Hi, I’m Alois Rosario, today we’re going to
talk about the hitting point on your racquet to get more spin on your backspin serve. The two critical factors to generate spin
are firstly the brushing contact you get with the ball, and secondly how fast that contact
is. This hitting point is going to help us with
the second of those and this is to generate more speed. The point we’re looking for to contact the
racquet is down near the end away from the handle. Why is that? Because that part is
moving faster than the part closer to your hand or to the handle. Let’s have a look at it. Your hand is doing
the moving. Now close to your hand is moving from there to there. So about that much. But
let’s have a look at how much this part down here is moving. It’s going from there all
the way to there. So it’s moving that much in the same amount of time so it has to be
moving faster and that’s where it’s going to help us to generate more spin. So close to my hand is moving from about 0mm
there up to about 220. So it’s moving about 220mm. Down at the end of my racquet, it’s
going from 0 way off the scale and even a lot further past. So the end of my racquet
is obviously moving a lot further in the same amount of time. So therefore it’s going to
generate a lot more speed and more spin. So after doing some serves you can see where
the ball has been hitting on my racquet, down near the end of the racquet. If you’re interested in learning more about
serving check out the serving secrets lessons at PingSkills.com.

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