– Where? – You weren’t [email protected] – They don’t have to
follow me here to come looking. It’s top of the list. – I’m not going to stay long. – Have you spoken to Linda
since becoming a fugitive? – She’s upstate,
waiting for the dust to settle. She’s not happy about it. – Christina refused
to miss school, [email protected] I gave Espada the assignment. – Good, because
peace talks are over. – We don’t have a lot of
leverage here, Woz. – We have Enrique.
– What we need is an ally. Cole knows
where the bodies are buried. – Well, where is he? – I don’t [email protected] I’m just weighing [email protected] options,
so far he’s the only one. – He doesn’t
strike me as a hero, so I wouldn’t
count on him. I got to take Enrique [email protected] that Ramsey will never look. It’s best
if we’re both on the move. – Where will you go?
– It’s my [email protected] I know all her dark corners. [buzzing][email protected] [tense music] – Time to find
one of those corners. ♪ ♪ – Detective Harlee Santos, this is a warrant to seize
your car for forensic evidence. – Well, this escalated quickly. End of the line
had to come sometime. – If Internal Affairs
wanted to squeeze us,[email protected] Verco would have
separated us by now. All right here we go.
Deny, deny, [email protected] – I look like a virgin to you? – Hey, guys.
Sorry to keep you waiting. Place is hopping,
there’s a fugitive on the [email protected] – Right, Wozniak
and his terrorist cell. Don’t tell me you bought that
creative writing exercise. – I try not to
jump to [email protected] For instance, I was catching up
on this fender bender over [email protected] Says here you were
chasing a robbery suspect when you crashed
into the U.S. Marshals accompanying Enrique Ortiz,
a man arrested by your unit. Oh, and look. It seems Enrique was
liberated from his transport three minutes
after the collision. – You know, it has more pop
when we tell it. – I’m all ears. – Well, now that you’ve
ruined the ending. – That’s the point, officer. We’re about
to write the ending.

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