(Yongiin-si, Gyeonggi-do) (Where is this place the Cool Kiz came to?) Coach! Hello. (Coach Kim Sejin’s house) Come in, come in. Wow! He’s in bad condition right now. It’s high. The ceiling of the coach’s place seems high. If you look at him, it’s not that high though. The house has a black and white tone. Black and white? Look at the living room. It’s black and white and very pretty. What a comparison to our dorm. (You can see he put care into the interior decorating) The interior decorations are nice. Look at this. The table moves. It looks like a Baduk stone. (An influence of Lee Sedol) It moves! How does it work? It’s an idea product. It’s only sold in Nonhyeon-dong. (A sharp man) These horses… They look like coach Kim. I have a face like a horse. You really do. I like horses. It’s really nice. You could say it’s your family picture. They feel so close. There is a ‘masam trio’ in the broadcasting world. Is there such a trio among athletes? Yes. – Volleyball? / – Yes. Who? Kim Sangwoo, Who Injung and Kim Sejin. (The ‘masam trio’ in the volleyball world!) (Everyone agrees) The horses’ owner is Ma Nakgil. His last name is Ma. (This is fun) That’s funny. I’m curious about something. Do you need a chair to change light bulbs? No, I don’t. Can you show us? Do you want to see? You can reach that? Jota, get up. Raise your hand. No, stand up. Raise your hand. Try to reach it. He can’t. I just change it like this. (Oh!) That’s neat! I never saw anyone change a light bulb without a chair. He didn’t even stand on his toes. You must be able to clean the ceiling, too. I’ll just show you. Say this is a rag. I just… (This is how you clean the ceiling) (It’s so neat) I never saw anyone clean the ceiling. Nobody cleans the ceiling. It’s amazing. (Spic and span) You must be busy, but you invited us over. I was going to tell you while we ate. (What is it…) I set up your first official game today. (The first official game without notice?) I wanted to treat you to a meal and encourage you, so I had them invite you here. We have no choice. Our first official game is today. – That’s right. / – Today? Yes. – Today? / – Yes. This is the world star’s study. (Coach Kim’s study) He’s already in here. This is really awesome. (It’s full of trophies and awards) If you go to the houses of stars with accomplishments, they have cabinets for trophies. (Something attracts attention) There is a medal here. You received a medal? Yes, two. – For real? / – Yes. (Medal of merit given to people who contribute to athletic and national development) (Neat) You can feel the energy. Feel it. (Medal, give us energy to win) This is the Girinjang medal. (And…) Things my fans sent me. Your fans sent these? Yes. Wow, when was this? I look young, huh? I think that was in 1994. ‘I can forget all my pain if I have a ball.’ That’s from long ago. Look at this. (Memories that were in the cabinet) (They come back with the Cool Kiz) You must have made a photo book. I did. (Fans, thank you – Kim Sejin) (A liquor cabinet at the entrance of the kitchen) It’s so organized. The intervals are perfect. How this man lives. One, two, three! Take a look! Wow! (How can this be?) (It’s perfect) He must have germaphobia. I don’t have germaphobia. Stand over there. Take a look at this. (It’s amazing) They’re lined up. It would be uncomfortable to live with him. Everything has to be in perfect order. He couldn’t stand this. (Uh…) He couldn’t stand this. (He puts it right back in place) (Again) (He puts it back in place again) Don’t. Stop it. (He’d better not do it again) You can tell about a person when you look at this. Coach Kim’s refrigerator! We have to look at the refrigerator. What is in this man’s refrigerator? Let’s see! One, two, three! Tada! (The refrigerator is perfectly organized) (What catches attention first?) This… What is this? ‘Kim Sejin-cheoreom’! Oh, really! Did you start a brand? It’s ‘Kim Sejin-cheoreom’. In commemoration of the 2015 victory. Wow! You’re going to drink it? Why are you opening it? It’s real. If you look here… (Anyone can see it’s coke) You want to drink it? From the ingredients… Why do you keep opening everything? I want to drink it. You can drink all of it. Bottoms up. You’re going to drink it bottoms up? Is it possible or not? No. Can Hodong drink all this or not? – No. / – No. No. – No? / – No. No. I’d like to try it. I can do it. It’s really hard. I tried it. With cider. Time. Time. There’s no need for words. You’re mine in this lifetime. – Right? / – Yes. I’ll cancel it if you can drink all this. (During the jump test) If you fail, you’re mine. Throughout this lifetime. (KangNam became Hodong’s servant after failing the jump test) You’ll cancel that? That’s important. (Fretful) Whether you succeed or not, coach Kim is worried you’ll spill it. How did you know? He’s thinking he has to clean it up. Yes. How did you know? I’ll challenge. Be careful. I can drink it without stopping. If he succeeds, treat us to Korean beef afterwards. I will. If he fails, he disappointed us, so we’ll smack him once each. Okay! Come over here if you think he’ll succeed. I say he won’t. Come over here if you think he won’t. He won’t. Gee… Really. It’s hard even to drink 2 liters of plain water. Right. Some people can do it. (An actual video on the Internet) Some people can do it. (His interest is peaked) Some people can actually do it. Really? They can? He went over there. Are you sure? I can do it. I did it before. KangNam, let’s eat Korean beef today. Okay, Korean beef. Here goes. (Fail, fail) (Don’t spill any of it) (Will KangNam succeed?) (He fails to drink 2 liters of coke) I told you it wasn’t possible. (It’s hard) You spilled some. You spilled some on the floor! (Wipe) (He made everyone laugh, but failed) It’s not possible. What is this? Look at this! (Coke is harder to drink than cider) I was slightly scared. How can you drink all that? It’s time to smack him. Relax. This is scary. It’s heavy. (Smack) (That must hurt) (His face turned red) It’s no fun if you stall. (Smack) (A heavy and simple sound) The sound is a work of art. He’s last, right? (Smack) (You can imagine the pain) No, no. I should have gone first. (It’s severe enough to call the police) Donghyuk, that’s practically an assault. Be gentle. It’s heavy. I’m sorry. (Smack) (The penalty ends with much pain) (It’s time for the coach to cook) Here are the main ingredients. (Ingredients for pasta) Salad. Wash the ingredients and place them in a bowl. Okay. I’ll wash the ingredients. Can I put it in this bowl? I’ll give you a bowl. You know how to cook. Can’t you tell? Everything is here. Jota. Come and live here. I’d like to. The tap isn’t working. The tap isn’t working. Step on it. Step here. (Oh, like this) (I’m worried about him) (The cooking begins) (He’s good with a knife) (That’s amazing) (Hakjin…) Are you playing house? Hakjin, are you playing house? I’m sorry. Look at Jota. He has good posture. You’re good. – Me? / – Yes. (Smile) (Jota washes strawberries well, too) (And…) (What will be revealed now?) (How Hakjin washes cherry tomatoes) (Like this?) (Hakjin washing cherry tomatoes 1 : Get water in the container) (Hakjin washing cherry tomatoes 2 : When filled with water, close the lid) (Hakjin washing cherry tomatoes 3 : Shake the box) (Hakjin washing cherry tomatoes 4 : (Shake diligently with both hands) (All done when the water is gone) (Proud) (What is the next task for the beginner?) (Putting pickles in a bowl) My hands are shaking. You’re nervous. Yes. Hakjin is nervous. (Hakjin is extremely nervous because of coach Kim and the filming) You don’t drink. Why are your hands shaking? (The ace is nervous because of pickles) I really don’t drink. Again. A powerful spike! It’s tossed. Hakjin scores! (Hakjin is a reliable spiker) (But…) (He ends up asking Jota for help) Just cut this? Yes. (Hesitation) (He still seems nervous) Try it. (He tries it again) It’s not cutting very well. You should… Cut it in half. Press down with one motion. Like this. (Jota is good) (Hakjin is a beginner at cooking) (Jota silently helps him) (You seem even more charming today) (Coach Kim begins to cook pasta) (With onions, mushrooms, broccoli and bacon) (He makes special cream pasta) (How will it taste?) (In charge of tasting) It’s good. – Is it alright? / – Yes, it’s good. Okay. Give us food. I’m hungry! It’s coming. Here. Hodong’s. (Coach Kim’s pasta is served) (Appetizing) (The table is full of care) (It shines) (It makes your mouth water) It looks great. Like this. Hodong makes everything look delicious. How is it? Wow, it’s… (Gulp) Awesome! Is it good? Thank you. Enjoy your meal. Mm, it’s good! You cook well. I’m not bad. You could sell this. It must be good if KangNam is saying I could sell it. It’s good. – Is it good? / – Yes. It’s good! I’m on a diet, so I shouldn’t eat, but I am. (Silently eating) (He cooked and now, he’s eating!) (He’s a rising eater) (Is there anything else?) (Jota, is it that good?) (Even the people watching feel proud) (A bonus) (How this man eats French fries) (1. Grab several at once) (2. Open as wide as possible and stuff it in) (3. If it doesn’t all go in, push it in) (He really eats well) (How cute) (They enjoy the food prepared with care and have a pleasant time) (Let’s hope this energy shows at the game) Who is the first opponent? We can’t know? I’ll tell you. They’re athletes. What? They’re current athletes. (Athletes in the first official match?) That’s all I’ll tell you. How can we play against athletes? They’re athletes. That’s all you have to know. It’s no use complaining. We’ll have to play. There’s no need to complain. That’s right. We’ll be playing in 2 hours. (A little while later) (Like this?) (They throw themselves with passion) (It’s a parade of bold spikes) (It’s hot and thrilling) (It will begin soon) That was a great meal. Coach! – Thank you. / – Thank you. (They head out for the first official match) (The site of the first official match) (The audience begins to gather) (MADTOWN is here to cheer for Jota and they’re nervous) (Passionate cheering for the first match) We will begin the first official match. It’s between the Cool Kiz and the Jinju Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School team. Both teams will enter! (Jinju Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School vs. Cool Kiz) (Their morale is high from all the cheering) (Go, Jaeyoon!) (They enter like pros) (Wow, I’m nervous) The first official volleyball match! Welcome to “Cool Kiz on the Block”! (Hello) Yeah, Jota! The coach of our opposing team, please introduce your team. Hello. We were founded in 1983 and have a tradition of 33 years. We are the Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School volleyball team in Jinju, Gyeongsangnam-do. (Jinju is excited!) (Girls hitting sharp spikes) The gold medal at the 2015 National Junior Sports Festival. 1st place at the 2014 spring volleyball competition. The gold medal at the 2013 National Junior Sports Festival. (Powerful voices that make Jinju bright) One! Two! Why are you so fast? (They encourage him with bright faces) (The counterattack of middle school girls begins) They will be the future of Korean volleyball. It’s a bit unique. Some are cute and some are threatening. One thing they have in common is their hairstyles. They’re the same. They must go to the same hair stylist. Explain for us. Do you live together in a dorm? Yes. Do you have one hair stylist? We all go to different hair salons. Different hair salons? Yes. Some have straight bangs, others have curved bangs. Some have hair over their ears and others don’t. They’re all different. She’s cute. The bangs cover the eyebrows or not. The ears show or not. There is a bit of a difference. How tall is the tallest player? 183cm. A middle school student? Yes. They’re still growing. Donghyuk… I’m 182cm tall. Step forward. (Let’s see for ourselves) I’ll measure you. Come back. Come back. (She’s taller than Donghyuk) It’s close. – She’s taller. / – Really. She’s definitely taller. Chanmi is taller. Her shoulders are higher. Why did you make me do that? Chanmi, who do you think will win today? I think we will win. We’ll be playing three sets. What will the score be? 2:0. 2:0? You won’t lose one set? Right. Kim Sejin is the coach. We have Ryohei and Hakjin. How do you plan to fight us? With powerful serves, receiving and defense. That’s how we’ll play. Don’t take them lightly because they’re in middle school. You have to be on your toes. Are you confident? Yes. Jinju Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School. We will begin the first official match! (Go, Gyeonghae Girl’s Middle School!) (Win, Cool Kiz!) (Cool Kiz on the Block) This is the first official match. It’s against Jinju Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School. Park Heesang will be commentating. Their opponent is Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School. Won’t that be too easy? Not really. The school has a tradition of 33 years. It’s the alma mater of the famous twins in the pro league, Lee Jaeyeong and Lee Dayeong. They shouldn’t take them lightly. You expect it to be a difficult game. How should the Cool Kiz play? It’s against athletes. The key will be to receive well and connect smoothly to the spike. (The rules 1. 15 points per set, 3 sets, deuce applies 2. Court size : 18X9m, net height : 2m 20cm 3. 8 players, substitution allowed) (Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School Defense : Lee Sumin, Lee Yuna, Kim Sein, Han Mir Setter : Kim Jiwon Left : Park Eunbyeol / Right : Song Chanmi Center : Hwang Daeun) (Cool Kiz Defense : Hodong, KangNam, Manseok, Jota Setter : Ryohei Left : Hakjin / Right : Donghyuk Center : Jaeyoon) Jaeyoon, you have to block all the fast attacks. The two of you have to block attacks from the center and help block attacks coming from the side. Hakjin, help out. Okay. Both of you, serve and receive. Cool Kiz, I like volleyball! I like volleyball! Love volleyball! Do as you always do. Set a goal when serving. Set a goal when serving. Hit it to Hodong, okay? Yes. Let’s cheer. Gyeonghae! Yeah! (Fans and MADTOWN are here to cheer) (The members are excited and nervous) (Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School is full of a fighting spirit) (Round and round) (Shall we try it, too?) (We can’t lose! Copycats) (What funny uncles) This is the first official match against Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School. The first set begins with Hodong serving. It’s a short serve. It’s received. It goes to the center. A powerful spike! It’s kept in play. (KangNam received the spike well) (When it’s tossed back, he doesn’t get it over) I thought Ryohei would receive. Sorry. (Gyeonghae scores the first point easily) Gyeonghae! Yeah! It was a great defense. We saw this last time. They’re not very good at calling it. Yes, they’re still lacking. They’ll get better as they go along. Don’t stand in front of the ball. Attack. (Hit it over here) Park Eunbyeol is serving. The score is 1:0. Overhand. It’s tossed. It was a bit tough to spike. It’s hit up. Left. Spike! (They don’t miss a chance) (Eunbyeol is a powerful left spiker) (KangNam is having a hard time) Go, KangNam! KangNam, if it comes this way, receive. (2:0, Eunbyeol continues to serve) The score is 2:0. Manseok receives. It’s tossed. Hakjin! Jaeyoon hits it over. It’s received. It’s tossed slightly. Push! (Donghyuk blocks it) (The Cool Kiz score their first point) I like volleyball! I like volleyball! (Coach Kim smiles) The Cool Kiz score their first point with a blocking. Yes. They could lead with one or two blockings. (2:1, KangNam serves) (A stable receive) A fake in the center! (Jaeyoon blocks it) Another blocking! 2:2, it’s tied. I like volleyball! Miss, miss. Blocking has a powerful role in volleyball. 5:5. Another tie. They’re athletes, but they could make mistakes because of the mood here. Center again. Spike! Blocking! The attack is covered. It goes over again. Jota goes after it! The third touch! (Manseok’s receive is unstable) (Jota and KangNam try, but it doesn’t go over) (Gyeonghae takes another lead) (The Cool Kiz defended well) The Cool Kiz tried to keep it alive. Yes. They didn’t get it over, but they did well to go after the ball. (They cheer and go back to their places) It’s too bad. The score is 6:5. Kim Jiwon will serve. (Spike serve) It’s hit up with difficulty and goes over. It’s a chance for Gyeonghae. In the back. A powerful spike! (A stable toss and clean spike) (Hwang Daeun aimed for an empty spot) (Hodong fell to the ground) (7:5, Jiwon continues to serve) (Nervous) Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School has a 2-point lead. Jump serve! (Jiwon’s serve ace) (Oh…) Nice serve. (8:5, Jiwon continues to serve) She’s the setter of Gyeonghae. Jiwon will serve again. The score is 8:5. Manseok receives. It’s kept alive. Hakjin spikes. It’s kept alive. Hakjin spikes. (It goes in for a point) Sumin, don’t go forward. Go back and forth and receive. Okay. That’s not a chance. Okay. No matter what direction the ball falls, if it’s near the attack line, he has the ability to hit it. (Hakjin’s father is here to watch) (Jota is serving) (8:6, Jota serves) Jota’s short serve goes in. Under toss. Left. Spike! Under toss. Left. Spike! It’s in. (It falls in the court) (Gyeonghae switches players) They’re switching players. Song Chanmi goes out and number 11, Choi Somi goes in. Chanmi was 183cm tall. Somi is 179cm tall. (9:6, Somi serves) (Why did they switch on the serve?) (A powerful serve) Mine, mine! (KangNam fails to receive it) A serve ace as soon as she comes in. (A serve ace right away) KangNam, receive it underhand. It’s risky to receive it overhand. (10:6, Somi continues to serve) It’s received. It goes left. A powerful spike! A powerful spike! Hakjin smashes it to the ground. Nice, nice! (It’s too strong) If they can receive, Ryohei and Hakjin have no problem attacking. (11:8, Jaeyoon serves) It’s a 3-point difference. (Nice receive, Jiwon tosses it to the center) (Daeun spikes) (In a rush) (Ryohei blocks, it’s a 2-point difference now) They read the play of the spiker. (Nice) The blocking is high. Just receive it. It’s high. The blocking. (The coach tells them to avoid head on attacks) (11:9, Jaeyoon serves) (A serve ace) It’s a 1-point difference now! What happened? (Surprised) (Coach Han asks for a time-out) Gyeonghae calls a time-out. (The Cool Kiz have the flow) The blocking is high. (Since they only toss to the center, it’s blocked) (Toss to the side and attack diversely) Shake them up with the toss. Okay. With the serve, don’t try to hit it. Toss it up. It’s hard to receive the toss if you have to step back, so stay back and go in. Me? The both of you. If one person goes forward, the other will follow. One, two, three. I like volleyball! (Will they be able to reverse?) (11:10, Jaeyoon continues to serve) (A short toss) Under toss. Left. Spike! (It falls on their side) (Gyeonghae has the flow again) Good. The timing was a bit fast. Slowly. (He failed, but Donghyuk is good at blocking) 12:10. Gyeonghae has a 2-point lead. Kim Sein serves. The receive was a bit shaky. Jaeyoon hits it over. Left again. Spike! Spike! It’s kept alive! Hakjin, a powerful spike! (It’s out) (Hakjin feels sorry) – I’m sorry. / – It’s alright. (Father is upset with the mistake) (Out!) (They applaud the good defense) The score is 13:10. Manseok. It’s received. Left. Quickly. (Hakjin spikes) (He makes up for his mistake) (Hakjin is really strong) Manseok’s receive, Ryohei’s toss and Hakjin’s spike. It was a perfect play. The score is 13:11. He has a good serve. (13:11, Ryohei serves) (Spike serve) (Jaeyoon blocks) It’s kept in play with difficulty. A powerful spike! (The Cool Kiz can’t receive) (Eunbyeol is a powerful spiker) (What’s wrong with me?) It’s alright. She avoided the blocking. That’s what makes athletes different. (14:11, set point for Gyeonghae) (Will it end like this?) It’s set point. (An unstable receive) It’s tossed up. (Ryohei changes direction) (It’s still set point with a 2-point difference) The Cool Kiz have to catch up. It’s set point for Gyeonghae. The receive is shaky. Under toss. Behind. (Daeun attacks the middle) It’s up high. It has to go over. It goes over. Mir receives. Jump toss. (A quick attack by Daeun) (The blocking fails) (15:12, Gyeonghae wins the first set) Too bad. (Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School takes the lead) (The Cool Kiz are down) (Hang in there, Cool Kiz!) (Yeah, Gyeonghae!) You’re doing well. They have powerful serves. Think of losing 5 points for that. You shouldn’t make mistakes. It’s only a 15-point game. You have to reduce errors. Help each other out and score by blocking. We lost the first set, but it’s worth a shot. We can do this. You can do it. You can win. (We’ll win the second set!) How is their blocking? It’s high. It’s high, right? Go high, too. Go a bit faster. Attack a bit lower. Don’t hit it normally. Don’t try to get it in the court. (We’ll win the second set, too!) (The second set begins) (It could be the last set) (I’m so nervous) (Gyeonghae is nervous, too) (It starts with the whistle) (Eunbyeol serves first) The second set began. Manseok receives. Push. It’s kept alive. It goes over. Manseok again. Ryohei tosses it up slightly. They weren’t in sync. (Gyeonghae attacks again) Spike! It’s kept alive. (Hakjin spikes) (A great spike) (Nice, Hakjin) Nice! Don’t dodge it even if you can’t receive it. They did better at connecting. Yes. The defense was nice. Let’s win! (Hodong serves) (His serve improved) (They get ready to attack) Spike! KangNam! It’s kept in play. Ryohei hits it high. (Gyeonghae attacks again) Left. It goes up. Left. (Donghyuk blocks) (It’s kept alive again) Donghyuk got a bit greedy there. (His arm hit the net) (Gyeonghae scores) (Oh…) Just hit what comes to you. The score is 2:1. A fast serve. Ryohei. Left. Powerful spike! (Ryohei and Hakjin in perfect sync) (Their high in morale again) If it goes up, he hits it. That’s not easy to receive. (He’s my son indeed) It’s alright. The score is 3:1. KangNam will serve. (A stable receive) It goes up. In behind. (Daeun spikes) (She hit it with confidence) (It’s out) (The Cool Kiz continue to score) (Didn’t it hit his hand?) (No) They made Gyeonghae commit an error. That’s the flow of a volleyball game. We’re strong! I like volleyball! Don’t get greedy. Just reduce errors. The Cool Kiz have a 4-point lead. (Greedy…) (I told you not to get greedy) If we had more players, I would switch right away. (How embarrassing) The score is 5:2. It’s coming. Receive comfortably. (Spike serve) Manseok. They hesitated a bit. It’s defended. It’s close to the net. Push! (The blocking timing is missed) A witty play by Han Mir. Go, Gyeonghae! (They’re good indeed) They weren’t ready for the irregular attack. They’re not used to calling it yet. Focus. (Jiwon serves again) (Another spike serve) It’s received with difficulty. (Jaeyoon spikes) (A fly swat spike) (He fulfills his role for quick attacks) (Yang Yugyeong threw herself to defend) (Uh…) Jaeyoon jumps really well. He has a nice body. He was born with a body for a center. (He’s the true body indeed) (6:3, the gap isn’t narrowing) (What about this time?) (The serve just drops) (Serve ace) Andre Kim! (Love volleyball) (Surprised at the unexpected serve) (It’s getting to us) There’s such a serve? (You couldn’t do it even with practice) Manseok serves again. It goes left. It’s blocked. They score with a blocking. (They’re in sync when blocking) (It was a perfect block) (Their attack is blocked) (Why do we keep missing?) What should we do now? Let our guard down or keep going? Keep going. – Keep going? / – Yes! Yeah! Yugyeong, go in slowly. (Manseok serves again) (A stable receive) (Daeun spikes) It bounced off. Back toss. Donghyuk. It’s defended. In the back. A powerful spike! (Back toss by Mir) (Chanmi spikes) It went in well. Chanmi scores. (We can’t let our guard down) 8:4. The Cool Kiz have a 4-point lead. Don’t let them take the flow. (Chanmi serves) (A powerful serve) (Chanmi is scoring well) (It hits the net and goes in) (Oh…) (The start of a counterattack?) When it hits the net and bends, the players on the attack line have to receive it. (It was in…) (Jota serves) (An unstable receive) Back toss. Blocking! Attack cover. It goes left again. Spike! Hodong receives. Spike! Hodong receives. Jaeyoon tosses. Ryohei! It’s blocked. It’s a rally. The center again. Spike! Back toss. Donghyuk! It’s kept in play. (Another chance for the Cool Kiz) Hakjin! (A spike after a long rally) (He ends the rally) Don’t let your guard down. I like volleyball! (The ball disappeared before they could respond) They’re blocking well. It’s a shortcut to an attack. Yes. After a long rally, a nice finish. If you defend, you can do it. Jaeyoon, do that again. Don’t follow. (Down) (They switch players) The timing is fast. Go up later. One, two, three, four, up. 11:6. Jota serves. (A slightly unstable receive) (The Cool Kiz lose their rhythm, too) A chance for Gyeonghae. Left. (Donghyuk blocks) (It’s kept alive with a diving dig) It goes over. Ryohei! It’s a bit rushed. The center again. Spike! (She aimed for an empty spot) (Let’s win, Gyeonghae!) Oh! (It’s too strong) (Don’t get down) 11:8. It’s a 3-point difference. Serve. KangNam is shaky. It’s a serve ace. (Power from a small body) Oh… (Why is the serve so strong?) Why is the ball going back? (This won’t do) (Time-out) It’s because you’re trying to push it. Just toss it up. The ball has speed. If you try to stop it, it will go back. Just tap it. Okay, okay. Fight to win. Get it to Hakjin to attack. – I like volleyball! / – I like volleyball! It’s 11:9. Let’s focus more, okay? Okay. (We won’t go to the third set) The score is 12:9. (A dropping serve) (Somi spikes) Ryohei, jump toss. Hakjin! A powerful spike! (As planned, Hakjin attacks) (Let’s keep this up) I like volleyball! (Wow, it’s strong) The Cool Kiz have a 4-point lead. Hakjin will serve. It’s hit up. Toss. A powerful spike! (Gyeonghae succeeds in avoiding the toss) (Both teams succeed with their plans) (On the other hand…) (Ugh…) He’s the biggest, but the hole there is the biggest. (Is someone criticizing me?) The score is 13:10. It’s tossed up. Ryohei, in the center. A fast attack! Jaeyoon. (He doesn’t miss a chance) (He’s securing his position as the center) (It was blocked, but…) A powerful spike! His arm muscles are going to burst. It’s set point for the Cool Kiz. (Those who want to end it) (Those who have to defend) (Jaeyoon serves) (Well?) It goes out. (At an important moment) Jaeyoon was too up from scoring. It’s still set point for the Cool Kiz. (Yang Yugyeong serves) KangNam! – Good job. / – Ryohei. Donghyuk spikes! (Following KangNam and Ryohei) (Donghyuk’s clean finish) Nice! (Everyone freezes) (Good job) (Unbelievable) (Good job, Cool Kiz) 15:12. The Cool Kiz win the second set. We’re strong! We’re strong! I like volleyball! Love volleyball! (The third set remains now) When the Cool Kiz first started, there were concerns it would all be Hakjin. But it’s not. Manseok on defense, Ryohei tossing and Hakjin, Donghyuk and Jaeyoon attacking. The four of them blocking, too. Jota helping out in the back. It’s not bad. That last play was the best. (A bright smile) See? Play with confidence. Hodong, that defense earlier. That’s it. That. You were able to score. That was a huge play. Just reduce errors. It’s worth a shot. We could win. It’s a mental fight now. Isn’t this the last set? It’s the last set. Let’s try. I like volleyball! Love volleyball! It’s 1:1. Focus more, okay? Okay. Who can’t you stop? Left. Who? – Hakjin. / – Hakjin, right. You have to stop him. How is your jump compared to his? Low. What happens if you go up first? The ball will pass when you come down. Go up slowly. That will make the timing right, okay? Okay. Gyeonghae, yeah! Go, Cool Kiz! (Hakjin, hang in there) (Go, Gyeonghae) Everyone is good. I’m surprised. Manseok, your catch. Nice. Go, Jota! Get ready. Go forward. (Hodong serves) (A stable receive) Blocking. A second attempt. Push. It’s blocked again. It goes over. It’s a chance. (Hakjin spikes) Yeah! (Perfect blocking and spike) I like volleyball! He only hits it over here. Three players blocked, but Hakjin has an angle. (They switch defense positions to stop Hakjin) We could win. (The Cool Kiz have a good start) (Hodong serves) It’s in the center. It’s blocked. Attack cover. It goes left. (Donghyuk blocks) (It’s the wailing wall) Let’s not put our guard down. I like volleyball! (It’s really high) Donghyuk! Donghyuk, four. He blocked four. That was a perfect blocking. Straight. It’s alright. (0:2, the Cool Kiz take the lead) (Gyeonghae receives stably) (Spike) (KangNam misses it) There. Block in the back when it comes straight. (Nice) Gyeonghae, yeah! (Nice spike) (Hang in there) It’s a fight of focusing. (They reorganize their defense formation) (The first serve in the third set for Gyeonghae) – KangNam. / – Ryohei gets it up with difficulty. Donghyuk pushes it slightly. The players are tangled up. Right. KangNam. It’s hit up. Hakjin spikes. (The problem solver of the Cool Kiz) (He’s reliable) (Gloomy) Here, here! Here. He doesn’t hit it to the blocking. Hakjin is taking care of everything. (KangNam serves) (A stable receive) (Spike) (The powerful ball hits Hodong) (It goes out) (I tried to dodge it) (A hustle play) (Nice) He dodged it. If only Hodong was smaller… It would have been out. (Gyeonghae serves) Nice receive. In the back. Donghyuk spikes! It’s defended. Left. (Blocking) (A shield that can’t be penetrated) I like volleyball! Go in slowly. It’s still fast when you attack. (Ah…) Eunbyeol, stick close to the net. (The Cool Kiz have a 2-point lead) (Manseok serves) (It’s out) (My miss) Sorry, sorry. (Gyeonghae is encouraged) (Jiwon serves) (She has a powerful serve) (It’s important to call it) (Nervous) (She runs in from far back) (The ball just drops) (Gyeonghae ties) (Nice, Jiwon) (Surprised) (What is this?) It’s alright. The serve is strong. Gyeonghae served with a course. It’s a powerful serve now. (Jiwon hit a serve ace four times in a row) KangNam. Low. (Hakjin spikes) It’s kept in play. Jiwon, under toss. (Donghyuk blocks) (I did it!) (He succeeds in dispiriting Gyeonghae) (Sorry) It’s blocked again. At the age of forty, he opened his eyes to volleyball. Daeun, god job. KangNam, good job. (The Cool Kiz have to catch up) (Jota serves) (A stable receive) (Spike) (It hits the blocker and they score) (Gyeonghae takes a 3-point lead) It’s alright. It’s alright. Focus! (The defense formation is adjusted for the serve) (Gyeonghae is in the lead) (Chanmi serves) Out! (It goes out) My miss. Sorry, sorry. (The Cool Kiz get a break) 2 points. It’s alright. We can block. Our score will go up. (8:6, Hakjin serves) (A stable receive) Which way will it go? Donghyuk! It’s blocked. (Daeun spikes) (It goes out without touching the blockers) (Nice) (The Cool Kiz have a nice flow) My miss. Daeun, don’t try to hit them. It’s a 1-point difference. 8:7. The receive is shaky. It goes over. Donghyuk. Will they tie? Spike! (They lose to Gyeonghae’s height) It’s alright. (Hang in there!) (After a perfect blocking) (She makes up for her mistake) (A bright smile) Spike! It’s blocked. That was Gyeonghae’s best block. (Mir serves) Nice receive. In the back. Donghyuk spikes! Attack cover. Ryohei. Hakjin goes in! (A nice attack) (Good toss) (Too bad) He used the blocking. Did you see the attack cover? They’ll be able to enjoy volleyball more. (My son is the best) (Manseok, nice) 9:8. Jaeyoon will serve. The receive is shaky. It goes left. It goes over. (KangNam dodges it) (Oh…) KangNam, you should receive! You should receive! I should receive? (I could have received it) (Nice!) (Round and round) (Gyeonghae takes the lead) (The defense is shaky again) (Hakjin gets it over safely) (A chance for Gyeonghae) (Spike) (Donghyuk thinks it’s going out and doesn’t block) (Thanks to that, Manseok suffers) Out, out! (It goes in) (The Cool Kiz err on defense and waver) KangNam, maintain position. That way, we won’t get confused in the back. (This won’t do) (Time-out) Nice, nice. Just toss it up when it comes high. The next person will cover it. Just toss it up. – Manseok, hit it in. / – Okay. (Do well) I like volleyball! Love volleyball! You defended Hakjin’s spike and blocked once. It will bring the team up in spirit. They’ll start to lose energy, okay? Okay. Focus on Hakjin, okay? Okay. Gyeonghae, yeah! (Let’s hang in there) (Jota, hit a nice one) Go, Cool Kiz! (It’s still a 3-point difference) (The Cool Kiz need to change the flow) (Kim Sein serves) Hakjin kept it in play. It’s hit up with difficulty. It goes over. A chance for Gyeonghae. Left. Spike! (Hands up) (Round and round) (They jumped, but failed) It’s alright. It’s alright. (It’s too bad) Who should you get? (Hakjin on the left) (Gyeonghae’s target) 12:8. It’s a 4-point difference. (An important point) Hakjin receives. Spike! (He penetrates their defense) Ryohei, nice toss. (That couldn’t be helped) (Stay in focus) (They’re surprised with his power) There are no worries if they can do that. Right. (Good job, son) (Let’s catch up) (Ryohei will serve) Hit a strong one. We can catch up. (Nervous) Ryohei is getting ready for a spike serve. (Spike serve) Good serve. They can’t attack. It goes over. (The ball flies strong) (They try to receive) (Touch out) (Ryohei has a power serve) Hodong, call it like that. (They’re in a daze because of the powerful serve) The serve made that play. A precise course. Lifting. It went well. Ryohei, nice serve. Focus, focus. Focus! (A perfect defense line) (It’s a 2-point difference) (Spike serve) It’s received. The center. Spike! It’s blocked. A second attempt! (Touch out) (Good job) (Round and round) (It went out) (But the blocking had good timing) (Too bad) (The gap widens again) (Are they going to lose?) (Yugyeong serves) (It goes in the net) (Good, let’s catch up) Just catch up by one. (Sorry) Two more. Donghyuk played impressively today. (The sharp serve…) (Serve ace) Cool Kiz, one, two, three! Yeah! (The powerful ball bounces away) (Sorry) (Gloomy) (Donghyuk serves again) Nice serve. It’s goes up. The center. A powerful spike! (Net touch by Gyeonghae) (After a great attack) (The net shakes from being touched) (Yes!) (It’s a tie now) We came to far to concede. Let’s win! Yeah! I like volleyball! It’s alright. It’s alright. (Let’s stay calm) 13:13. The score is tied. (Set score 1:1, the last set) (Neither team can concede) (This is serious) (With powerful serves) (They overcame the height of the Cool Kiz) (12:8, Gyeonghae took the lead) (It can’t end like this) (The two aces of the Cool Kiz) (Thanks to Hakjin and Ryohei) (13:13, it’s tied again) (Will the Cool Kiz achieve a first win?) (Gyeonghae, let’s hang in there) (Go, Cool Kiz!) (One play will lead to a victory) The receiving side has an advantage. (A serve error) (At an important moment) It’s alright. We can go to deuce. (Sorry) (Nice) (One more point) (Everyone is upset) It’s match point for Gyeonghae. One more point. KangNam, go in the center. (Sejin sets the defense position) (One touch could decided it) (Let’s focus) Let’s score one. (Gyeonghae also focuses) (Sumin serves, this could decide it) The serve course could change. (Manseok fails to receive) (Oh…) (After a serve ace) (Gyeonghae is happy to win) (A nice serve that ends the game) (Good job, my students) (Still at a loss for words) (Good job, everyone) We don’t have to be so disappointed. We have potential. (They lost) (But they cheer for next time) (Too bad, but good job) The first official match. Today’s winner is… Gyeonghae Girls’ Middle School! (Good job, everyone) (How cute) Let’s hear from the coach of the winning team. It’s a nice experience for the team. Despite it being your first game, you did a great job. Coach Kim, you did your best, but it didn’t go as you wanted it to. How do you feel? I saw some hope. We lost, but I could smile. I’d like to applaud Gyeonghae for doing their best. I feel proud. The Cool Kiz didn’t achieve a first win, but we promise to work harder and grow. A drama without a script! “Cool Kiz on the Block”! (Next time…) We’re at the public bath to improve teamwork. (Who is this bath for?) (Tired) (A nice place to relieve fatigue) (Do you want to take a bath?) This is the second official match. It’s against the Nine Bridge team. Mothers are strong! Yeah, Nine Bridge! (We’ll show you the power of moms) (Power and experience) (Powerful attacks that bring the opponents down) (Is it so hard to achieve a first win?) (There is no giving up) (They give everything to defend) (Don’t be afraid and throw yourself) (From perfect teamwork) (A great spike) (Open the door to a first victory!) Here’s the slate. One, two, three! (“Macarena” / MATILDA)

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100 thoughts on “Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – The First Official Volleyball Match (2016.04.05)”

  1. Watching this episodes after the two aces of judo…. Lee Jaeyon and Jota… they are good player even they never play volleyball before… I fell in love with Jota and Hakjin bromance and the coach even shipped both of them…

  2. oh my people are so mean towards kangnam. you know what , sometimes the game gets to you and you get stiff and freeze often like lost not knowing what to do, in real competition of course its not an excuse to be bad, you get your ass whipped by the coach. but as viewers from entertaiment and sport perspective, instead of bashing him , calling him the black hole, demanding to cut him out of the team , encourage the player to do better. same goes to everyone. of course in here every opinion in allowed but how about we end it in a good note. encorage support the weak to work harder. look at the basketball and judo team, theyre helping each other out, never calling a person a failure when one makes mistake or lost a match . and again not everyone could be in sync for a short period of time and create a solid team

  3. the camera work during the game… ughhhhhh please just keep the camera in one place where you can see the whole court and just let it be. all the swerving from left and right got me all dizzy😲

  4. The girls were so cute! It’s so amazing seeing young people with such passion and talent. No doubt they’ll all become even better

  5. Soooo many Jota-Hakjin sweet moment my gosh my hearteu can’t take this.

    Hakjin is so adorable especially when he encourages his teammates that “Jota Hwaiting” aigoo i played it back to see who said that and it was him awww. He really shined this ep. Love love love all of them not bad for a first game Im sure they will all improve ♥️

  6. Lol, I kept on rewatching this. But hey, THIS IS SO ADDICTING!!!! I have finish the volleyball season of Cool Kiz but I want more.

  7. I'm a little confused, do they normally play with 8 people on the court in Korea? Or are they just doing that for the show cause I don't understand the logic besides having the whole team play?

  8. Ryohei is honestly the best. If they gave him more opportunities to power hit, it would be very obvious. Just look at his serving for example. His sets are also amazing. Without good sets you can’t get good hits. All around best player.

  9. hodong is so rude when they visited the coach's house. he opened the soju without asking the coach and made fun of his organised living. not really made fun but still!!!!11!!1!!!

  10. why they play with 8 player in one team? i though its just 6 player in volly ball..
    can anyone explain for me..

  11. I like how on the first episode where Coach Sejin was introduced that even I feel awkward on him because he is a legend but then all of sudden he is very charming and caring and he really is like a Coach. Hakjin and Jota OMG! I just wanted to watch Volleyball content but then KBS gave us this loooooool!

  12. I appreciate the editing team for this. They show even just the simple things and how they highlight the characters of CKOTB

  13. The things that I hate the most is when kangnam are even mention he was a beach volleyball player lol. It’s make no sense at all by the way he played in all the game from beginning till the end. He manage to get the ball by chance and luck only lol. He didn’t even take it seriously when playing as the other are dying to defend everything. Jota and hakjin bromance end with wgm, reohye is the main leader in this series. Donghyuk, mansyeok And jongyeon playing with all the effort and play with sincerity. Love this drama without script “Cool Kidz On The Block” will wait for the next session tho. Love from Asian Drama Lover. And last but not least Kang Hodong even though he didn’t play very well but he’s truly sincere in every game/sport they’ve played.

  14. Am i the only one cheering for the middle school's baby girls???
    The match would've been more interesting and fairer if both teams had a rotation, so that it wouldn't be all Hakjin.

  15. It's kinda unfair for the girls bcuz the boys are much taller ( no used on blocking and got blocked easyly) and stonger

  16. even they are not winning this game, they give a best performance. superb blocking, defense and spike. ryohei, I love you 3000 <3

  17. ผู้หญิงบอลไม่หลากหลาย. ผู้ชายเเรงเยอะ

  18. I wasnt expecting any of the cool kiz to know how to play XD and how do you play with 8 on the court? Im so used to playing with 6 or less that more than that seems really hard to do

  19. The girls found the weakest link and sent ball his way. I am referring to blond guy. lol! They need to put him back line.

  20. Thank you for playing GOT7's Fly 14.49 .. i enjoy watching it waaaaaay more 😶💚

    I'm binge watching COOL KIZ for a month alreadt. Hope there will be COOL KIZ 2019 or the next year 🙏

  21. they could highlight hakjin as the ace all they want but a vbplayer would know that ryohei carries most of it

  22. bro, just knew ryohei today but he can jump serve, spike and now mf set? whatta full package player! I wished he could spike more tho..

  23. I was screaming a lot like crazy…Hakjin ahhhh…Hodong ahh…owhhh…one's a star and trouble maker. but love you guys…thanks to make me laugh out loud.

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