(The day the 11th sport is announced!) (KBS Annex Cool Kiz Studio) (But…) (It’s empty for some reason!) Hello. (Bow) I heard the 11th sport will be announced today. Everyone else… I have to do the opening by myself. It’s a bit strange. (Right then) (Mr. Ball appears!) Whatever sport it is, I will do my best with the team. They didn’t tell me anything. Agh! (Surprise) (I’m…) (Ping pong) Ping pong! Basketball! Volleyball! Soccer! You’re the king of all sports? There’s a ping pong ball, too. (So… Who are you?) Okay, Manseok. (That was too easy) Good job. (Futile) Hi. (I prepared a lot) I did a lot of shows, but doing an opening myself, it’s not just lonely, it’s scary. It’s scary, right? / – Yes. It’s even scarier inside a ball. (I prepared this with care) We have to act well, but we were in the waiting room together, so… I’m not very good at acting. (The first member is Oh Manseok) Life is ‘gongsurae gongsugeo’. I was born with a ball and I’ll die with a ball. Soccer, baseball, basketball… I like all sports played with balls. What is your resolution? Without even knowing the sport. Whatever the sport is, I’m confident I’ll be able to show you I’m the king of sports with balls. I’ll show you with my body and spirit. The comment itself was professional. You sounded like a real athlete. You just said that. I get too nervous without balls. For example? When I eat rice, I have to eat gonggitbap, a bowl of rice. (Gonggitbap since gong means ball?) (Oh, that’s funny!) You’re amazing. (That’s nothing) You’re so good at ad libs. (Manseok is a reliable fellow) Did the production staff invite you because you’re the king of sports with balls? No. You’re just here for entertainment. You have to be funny. I wasn’t called because I’m good at sports? I thought it was because I’m really athletic. You don’t have to feel any pressure. You just have to talk well. (Oh, I see…) Director, show us what the 11th sport is! One, two! What is it? (Young men suddenly appear from behind the curtain) (Confused) (Following the handsome men…) (Gourds appear in the air) Oh, how handsome. (They spike?) (What is going on?) (They hit the gourds) (They hold the 11th sport) The 11th sport is… Volleyball! (260g in weight) (2.43m in height) (With the greatest teamwork) (The thrilling beauty of the moment) (Six people become one to blossom) (The flower of winter sports) It’s the first sport played with a ball that Korea won a medal in. (Volleyball resulted in many fandoms!) (Higher) (Faster) (Power serve!) (Just like that) (Attack in mid air, spike!) (It will make you feel good) (Blocks are such a thrill) (This spring…) (A new drama is written) (The Cool Kiz make a new challenge) Did you ever play volleyball? I enjoyed it in the army. My nickname was ‘brown bomber’. Brown bomber? That sounds familiar. That was Shin Jinsik’s nickname. (The ‘brown bomber’ attacked recklessly) (Good comment) This is why you were invited. (The intentions are being revealed) The production staff wanted entertainment. I’ll hit the ball. (He’s surprisingly good!) You’re pretty good. I told you I’m the brown bomber! Try it. This is nothing. (Oh!) (Full of leisure) (Really?) Okay, now, toss. One two. – Up. / – Toss, toss! (Even the spike is perfect!) (I’m the brown bomber) Even if we’re not good, we’re good at judging. Our eyes are like pros. I think people will think you’re pretty good. The 11th sport is volleyball. Where are the other members? The new members are spread out over Seoul and waiting for you. They’re not in the waiting room? Spread out over Seoul? Let’s go and meet them. Wow, the weather! – The weather… / – It’s awesome! It’s fabulous! Just a minute. – Oh, oh. / – Just a minute. What is this? (A team bus?) “Cool Kiz on the Block”, a drama without a script! (An exclusive bus for the volleyball team) Director! What is this? There are only three of these buses at KBS. This one is for us. Really? It’s the first team bus in entertainment. We’re being given a bus? We’ll be riding that? That’s right. (Unbelievable!) One, two, three, four, five, six. Six people’s faces are covered with balls. They’re the stars will be meeting today? That’s right. Go to meet them one by one. What for? Let’s just peel this off. You can’t. No? It’s not your first time broadcasting. Fulfill your role. A drama without a script. We’ll get on the team bus and go to meet the new members! Let’s go! (What stars will be waiting?) The most famous celebrity who played volleyball is Park Sungwoong. As far as I know… I met him before. He’s tall and seems athletic. He’s very tall. His face has volleyball written all over. Where? It sags a bit here. It says volleyball. This is a perfect day to hit a ball. This is a perfect day to hit a ball. (That’s similar) His school won many awards with him on the team. He would be perfect for us. He could be on a provincial team? Yes. From what I hear… Jeombak. You mean John Park. You mean John Park. I teased him calling him jeombak. He said he played volleyball. – Really? / – Yes. I was on the volleyball team in high school. You were? Yes. That would be helpful. No female members? We’re not a mixed team. I really like Kim Misuk. She’s an experienced actress. She played volleyball until middle school. She did? It doesn’t look like she’d be athletic. – I know. / – Her image. Calmly. I’ll receive. I’ll toss. Try hitting it. I’ll receive. I’ll toss. Try hitting it. (He’s good at imitating her voice) It seems like a tough sport. When we were little, we really enjoyed volleyball. Right. It was a really popular sport. Kang Mansoo and Chang Yoonchang. They practically flew. Brown bomber, Shin Jinsik. Did you hear? Many sports are broadcasted. Viewer ratings are high for volleyball. There are a lot of pretty players. In the past and now, too. Many of them are good looking. It’s strange. (Moon Sungmin and Kim Yohan) It’s an indoor sport, so their complexions are mild. Is it because of the fair complexion? They sweat, but they’re indoors, so they have nice skin. I wrestled indoors. True, you even got sand fomentation. That’s bold. It’s the riverside. (The mecca of daily sports) (They arrive at Hangang Park) There are nice athletic facilities by the river. This person must like sports. I can’t wait to see who it is. I think he’ll be over 185cm tall. If our entertainment isn’t good enough, maybe there will be one more person for that. (The volleyball court outside) (Does he know Hodong and Manseok have certain expectations?) (The new member is practicing) (Where is he?) It’s not that person running, is it? That’s a woman. – It is? / – Yes. That’s a woman. – It is? / – Yes. (Embarrassed) It looks like someone is playing volleyball. Over here? Oh, there! That’s soccer. Here. Hold on. The man in shorts? He has yellow hair. He’s not hitting well. He must be for entertainment, too. He’s wearing shorts. I could beat him right now. You could? (They get off the bus) Director, I’m upset. I can tell he’s not athletic. Aren’t the two of us enough? He’s an ace. You’ll see. His height is about my height. (The short ace is trying?) (Who is the new member?) Who are you? – Hey! / – Excuse me. Hello. (Turn around) (The second member is KangNam) (The vocalists of M.I.B) (He is full of wits) (He rules on entertainment) (He did “Invisible Man” with Hodong) (He never gets exhausted, KangNam) – How are you? / – It’s been a while. KangNam! It’s been a long time. We never met before. (Careful look) Why did you gain so much weight? You gained weight. It’s your fault! Why is it my fault? We always ate Korean sausage soup! Korean sausage soup? I gained 12kg because of you. I can’t lose weight. That weight still hasn’t come off? No. (It’s so loud) The production staff’s intention has been revealed. What? The two of us isn’t enough. It’s entertainment. Entertainment and sports. Just focus on entertainment. No. I played volleyball. When? In Hawaii, in high school. – Hawaii? / – Yes. I went to high school there. Beach volleyball? Yes! Beach volleyball. Really? He probably played about a month. Let’s ask. How long did you play? How long? 5 years. 5 years, but an hour or two after school. Are you athletic? Totally. What sport do you like? Basketball. Soccer. I’m good. Swimming. I surfed for 5 years. Can’t you look at me with a gentle look? Can’t you smile? Don’t doubt me. You weren’t like that. Gently. I play soccer. Which team? The team with the KBS chief and director. There are a few directors, too. Yeah? The KBS chief? That’s who I am. – You’re on the same team? / – Yes. That’s amazing. Stop making me feel uncomfortable. No wonder you had a nice impression. You suddenly changed. What a nice impression. I like your blonde hair. You’re on the same team as the KBS chief? That’s right. On that team? There are about ten directors, too. What day do you play? Sunday. That’s possible. I didn’t know. Sunday is possible. KangNam. New members are normally tested. But for the first time, you pass as a member without a test. This is good. Anything is possible with ties to the chief. I didn’t imagine a member who was shorter than me. We’ll be responsible for entertainment. We have to find athletes now. Let’s go. Remove the sticker from KangNam’s face. What? Oh! Wow! You must have a lot of money. You can tell this is me. Yeah. (His face is revealed) It’s the first time a team bus was provided. Is that so? I’m close with the chief. There must have been orders from the top. I can’t tell if it’s true or not. What can’t you tell? I can’t be reckless. He sees the chief every week. Let’s get on the bus. (They go to meet another new member) Is it your first time on Cool Kiz? Yes. I was never on the show and I never watched it. I thought you’d say you watched it a lot. I never watched it. What did you do instead of watching the show? I’m going to watch it now. I’ll be on the show. I only watch shows I’m in. You’re a strange person. Where should you stand? You can’t jump. I’ll block with my face. With my hands, too. You can do this. You have to jump to block. He’s tall. I think he would be good. What position will you play? I can play any position. I can even coach. – Offense? / – Yes. The net is high. I can jump high. I can jump about 2m. I’m really good. I really jump high. (He can’t stop laughing) I believed everything so far, but 2m… That suddenly upset me. (A jump test took place later) (How well does KangNam jump?) Not 1m, but 2m? 2m. I can jump. Just like that. He’s a pro at entertainment. How could they invite three people for that? (What is the future of the team?) I’m hungry. I’d like Korean sausage soup. (The third member…) (For the hungry members) (He’s preparing lunch) (How well does he cook?) (The bus arrives at the next place) (Where is this?) We’re in the middle of Gangnam. Are we going to his house? Spicy chicken is good, right? (Spicy chicken) I know this area. – You do? / – Yes. Many idols have places here. There are a lot of agencies or dorms. – Here? / – Yes. Over here? Is this it? It’s nice. He’s not an idol? This is the place? Something smells good. Really. There’s a bike, too. (Who is the new member of the team?) Hello. Who is it? I can’t see. (The third member is Jota) (The vocalist of MADTOWN) (When the Cool Kiz did judo) (He was the talk of the town every time) (The judo ace returns) Is this your place? Do you live alone? No, I live with the other members. I knew it. – It’s your dorm? / – Yes. You’re not wearing shoes. Let’s go in. He came out to greet us in bare feet. But… His height… Let’s go in. How many are on your team? Seven. Hello. This is the dorm of MADTOWN? How many people live here? Eight including our manager. Eight? Tell your manager to live somewhere else. – Your manager sleeps here, too? / – Yes. It must be crowded. Tell him to live somewhere else. What is this? This is the living room. We don’t have enough rooms. You’re using part of the living room. There’s a bunk bed, too. How many rooms are there? One, two, three. Three rooms. There are eight of you. There aren’t enough rooms. If two sleep in each room, that’s six. The others can sleep here. Oh, the living room. Yes, the living room. Do you practice using the TV? Why is it broken? It’s broken. We dropped it while cleaning. There are a lot of things in the house. It’s a mess. I want to leave. Since we came to film, I think they pushed everything into a corner. Jota, do you sleep on the top bunk? No, I sleep in here. Before that, you’re a main member. Did you automatically get a room? No. He’s the leader? Did you decide with judo? No. With a shoulder throw. Jota’s room. So many people must be curious. The women who love him must be excited. Here it is! Tada! (Jota’s things fill up the cozy room) I see his judo uniform. It’s hanging up there. The Cool Kiz judo uniform. Why did you hang it up here? You didn’t have anywhere else to hang it? It’s very precious to me. He has a sense of loyalty. I always leave this here, too. You hung it up when you heard we were coming, right? No. This isn’t the place to hang it. It’s the window. (Really) Don’t two of you share a room? Yes. There’s only one bed. I sleep on the floor. Who uses the bed? Our leader. The leader sleeps on the bed and Jota who is loved nationwide sleeps on the floor. That’s why he invited us to his place. Oh. Congratulations. He’s really something. He’s smart. It might be rude, but we have to see the bathroom. The bathroom? There’s a shower. Just a minute. (Something’s strange) Just a minute. Here. What is this? There’s a spoon instead of a button. Why? Instead of a button… There’s a spoon. You have to pull the spoon to flush? Yes. (Surprised) Who made it? What an idea. (Blushing) It went out of order. It’s a temporary measure. Who did this? Our leader. It’s wisdom of daily life. There’s a reason he invited us here. This is how we live. There must be a fan who does interior work. One person can fix the toilet and another can supply a bed. (Actually…) (He invited them to serve them a homemade meal) (He made rice) (He prepared various ingredients) (He made seasoning) (He did everything by himself) (With care) (He made kimchi stew and spicy chicken) (The egg crepe was completed, too) (A meal is ready) He’s my junior in sports. He’s a junior as an idol for KangNam. Wow! (How can this be?) (Unbelievable) (Mouth watering) This is like what they sell at a restaurant. (It’s what I wanted to eat) Manseok. Isn’t the color really pretty? It’s not bad. Look. He wrote Cool Kiz. Wow! There’s stew, too! (The birth of chef Jo) Thank you. (Hodong’s first spoonful) Wow! The soup is… Manseok, look. Is it alright? It’s not sweet or spicy. It’s amazing. (Proud) The seasoning has to be good. Oh! (KangNam takes a bite, too) It’s really good. Really? It’s really good. Enjoy your meal. Everything is appropriately good. You’re good. You’re really good. I was just going to pretend to eat. But this is really good. I have to eat it. I watched my parents cook. I like cooking. This is kimchi stew with tuna. – Kimchi stew with tuna? / – Yes. (Even Hodong the glutton recognizes his cooking) You made this really well. (He picks off the meat) You meet the chief every Sunday? You meet the chief every Sunday? Put in a good word. I gave you the meat. I never do that. I knew him for several years, but this is a first. That’s how powerful the chief is. (Jota prepared a meal) (The others went looking for new members) (They forget about all the pressure) (And eat happily) (Cool Kiz on the Block) Jota joined the team. The next member has to be at least 190cm tall. We can’t call ourselves a volleyball team. Someone has to be up there. Let’s go this way. (Who is the next member?) (Extraordinary gestures) He looks like a rocker. – What? A sauna? / – A fitness club? What? (Surprised) It’s Jaeyoon. It’s Jaeyoon. Jaeyoon, be gentle. (Is he trying harder because of the camera?) (Jaeyoon, you seem amazing) What brings you here? (Jaeyoon is the fourth member of the team) (He appeared like a comet for swimming) (He showed off on the mat, too!) (He’s an all-around athlete who rose quickly) (Thanks to healthy sweat…) (He rules in entertainment, too) Now, it seems a bit more like an athletic team. Since Jota and Jaeyoon are here. He’s tall. You didn’t invite us here for the show, right? You actually work out here? Yes, it’s where I work out. I come for 2-3 hours for 3-4 days a week. Rather than being topless, the muscles showing through his uniform… (See all you want) (I’ll show you everything if you want) Is it the first time you’re meeting? No, it’s not. He appeared on “Taxi” and was expected to be successful. He has been since. Sure, the drama is successful, too. Cool Kiz went well. He spoke with Ben Johnson. He swims well He does judo well! What about volleyball? There isn’t a sport I didn’t play. I tried out for the team in school. You mean in Canada. Yes. I’d like to challenge it again. What school did you go to? They seem to do everything well there. Is it a sports school? I tried everything. I wanted to learn everything. – All sports? / – Yes. What was your position? I don’t know. I only rotated. Offense and defense? I don’t think he went too deep. He just had a slight experience. If Jaeyoon goes deep, we can’t catch up. He’s very athletic. I heard Jota was on the team, too. I told him we should learn this time. He lied. He learned. I didn’t learn. Two of our aces survived. Yes. Aces have pride. Jaeyoon shook him up. We’re all beginners, let’s learn. But it turns out… He already learned. Jaeyoon knows this. Jota was loved a bit more for judo. Right. He was the ace. (In a bind) He called us to his jiujitsu gym. He wants to decide who the ace is. He got mad during judo. (I waited for this day) What’s the rule? Make your opponent fall? There’s a point for that. It’s over if you tap. Like this? Hurry up and change. Jota had no idea. We’ll begin the jiujitsu match! (The pride of the aces is on the line) (The person who taps first loses!) (They have 3 minutes) (Who will be the winner?) Jiujitsu vs. judo. Judo vs. jiujitsu. It’s mixed martial arts. The bow is different. What’s up? Is that how they start? Did they start? It’s grappling of judo. He’s good at that. (Jota can’t release himself) – They’re really doing it? / – The fight to grab. Oh… Tap, tap! – Tap, tap! / – He’s enduring it. (This is interesting) (He releases himself) He released himself! I can’t watch. Why is it so fierce? That’s a point. Good posture. I can’t watch. (It’s fiercer than judo) (Oh!) (Will we be able to play volleyball today?) We have to play volleyball. (It’s killing him) Volleyball. Jota. Jaeyoon. The aces are different. They’re not warmed up yet. Stop coming near me. 1 minute left out of 3 minutes. (Jota faces a crisis) (Tap, tap) (Jaeyoon wins) What was that in the end? An arm bar? I don’t know. (Exhausted) (There was no conceding) The energy here… No way. He woke up, made spicy chicken and did jiujitsu here. He’s an ace indeed. He never gives up. Quite a bit of time passed. You must have really done your best. You’re out of breath. Am I? (It sounds like you’re dying) I’m trying to look like that. (Gangseo-gu, Seoul) He plays ping pong? That’s nice. I never saw such nice facilities. (Who is the fifth member?) (A person with extraordinary skills attracts attention) (Chwa! Chwa! Chwa!) (Keep shooting!) (He’s playing against the machine) (Who is this man?) Anyone can tell he’s a celebrity. Donghyuk! You’re practicing with a machine because there’s nobody to practice with? (The fifth member is Cho Donghyuk) (He has great looks) (His body looks like a sculpture) (A major action actor in Korea) (Baseball, basketball and ice hockey) (Donghyuk is an all-around athlete!) What are you doing here by yourself? I couldn’t sleep after I lost to you. It was too bad. You were mad? Was it that upsetting? It was a huge difference in score. (He can’t say it was upsetting) You can be upset if you’re close in score. Was it that big of a difference? (Sh) It’s a lot if it’s over double. He played well. Never mind ping pong. How are you at volleyball? I played jeonggu before. My position was to block in front of the net. With the racket. What are you talking about? What is jeonggu? That’s different from blocking in volleyball. You need to get the timing right. I thought I could be helpful to the team. (Blocking, blocking) (Wait and see how well Donghyuk blocks) I knew we’d play volleyball together. How? He suddenly wished me a happy new year. A new year greeting. He could have just let it go. I wondered. Why are you bringing that up? – You could let it go. / – No! That must be when he was invited. I think that’s why he sent me the text. This is scary. I should manage myself well. I’m suddenly reminded of that text. It must have been a while. Tell us your resolution. Everyone else did. I’ll try not to be the hole on the team. I’ll do my best to contribute to the team. (Donghyuk joins the team!) Find your body and remove the sticker. That’s my chin. – That’s your chin? / – Yes. Where? This part here. Here? It’s my chin. Anyone can tell it’s you. (Big eyes) That seems intentional. That’s not bad. (He looks like an animation character) (Donghyuk’s welcoming ceremony was pleasant) (Manseok has to go to a performance for a while) This is the 88 Gym. Yes. We’re at the 88 Gym. Let’s hope the ace of the team is here. I’m sure he is. He received that. (People are playing volleyball) Neat. (They’re pretty good) (Spike) (Wow) Red! The man in red must be on the national team. He’s tall. One of them is the new member. Is that so? One of them? Over there. I know that man in green. I know him. I saw him in movies. – Otani Ryohei. / – Otani Ryohei. Otani Ryohei. Otani! (The sixth members is Otani Ryohei) Otani! Can we leave? I’ll tell you outside. (He debuted in 2003 as a commercial model) (The first Japanese to advance in Korea) (He appeared in “Roaring Currents” which had an audience of 16 million) I played volleyball since elementary school to college. (Over 10 years of experience) I didn’t have to take the exam. I was admitted to college with volleyball. (He’s an elite!) (He still plays) (Welcome) A former player in Japan! You played on a team, right? You were on a real team? That’s right. You said you’d definitely do it if we played volleyball. You said that, right? I really wanted to. (High expectations) I’m not good at much, but I’m confident about volleyball. I represented Osaka until high school. You did? Yes, I was on the Osaka team. I heard there are a lot of volleyball players in Japan. Can you tell us how hard it is to be on the team that represents Osaka? Many schools in Japan have volleyball teams. There were over a hundred when I went to school. Only twelve people are chosen for the team. I was even the captain. When we entered, the man in red… He gave a strong impression. I didn’t know you were here. (Embarrassed) All I could see was red. As soon as we came in… We hoped he would be the new member. I thought you’d say that. There’s someone who really plays like a pro. He’s much better than me. I brought him. (High expectations) He has to be in broadcasting. He’s an actor. (He meets the conditions) He’s the best volleyball player in the celebrity world. Is he a bit better than you? He’s much better. Much better? The savior to lead the Cool Kiz volleyball team… Come on out! Oh, red! (The man in red) (Hurray) He’s good looking! (The seventh member is Hakjin) (A new ace appeared!) (Appeared in Web drama “Nightmare Teacher” and music videos, “Glass Heart” and “PIPPI”) Our team won in elementary and middle school. I played until college. (I’ll show you the charm of volleyball) (So many awards) (He’s a guaranteed ace) How tall are you? 188cm. Oh, that’s close to my height. 190 minus 2, 188cm. Jaeyoon, how tall are you? 186cm. 186cm? Wow. 188cm. (The energy of the new and old ace) Why did you quit volleyball? I had a bad shoulder and knees. It was hard, so I had to quit. Not many celebrities were volleyball players. – Right? / – Yes. Did you expect a call? I had some regrets. I played for 10 years. It wasn’t a short time. I’m emotional that I can play again. I’m very happy. That’s similar to Jota. Jota worked even harder on the show. Right. Are you ready? I am. Are you ready to give everything? I’ll give everything I have. He’ll give everything he has. Let’s see spikes by Otani and Hakjin. We should see that. (High expectations) (Ryohei is first) (Spike) (Mouth gaping) (His spike is as good as they said) How can anyone receive that? You can do it, too. We can do that? Yes. I did it at my height. Let’s see Hakjin spike. (How is the ace?) (Spike) (This is the spike of an ace!) Wow! It even sounds different. We had a dark shadow over us, but with Otani Ryohei and Hakjin as our aces, we’re like a volleyball team now. (Cool Kiz volleyball team ‘Avengers’) (A winter sport that represents Korea) (A pleasant back attack) (A swift attack in the moment) (Delayed spiking) (Perfect blocking) (A serve that sinks the opponent) (Power) (Perfect teamwork) (A fighting spirit that doesn’t fear injury) (The Cool Kiz and volleyball become one) To grow and change, we have to learn now. All that’s left now is to introduce the coach of our team. The coach is important. The Cool Kiz volleyball team’s coach! Come on out! (Oh!) (Is this a dream?) Come on out! (The silhouette surprised everyone) (Living volleyball legend, Kim Sejin) He’s a legend in volleyball! Before introducing him, right about! Bow! Hello. (Accept us as your students) (Surprised at the great welcome) Face forward and say hello to the viewers. I’m the coach of a pro volleyball team. I’ll be coaching the Cool Kiz for a while. I’m Kim Sejin. Hello. (The best right side hitter of the 90’s) (Powerful spikes at a high point) (His quick spikes were great) (He had a lot of fans) (He was the right side hitter for 13 years, he won the MVP award 4 times and the best spiker award twice) (Even the Chinese coach was surprised) (He is a true volleyball legend) (He retired after the 2005-2006 season) (He became the coach of a new team in 2013) (They won the V league 2 years later) (He’s living a second golden age as a coach, the history of Korean volleyball, Kim Sejin) Welcome the coach again with love and passion. (Thank you) Ryohei, do you know Kim Sejin? I saw him a lot since I was little. I never missed a game between Korea and Japan. He was the ace then. It doesn’t seem like he has great height and power, but… (Huh?) (You weren’t going to compliment me?) The Japanese team blocked him. But he hit really well. Since you were cheering for Japan, you must have wanted him to be on your team. Yes. (Proud) Of course. Hakjin, what is Kim Sejin to you? He’s the idol of all volleyball players. (He can’t stop smiling) He played from elementary school to college. I remember seeing Hakjin. (Really?) (The legend recognized him) I commentated a lot after I retired. I remember seeing him play. (It’s an honor) (2007 Volleyball Competition) (Future volleyball players played like pros) (Hakjin attracted his attention) (A powerful serve from his tall height) (It led to a score) Hakjin will have to do a lot. He might have to do everything himself. Receive, toss and spike all by himself. That’s what I’m saying. (Go, Hakjin!) (The ace suddenly feels pressure) Wearing the Taegeuk mark as a national athlete is a dream in itself. He already achieved that in his teens. When he was eighteen! He was chosen for the national team and played in international games. I was criticized a lot for becoming a national team member too soon. (Hardship nobody else knew) My seniors criticized me. They lost the spot because of me. You were really good. If someone joins the team, someone has to leave. He was the first in Asia to receive the best spiker award in 1994 at the World League. (Amazing) (You’re awesome) Do you know who Korea’s first world star is? Kang Suyeon. Right. You’re an actor. You know. She won the best actress award and became the first world star. Kim Sejin was the second world star. He’s a world star. Wow. (It’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s nice) Let’s talk a bit more. I know a lot. You do. You joined a professional team. Yes, Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance. You had a record of consecutive wins. We won up to 77 consecutive wins. (No way) If you’re talking about a league, it means we didn’t lose once in 3 years. 3 years? Yes, 3 years. – Not 3 months. / – No, 3 years. You won for 3 years? Yes, we didn’t lose once in 3 years. We won 1st place for 9 years. (8 consecutive wins in the super league) (They won the V league, too) (Kim Sejin scored 81 points in the fourth game) We came this far. We wanted to win this. (He likes to win) It’s fortunate that he doesn’t like to lose. He won’t let us lose. (Of course not) Then… There are rivals when you grow. You were always named with Shin Jinsik. (World star vs. brown bomber?) A lot of people ask about that. We couldn’t be rivals. Our positions were different and we were always on the same team. We were close team members. Who is better? I’m not being humble. He was better. Don’t say that! You have to lead our team! We would have called him. I’m a better coach. (The final winner is him?) What is the charm of volleyball? Tell us what makes it charming. People who watch please their eyes and ears. The sound it makes. (Every time they hit the ball) (It echoes in the gym) It sounds so nice. Like cider? It’s refreshing? Yes. If a volleyball player slaps you… It would really hurt. I never slapped anyone, so I don’t know. (That’s not good) I never hit anyone. I hit Yu Jaeseok in the butt once on “Happy Together”. He had a bruise after the recording. (Oh…) That’s really strong. (August, 2014 / Yu Jaeseok asks him to slap him) (Whack!) (Power beyond the imagination) (Suffering he never experienced) He really had a bruise. Can we learn now and grow? Yes. I have a duty to show that volleyball is fun. That’s why I agreed to do this. If you watch the Cool Kiz grow, you’ll see that you can do it, too. (Anyone can play with a volleyball) (The Cool Kiz volleyball team’s flight begins) We have to learn the basics. What should we do? The best way is to put one hand on the other. Don’t hit it with your arm. Push with your body. – With the body? / – Yes. (Hodong tries first) (A dull sound) That hurts. KangNam. Beach volleyball. (Oh?) (Pretty good) (He’s sincere now) He’s good. He’s really good. (KangNam was just the beginning) Indeed. (Nice posture) No way. How can he be good at volleyball, too? (Another player with good moves) (Center of weight in place and flexible arms) Okay. He’s the ace. I have expectations. (Even the sound is different) It’s different. (A stable receive) (Their postures look the same) There’s no need for words. The basics are important. What will we train? Power. It’s called hitting. The feeling of hitting the ball and spiking with power. Why is power important? It has to have speed and power to make it hard for the other team to defend. The success rate is higher with speed and power. Is that a wooden board? That’s right. It looks very thick. Yes, there are three layers. They’re thicker than the ones used in Taekwondo. Oh. There are three of them. They’re thicker. Power is important, but so is precision. You have to hit the board. I don’t want to meet eyes with Hodong. Try it. KangNam! (First is KangNam) I hid on purpose. How can I do this? (Why aren’t you doing it?) (Hesitation) How do I do this? (Throw it and hit it myself?) (Not happy) Come back. How frustrating. My brain isn’t functioning. I’ll try it. (He calms down and tries again) Just a minute. (He threw it high) (Spike) (It hits his face) (Bewildered) (What did you hit?) (The others burst into laughter) (He flew like a butterfly and got stung by a bee) This is dangerous. It hit my face. KangNam, good job. I don’t think it will break. Yeah! (Hodong doesn’t even put a crack in it) (Jaeyoon misses the board) (Jota didn’t completely smash it) Otani Ryohei! Our ace, Hakjin! (The person to smash it is the spike king) – Ready? / – Yes. Here goes. (10 years of experience, he played for Osaka) (He’s the current ace of the Gangnam Volleyball Association) (Nervous) (Spike) (Well?) (A proper spike) (He smashes the boards) (I’m Ryohei!) (The others are excited, too) It feels good to see. It’s like watching a cartoon. It’s smashed to pieces. That washed away all the regrets from swimming, didn’t it? You can forget how humiliated you were. That’s good. (He dove in nicely) (But his goggles came off) (He couldn’t see) He’s doing a spike. (I’m good at volleyball) Last. The ace. (Hakjin had a powerful spike) (He received a lot of support when he joined) He must feel pressure. (The other ace is nervous, too) (Will he show us he’s an ace?) Challenge! (A truly powerful spike) (He smashes it exactly in half) (Unbelievable) (You’re awesome) We don’t just have Ryohei. We have Hakjin. He’s Yang Hakjin. Wow. With precise timing and hitting, it feels good when it smashes. It really does. It’s cool. (Cool Kiz on the Block) What’s the next test? The ball goes back and forth up high. I’ll test how well you jump. (High expectations) (The person to rule height rules the game) (An object 3m 30cm in the air) (Jump and grab it) (Who is the king of jumping?) There’s a banana up there. Pick it and eat it. Stand in place, run or tumble. Just jump and eat the banana? Yes. KangNam, go. It’s easy if you run. Try it. If I pick it from the start, they’ll have to put another one up. Oh, boy. I’ll go now. (KangNam challenges 3m 30cm) (He doesn’t go near the banana) (He fails) KangNam, where are you going? How are you supposed to pick that? (Us, too?) It’s not possible. How are you supposed to pick that? Jota is next. Eat the banana. Wow! (How can this be?) (He flew) (Jota grabs the banana) Eat the banana. Agh! (Unbelievable) No way. He jumped with one foot. I thought he’d hit it. He must have springs in his knees. (Jota is an all-around idol) (Hodong is next) I can easily bet you won’t grab it. (Hodong challenges 3m 30cm) (Hop) (Hodong fails) (A very low jump) (Hodong likes the ground) Did you dance? (Jump 1 point, skill 1 point, art 5 points) You get a perfect score for artistic expression. Running isn’t that good. Try it in place then. (He runs and jumps in place) (Of course, he’ll fail) (He fails the third time, too) I won’t eat it. I don’t like bananas. You should have hung up meat. Ryohei! (It even makes a volleyball player sigh) He’s not that tall for a volleyball player. 180cm. Otani Ryohei. Here goes. If you fail, let’s go to Japan together. Okay. (Ryohei challenges 3m 30cm) (He jumps stably and grabs the banana) That was charming. The form was nice, too. (Go to Japan by yourself) Next is Jaeyoon. (Jaeyoon is the fifth to challenge) I think he could reach it in place. You have to be tall. Jaeyoon has to jump at least 60cm. What? What? He has to jump over 60cm. (He jumped in place) Should I put it back up? (He probably could) KangNam, we won’t succeed anyway. Let’s challenge a photogenic shot. We won’t succeed anyway. You’ll be surprised if I grab it, right? I’ll bet my life you won’t. My life will be yours. I’ll be your slave. I’ll be your servant. – Really? / – Yes. He jumps pretty well. What if he grabs it? I’ll be yours. Here goes. He took off his top. (He gets mad) I’m nervous. Time. He called time. What? If you fail, you’re mine. Okay, I’ll be yours. (Surprised) All my life. Really? This is for real. Really. Okay. Sign. Did you all see that? If I grab it… (What is the result?) The banana is hanging a bit low. One shot. He’ll succeed. (He runs and flies) (What is the result?) (He fails) (He doesn’t get it) (Hodong is happy) What? – I had expectations. / – He’s a pro. I had expectations. I thought he’d give up. But he didn’t. Go around. (The slave can’t walk in front of his master) You can’t grab it. Get out of the screen. I’m upset. Get out. Do as I say! You promised. I’m out of the screen. Get out of my sight! (He goes this far) Get out! Where? Behind! Get down! Count to a hundred before coming out. That feels good. (Pathetic) – Hakjin. / – Yes. Hakjin has to go now. Rub his shoulders, so he’ll succeed. (As you say) Yeah! You can do it. (Hakjin challenges 3m 30cm) (Hakjin has a powerful spike) (How well does he jump?) (He easily succeeds) He could jump higher. (He grabbed the upper part of the banana) (He’s as good at jumping as he is at volleyball) We’ll raise it 10cm. (They adjust the height) Wow, it’s high. (It’s really high) It’s very high. Challenge! (Jota goes first) (He fails) (Ryohei goes next) (He fails) (3m 40cm isn’t easy) (A chocolate which is smaller than a banana) It’s either Jaeyoon or Hakjin. I think Jaeyoon could do it. I think he could. (Jaeyoon grabbed the banana without running) (Will he succeed again?) (He easily succeeds without running much) (Jaeyoon can really jump) (Impressed) Wow, it’s really high. Jaeyoon is 186cm tall. How is his sargent jump? He jumps about 80cm. That’s good even for a pro. (The ace of the team) Hakjin, get ready. (Hakjin challenges 3m 40cm) (He fails) (The chocolate swings around once) It’s even more difficult. It’s even shorter! It went up higher! (Oh, dear) It’s more of a disadvantage now. (It’s about 3m 42cm) If Jaeyoon grabs it, he’ll be the king of jumping. (He easily succeed the other two times) (Will he succeed again?) Everyone, keep quiet so he can get ready. If you’re ready, begin. Challenge! (He flies to be the king of jumping) (What is the result?) (He succeeds 3m 42cm) (Jaeyoon is the king of jumping) (Everyone cheers) (He jumped toward his goal) (He grabbed it with precision) (This is how the king of jumping eats chocolate) He grabbed it. It’s a commercial. Let me dare to say you’ll get an offer for a chocolate commercial in a month. (I’m ready) Coach, this suggests something, right? There isn’t anything we can’t do, right? What meaning does it have? What’s most important is your will. The will to do it was shown by Jaeyoon. You can feel the energy of the team. Give a round of applause. (Next week…) (It’s for real now!) He came to help us improve. Come on out! (Explosive offensive and gentleman-like manners) (Wild horse, Ma Nakgil) (Perfect basics and skills) (Volleyball expert, Park Heesang) (Bomber at a high point) (Prince of the court, Choi Cheonsik) (They ruled at one time) (Volleyball legends come) (Training with volleyball legends) (To lead to a victory) (Bold and powerful attacks!) (The foundation of a victory) (Strong defense) (Looking at the highest place) (The first step of the volleyball team) (“Call You Bae” / Jimin of AOA feat. XIUMIN of EXO)

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