(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Violet Reed. That’s me. Or that was me, my first
summer at tennis camp. I was the youngest kid there. And the most advanced. Come on, Greg, just walk it off. That’s my dad, Paul. He pulled me out of school in second grade to
focus on tennis. Dad taught me everything I know. How to hit the high backhands,
and the low volleys. The only thing I never learned
was how to control my temper. I even got a nickname from it. By the time I turned 15, I was number ten in
the whole country. – Was that in? – Ball was in. – There was just one problem. It was out, thick-head! – No, it was in. That’s a verbal abuse warning. – What are you, blind? It’s clearly out. I still have that temper. Look. In, out, in, out. It’s not that hard. So please make the right call. – You know what? That’s it, you’re out of here. – [Violet] That was
a few weeks ago, when they kicked
me off the circuit. That’s right: no tennis. – Get out of here! – [Violet] Ever again. And the only thing that’s worse? I have to go back to… real school. (slow guitar music) (upbeat rock music) ♪ I’m not here to
be understood ♪ ♪ Just strong for my own good ♪ (school bell rings) ♪ I’m not one to run and hide ♪ ♪ Even when I should ♪ – Hey. ♪ To turn back for
us into strength ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I know I’ve got what
it takes to break the mold ♪ ♪ I’m supposed to be living in ♪ ♪ Don’t run away ♪
(school bell rings) – Picking up where we left off
with “Oedipus Rex” the play, who here thinks they know
Oedipus’ tragic flaw? (upbeat drum music) Miss Reed? Welcome to Attaway. – His tragic flaw is
uncontrollable anger. That’s why he killed his father. He just went into a rage. – [Mr. Spag] Very good. – Hey. – Sorry, sorry. I was working on an
experiment in bio. Took forever. – Is that why you
missed football practice
this morning too? (upbeat pop music) Coach Suzanne called me. And what’s your
excuse, Mr. Martinez? – It’s kind of hard for
me to drum up interest in old dead Greek dudes. – And yet, old dead Greek dudes are gonna help you
pass this class, so maybe get a
little interested. – I can see this is gonna
be a huge waste of my time. How can I graduate as
quickly as possible? – Typically, it takes a
sophomore three years, but I see you’re way ahead. I see your test scores
here in science and math. Possibly a year. You have to take seven
courses each semester. That’s the max, and I
strongly advise against that. – Sign me up. (bright guitar music) – So we have you in
Sophomore and Junior English, Algebra Two, Trig,
and Bio or Physics? – Why can’t I just take both? You said seven hours is the max. – I know, but we have to have you fulfill
the P.E. requirement. – P.E.? Like gym? I’m an athlete. Can’t I just skip it? – Everyone does
gym here, Violet. The only exemptions
that we make is for students on sports teams. – Like, like tennis. – Yes, but I’m sorry to say that we don’t have a tennis
team here in Attaway. But there are plenty
of other sports, and luckily for you, they’re
still holding try-outs. (upbeat banjo music) (buzzer sounds) (upbeat pop music) – You play tennis, right? – I used to play tennis. – Yeah, that’s great,
you’re like a legend! Oh, I’m Bo. This is the part where
you tell me your name, and then we, like, shake hands. – Violet. – Great, so you’re
at Attaway now? That, that’s great. What are you doing in
Mrs. Mendoza’s office? I’m here because I’m proposing
a school-wide boycott of gym. Historically, gym has been a
breeding ground for bullying, body negativity, minor,
embarrassing injuries, so everyone should ban it. – Okay. – Last year, I
started a picket line during gym, during dodgeball. They kept throwing
dodgeballs at my head, but I just kept on marching. Like, what do we want? No P.E.! When do we want it? Immediately! (imitates band playing) Oh, victory! Oh, it was really
nice meeting you. – I didn’t make
any of the teams. – Well, I guess although
you’re good at one sport, you can’t be good at
all of them, right? (slow music) Did you try out for
everything, including track? – I didn’t even know that
there was a track team. – [Bo] Thank you for coming. – I guess does anyone know
where the track team is? – Violet? You’re here for track? – This is the track team? (video game chimes) – Yeah, I mean, everyone’s
here just to skip gym, but you already knew that. Welcome to the resistance. – Do we even, like, compete? – I mean, there’s a track meet
that we’re supposed to go to, but last year, we
just went to a movie, because, I mean, who
actually likes running? Anyway, are there any
causes that you care about, you know, besides
the tyranny of gym? Because I personally
care about animal rights, human welfare, the environment. In fact, I’d love to talk–
– Hey, who’s that? – Oh, him? That’s, that’s Eamon. – Is he on the team? – I think so. I mean, he’s always
here running. It’s kind of weird. – So weird. A runner on the
track team running. – Wait, Violet, we can
talk about air pollution. (upbeat rock music) – Hey, hey! Oh! Very funny. You know, I’m not trying
to follow you or anything, but I get it. I’m an athlete too,
but if this is a team, shouldn’t people be, like, practicing or racing or
whatever you do in track? (upbeat pop music) You have asthma. – I’m Eamon. It’s kind of hard for
me to run and talk. – Well, race you. (slow piano music) ♪ Sometimes my thoughts
get away from me ♪ – Hey! ♪ ‘Cause I got big plans
and I got big things ♪ – Nice. – She’s always been like that. – You know her? – Yeah, I used to. ♪ Walk those streets with
stars on the ground ♪ – So, first day. How’d it go? – Horrible. – You haven’t been in real
school since second grade. I’m sure the students
were a little weird. – They were weird, but, luckily, I’m taking seven
classes instead of four, so I’ll be out of
there in a year. – Don’t worry, okay? I’m gonna have you back on
that circuit in no time. Things will be back
to normal soon, okay? ♪ But at least I know
I’m going somewhere ♪ – [Tammy] Are you sure
that this is what’s best, what’s best for Violet? – [Paul] Of course I’m sure. – Maybe she can join
another sport, you know? Really get involved
in high school. – You and Violet both know
how I feel about that. She is a tennis player, okay? She’s not some varsity athlete. – Bye. (upbeat rock music) – How about an Oh Mama Omelet? My treat, since you’re
officially exempt from gym. – Shouldn’t we be carbo-loading? You know, pasta, bread,
good for endurance? – I’m so proud of Junior’s. I protested this
place, like, a year ago because they weren’t
serving free range eggs, and would you look at that? Free range eggs. – Good job, Bo. You’re really changing
the world, one coffee
shop at a time. – If it isn’t the
track team of Attaway, or should I say, slack team. Violet Reed. – You two know each other? – Tennis. Courtney loved to charm the
judges to make calls go her way. – And you got kicked
off the circuit, Violet. – [Violet] I wouldn’t
have been kicked off if you actually
knew how to serve. – And now you’re running
track for Attaway. Quite a step down. – Our team’s
actually pretty good. You should just see
our amazing roster. – I guess I will. At county’s. – [Violet] You can count on it. – [Bo] What was that for? – She can’t talk
to us like that. – But we don’t have
an amazing team. In fact, I don’t even
think we have enough people to compete at county’s. – Then I guess we have
some recruiting to do. ♪ There’s no runaway ♪ – [Announcer] Next
time on Crazy Fast. – [Violet] We’re never
gonna make it to county’s. – I love your school spirit. You’re just so positive. Like, you’re the most
positive person I’ve ever met in my entire life. I think your outlook is just
so outrageously beautiful, like a ray of sunshine.

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