different sides of blues and reds. I dunno- And let’s put in three balls. Oh! It’s times three! The size of the balls! Well now it’s all the way over there! “Ball- off. Ball- one.” Okay- That might be good. Oh God- *laughing* There’s a whole fuckin’ army of them. Oh shit. I can’t sprint or anything though. What is he doin’?! Get off the ground! Fuckin’ spinning around like a clown. C- No- no, where are you bringing this fucking ball? I’mma kick some dudes. Jesus Christ- I’m in the middle of the pile. God damn it- Get up! Go! Go! Jump over everybody! You don’t need anybody else. Can I run faster than this? Oh! That grabs people. Oh- *laughs* I didn’t know what I was doing. Can get in the car? No? *laughs* Everyone’s just walkin’ into it though. Oh! If we could get the ball out of there- Oh! That’s what they compared it to! “Rocket League” meets “Gang-” er- “Gangbeasts,” yeah. The- “Footbrawl” will be. But this is just like a little sandbox demo. For what that game will actually be– God- Fuck’s sake. What do we do when shit goes down in here? I know what I’m going to do. I have an idea. Okay. And a– Uhf. God, I can’t even hit the fuckin’ ball when I want to. There we go. I really wanna kick it. Like, hard. Yeh- Uhn! Yeah! Okay- can I pick it up? Nope. I want to get it down into the pit. The pit over there- ’cause there’s a car in there– Nice. Keep goin’. Keep goin’- Oh! A regular ol’ fuckin’ David Beckham over here. Regular ol’ fuckin’ Lionel Messi. Oh, this is fuckin’ Messi alright. Don’t spook the ball. *sneaky music* Here we go. Easy does it. Shh! Shh! He sees us! Go again- Da-day-da-day. *laughs* No, I need you to go up into this corner here. Fuck! I wanna do cool shit, but it’s not letting me! Fuck this. Let’s just spawn everybody. Go, dudes! Where are you all? The ball’s over here! I got it! My ball! My ball! Ah-ta! *laughs* It’s mine! You can’t do anything about it- Oh, God they’re all runnin’- Oh, Je- Come back for fuck’s sake– Go to the cool places! Oh- there’s explosive barrels right there. Please hit the explosive barrels- C’m’here- c’m’here, you motherfucker. *laughs* Pickin’ them up and flingin’ them around is awesome. When everyone gets into a fuckin’ ball, it’s so complicated. Can I de-spawn people? There we go! Ah- Cool! It’s actually in a much better place now. I can- How the fuck do I get it in? I can’t grab the ball. Wait- maybe I can. C’m’here. C’m’here, ball. C’mhere! Come here, you little scallywag! *laughs* This is so fucking dumb. I got this. I got this. *laughs* Fuck’s sake. I can’t do it! *laughing* I spawned the dudes again, but they’re over- stuck in the fucking fence! They’re over here- Fellas! Come over here and play some fuckin’ ball with me! I can’t do it alone! If I try, this happens. Ah-agh! *laughs* I love stupid physics. Maybe if the ball is bigger I can do it. Ah- hah! Oh Jesus, oh fuck. Can I grab the ball now? No- Oh man- *laughing* Hah-ha! Get in the fuckin’- It’s in! Oh, there’s a guy in there! Okay– now let’s make the ball normal-sized. Or should we? Or is that un-fun? Oh God- Oh Sh-Aw- I’m like a fuckin’ cheese slice. Okay, let’s make the ball big. Now there’s two giant balls in here. Can I get into the car? *laughs* How do you get into a car? *laughs more* Awwh! I have a list of commands here that I can do– “Ragdoll- all.” *laughs* Everybody do the flop. Okay, they’re all dead. That’s like a superpower- Just being like- *high-pitched singing* La-doo! La-doo-loo! What else can I do? Oh- I can shoot balls! Oh, yes! God- *laughing* Balls for everybody! Whee-hee-hee! Do we- Do- We fell over them. Do we all just- chase the same ball?– Wait. But now, how are you gonna know- What the f– I- I broke the game. I bro- I broke the game. Okay, this should be to get into the car- No- F- *silent laughing* Get into the car! Not- grab a dude! *singing* You spin me right ’round, baby, right round. Like a record, baby– *laughing more* I wanna make the balls smaller! I think I fuckin’ broke the game- Okay, let’s restart. “Hand-” What’s hand? Oh… God. Oh! This is like God-mode. Okay- How do I bring the arm down? Oh- sweet, fuckin’- Jesus- Okay, we can grab the ball- *laughing* Nice– And then we can put the ball- over here. No! You fuckin’ cock! There we go- The control’s so weirdly. Ah, now- Drop. There we go- Okay, Hand-mode- go away. How do I get rid of Hand-mode? Ah- crap. Oh- gee- What am I doing? I can’t go back- I can’t fix it. Help! Ah, it’s swi- What is going on?! Fuckin’ hell! Help me! Now we’re on space. P-Probably better that we’re out here. Less carnage. Ah! I can turn off the stuff all around here. Ah- cool- “Soccer-mode.” Oh, that’s handy. Oh- That’s really handy! Oh, now I can just bring the ball over here on my own– Where the fuck did that barrel come out of? Oh- pressing “Shift-launch” is a barrel. Oh okay- Oh- W- Fuck’s sake. Can I get out of this? Yes. Yes, Johnny-boy! Oh God- I forgot I put it on Moon-mode. Oh, well, I guess I- I didn’t even notice I had a motor-head thing on. Oh yeah, here we go, ‘Cause now we’re in the pit- and everything’s gonna be on Moon-mode. *laughing* Yeah, dudes! What the fuck? Oh my God, I love it. That’s awesome. Oh, you got the ball– How? And they took it away! Do they have Soccer-mode on? That’s dude’s just standing on the ball! Let’s- Let’s follow the ball. That poor fucking ball. Doesn’t know what’s going on– Oh god, the barrels. Careful- Oh, there’s fuckin’- Oh, this place! S’posed to be where- *laughing* Look at them just float around. Oh, that’s amazing- Oh, now the ball went out. Okay- How do- Oh wait- What’s my thing? Oh God, I’m shootin’ balls everywhere. There’s a bunch of things here that you can do like “Bouncer,” “Bouncer- up.” Um, the Bouncer- the normal Bouncer just shoves them that way, but I want “Bouncer- up” and “Boom-” Together. “Reset ball position.” Oh God- Oh, no. It’s fine- it’s fine, it’s good. What happens if I spawn the dudes in? That’s not a boom! Lame! See, the thing is- The AI knows where the ball’s going to be all the time. What I want it to do- Okay, let’s take the ball back in here. Let’s take the ball back in here and- Oh, God- Ah, God- Jesus. Okay, do that. But also, this. *laughing* Oh my God, it’s so many balls. Yes! Balls for every– Fuck the cars! *laughing* I wanna fill this whole fuckin’ place with balls. I wanna fill it with, like, a swimming pool’s amount of water of balls. Is that- Is that enough? I dunno. Put them in the goal. That is- It’s so awesome to look at the physics all- It’s like a fluid dynamic. It’s like a fluid animation. W- Should we fire a few barrels in here as well? Oh, God, no. They’re exploding- Oh, shit. Oh, just get in here and do nothin’. You good? I think they explode when they hit the balls- Do they? No! God almighty, Jesus- What I wanna do now is I wanna spawn my duders. And I want them to come over- Oh, God- Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. Nevermind about that. We’ll spawn, uh, three- three- and three again. Spawn. ‘Cause the frame rate takes- Kind of a nose dive! Fuckin’ hell! I thought- They- They were supposed to explode when the guys came in- Are the guys gonna know exactly where the ball is? ‘Cause that’s a problem for me– Where you goin? Dudes? I- I- I dunno where they’re goin’. They’re chasing somethin’. Guys? You don’t wanna- You don’t wanna come play with me? I did not realise I could just hold- I could just keep jumpin’. What the fuck- If I just jump- Oh- It doesn’t work now. I was glitching it there a second ago! Okay- where’s the ball? Ball? *laughs* My ball. My ball. Seeya later. No! Get away from me. It’s my ball! I’m going through the town- I’m cuttin’ through! Fuck you guys- You can’t catch me- Ah- Help! This guy’s creepy. I don’t like him. He keeps chasin’ me. God, there’s balls all the way over here as well. Oh– I know where I’m leadin’ him. I’ll lead him right through the fuckin’ death zone. Oh, he’s gonna get his comeuppance now in a minute. Oh- I probably will as well– Oh shit- Nah! Fuck! Where’d the ball go?! No! He got it! Fuck! Yay! My ball! Seeya later, douche-nozzle. Can I- Can I jump with the ball? Aw, no- Aw, fuck- I turned on Moon-mode so I could jump with the ball and leave– Aw, no! *laughs* I wanna come back down! I wanna- I wanna play! Okay- Fuckin’ jetpack away we go. Bye! *laughing* Oh my God- I look like a fuckin’ space baby. From 2001- The Space Odyssey. Aw, no- I’m falling all the way back- Aw, shit. And, well, that does it for this video on “Footbrawl Playground!” Really cool idea. Really cool game. I highly enjoyed that. That was super fun. I just love really weird physics, especially when they put them into- um- Little playgrounds for you to mess around in. Really nice. I- I really liked that. Um- Um, like I said, the demo’s free until the first of January. So, you might wanna get that now, if you wanna actually play it and you can’t afford it. After that, all proceeds will go to the- the actual game itself. I’m not getting paid to play this by the way. I just saw it on the- the site, when I got it. So I thought it would be pertinent information– ’cause I like the idea behind it! So I- I wanna see it do well. But for now- Thank you guys so much for watching this video- If you liked it, Punch the like button in the face- Like a boss! And- High fives all ’round. Wh-psh, Wh-psh! Thank you guys and I will see all you dudes- In the next video! Outro Music: “I’m Everywhere” by Teknoaxe Oh yeah, now you making it into the pit on your own. When I tried for fifteen minutes, it didn’t even work.

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