Crazy Basketball Crossovers Want to see some crazy basketball
crossovers? Jesse Muench here with and today i have exactly that for
you going to show you some crazy crossovers and color moves to give you
options pretty much no matter how your defender guards you have a way of
beating that real quick before we jump into the video
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every single week ok so i would say these moves are
slightly advanced depends on what moves you have down to begin with so depending
on what kind of moves are used to doing this could be easy or it could be
difficult i’m going to give you some different options for countermoves some
that are a little bit easier something a little bit more difficult and for the
beginning part of this we’re basically going to come over the counter most of
the beginning part i’m going to show you right away it’ll just take a little bit of practice
to get it down if you put in some repetitions all i can guarantee you’ll
get this down real quickly so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start this off
with something a little sneaky little different from what you would normally
use the setup a move a lot of times guys will setup moves to beat the defender
going between the legs or the regular crossover inside all behind the back but
one thing you don’t see guys used as a setup for color moves too often is
between the legs from the back a lot of times if guys are going to do between
the legs from the back it’s more to kind of stop and come back
right they don’t use it as a setup to beat their guy so we’re going to use it
a little bit different way and it’s kind of going to be like the Tim Hardaway
crossover so the tim hardaway crossover is basically going between the legs and
crossing over right what we’re going to do is go between the legs from the back
to give the defender again a little bit of a different look in an unexpected way
of setting it up just changing what type of between the legs you can are doing
can really throw a lot of defenders off so what we’re going to do with this is
we’re going to come with between the lights in the back and we want to meet
the basketball with this secondhand here real low so the second get through the
legs this hands here waiting and the reason we want to do that because we
want to corner from that real quickly again by setting up with this move is
going to be an unexpected way to go into a countermove so by having this handle
here we could push it across right away okay we don’t want to bring it all the way
across here and then push it across you could do it that way it’s like a little
bit different timing and asset set it off with differently and give the
defender different look but for these we’re trying to kind of catch the
defender off guard with something real quick that’s what you want to meet the ball
low here and then push it right across right away so that’s pretty much it for
the the very first part you’re just going to get the ball with basically
whichever hand has the basketball you want to have that side foot for just a
little bit almost kind of square defender just a little bit staggered
from there you’re going to lean into it just a little bit so when I cross over
to this side just want to shift your shoulders across a little bit not too
much had this hand waiting on MO and then push the basketball across right
away so it’s gonna be like that okay real quick rapid-fire bool you
don’t want it to be right that’s what he too slow you want to make it boom real quick okay
let’s talk partner was going to give you two options for this one’s gonna be a
little bit more easy to get down want to be a little bit more difficult so the
first one is we’re going to do is you could use a couple different ways i’m
gonna show you what you’re going to go from this very first same combo is gonna
be exactly the same but from there you’re going to want to do a crossover I
was a couple different ways you can do this so the first way we just to become here
here now and you want to do it more like a diverse and cross was gonna be a
little bit of a hesitation sell fake this way to get your defender coming
this way right so you coming this way you’re selling the fake even more now by
adding this hesitation and stepping out with the same side foot to sell that
fake and he’s a little ball movement head movement to get the defender
shifting that way and then crossing over ok not to take that a little bit next
level what you can do is come here here do a little almost like a defensive
shuffle obviously don’t want to have your hand on the basketball i get into
that technically a kid I’m just kind of showing you it broke down but you to
come here here shuffle and on that last step from that
shuffle you’re gonna sell that Iverson cross bacon and crossover ok so getting
a little extra movement in is going to get your finger moving this way a little
more and then from there you can go buy them on the other side now the thing
about this that’s going to make it work well because again if you hit your
defender with this a couple times they’re probably going to try to start
cutting that off right so then when you sell this fake like you’re still going
to come that way you’re gonna bite hard on it because they got beat that way a
couple times now to take it next level past that you can do a behind-the-back the reason you would want to do that is
maybe again if your defender sees you do this a couple times we’re going to kind of jump the move
right and try to steal it or close the gap or getting far you so they might get
uptight you now you don’t have the room to the diverse and crossover because
they’re too close right so what you want to do is still be able to keep your body
face this way and not have to go into a protection trouble because it kind of
takes away your option of being able to get past your finger you could use a
spin move but what I’m going to show you going to be a little quicker and easier
so we’re going to come from here here now for defending its tight boom hit was
behind the back real simple color move but again allows
you to get that extra you know last-second bacon if you want or even
just come from this and you are real quick behind the back right away so
again you might want to work on both ways of you adding more of that kind of
a shop on some movement here before going into the behind the back and you
can also work on it doing it more quick coming into that behind the back right
away so let’s take a look at all these a little bit more full speed yeah yeah yeah yeah look these crossovers going to help you
get past your defender central defenders flying createspace break ankles it’s in the ram all that stuff a lot
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