Hello everybody, how are you? I’m Ricardo flowers. I’m with my friend a one and A long time. I want to share with you the kind of training we do after almost 40 years of playing our beloved sport We think this might be useful for you particularly if you do compete At a medium or even a high level of tennis So first of all, we’re gonna start just warming up like you normally do in the square for serving a very easy But from there, we’re gonna start it’s doing few things. You’re gonna like you see We’ve done our warming up and stretching before starting and then we start hitting some balls in The square for serving They needed us how do we walk when they all bounced but we can only touch Twice bollocks they found Why we’re going to do because They same time we’re warming up you see you warming up The net this is $30 for me Yes three games Now one serves for the signal All right That’s my chair over there play very good tennis That’s nice Okay, so now we go back We’re gonna name Keep the ball very high to stretch all these Here at their amino always The back line. I’m gonna place it here so you can see what we do Yeah Okay, now we’re not Okay, this is the drill Sorry always Lady Luck Three cents So five points now nobody yeah It’s very important that we found also the first ball because they will concentrate Also egos We Pay attention to the first one. It’s going to be very important when we’re putting in a match to always put the first ball team Yeah Right Oh Okay, so now we’re gonna start with the fixie drills We’re gonna do the 404 cam I can to backhand down the line down the line but after a couple of also warming up what we need is to Count the points so we are concentrated in putting the ball in and as as you see what we do is when we start playing now 400 400 yes with the with the forehand and So we started moving our legs To cover our stroke when it comes to to the middle of the card. You see like it just like that Okay, we cannot volley in this drill So we have to run for a short ball and then come back and run back. So we keep on warming up Going up and down the court So as we did With the last drill, we’re gonna count five points for each set If we are even once and all will be a third set So it’s very enjoyable And at the same time we keep on Practicing precision strength moving our legs Short balls Topspin backspin everything It is very complete and We gain loads of confidence when we start playing the match Afterwards we will feel that we have hidden almost Every ball in every possible situation and that gives us loads of confidence As you have seen we have moved from the wonderful play chords for club de Campo de Madrid to the wonderful hard courts of the in the Madrid’s they be Lloyd’s Tennis Club a Fantastic surface very soft It has this field of cushion beneath the finished the a of the court So it’s not very fast, and it’s very comfortable color for knees and joints And it’s a real pleasure to to play here It is always also a pleasure to play with Juan de la toriente he plays Very very well and it’s very competitive now where for all so it would be the last point of this set and As we are Warming up very well. We can hit the ball hard in this case. I shall be said okay, we’re gonna skip it now and go to the down the line Yeah, we just hit a couple of balls this is my backhand to one’s a forehand and Then we’re ready to start again. We’re gonna count up to five Not to get bored so it’s not that long five points it’s okay I Remember we cannot volley? So if there is a short ball I have to go forward and then come back board and keep on working now or the warming up is already working in our up-and-down movement and left and right Always trying to be close to the baseline but going backwards when the ball hits a baseline you see Practicing also short balls. We already counting And you see both of us we have to hit it with the same a Stroke and one there couldn’t so the point was for me and now the other side Once Back in and my forehand You see that we didn’t Do the cross back hand after they cross for hand? Just normally back and yeah takes more time to to warm it up. That’s why we’re doing this down the lines so We have precision with one of the four hands We found out that is easier more comfortable Better we hit more balls when we start doing first down the lines and then Going for the cross back hands as we will do now There we go So we skip all the the different sets in the three sets we we play Keep on going and now Hit a couple of balls Back into back Ian. I’m ready to start counting. Remember no volleys So if the ball is short we have to heat it and go back to lady bound again It’s a very good drill as I told you to get confidence and when hitting the ball so we can really push forward in every stroke and Start measuring our stroke as well our strength There is nothing on play, but we keep on counting So we’re really concentrate and move and hit keep the ball in play to try to win the point with loads of precision because we have to hit where We assigned to in this case forehand but We can really Hit the ball a little bit to the left or to the right To make the opponent in this case one move Along the the Court in the assigned sign we’re here in the ball When we finish with you back into back-end drill Then we’re gonna start really moving Because we’re going to move all around the car. You’re gonna see So we’re gonna move move side-to-side now one is killing with his Forehand and he’s hitting one to each side so I have to hit it with my Back and one in the back hand and with my fork and one in the portion So I know what the ball is going That is not that easy because a1 as you can see he can also put the ball a bit Closer to the middle of the court or to the side, so it’s very demanding Exercise as you see us now All right Again we’re gonna count in up to five points as this is much more demanding Exercise. We normally what we do is Change after each a set so is The other one that is the one that has to run all around the court So we get some rest when moving the other So we keep on counting Normally what we do we also count a ball Serving in that way. We also have to concentrate Risk it or not. We see one So we keep the rhythm of training For three up already One still moving me with his fork and and now I’m going the one who’s going to remove one So now it’s my turn to move for one with my forehand one to each side You can only hit now Porkin in the forehand and backhand in the back end Okay, that make us move And cover each stroke again gaining confidence Now in hidden the ball where we want and in the case of one moving all Along the court Fantastical as you can see all right, I Keep moving one with my fork and And then we will do it with the backhand one moves with his backhand which side to the other Okay, this is a glass ball I win This drill and now one is ready to Start moving me with his Backhand also Warming up precision He can only hit with his backhand that Since as you see if I put the ball in the middle of the court, he will have to move and position himself to kill it with a With the backhand Yeah, as I told you we also count the first of all so to concentrate and to make the exercise more dynamic We agree that every time we serve in this case with the backhand first of all, we’ll go to my forehand so We know where it goes and we start Let’s build pace the drill So after the five points that one is moving me one side to the other with his back and I will be the one to to do it Let’s just skip it here and then see how I move one with my back and So this will be one point four one All right, so I was lucky there is one point each One Congratulating me but I think I was kind of lucky there Tremendo in this case one knows that one Oh, the ball will go to each side all the time But his legs we have to stay ready to move to The middle stay in the middle or to move to the side and also to interpret a Movement to bracket on doing to know where all Is better go We call within direction At this time of the training session Eating loads of poles but the purpose warm up Properly But we are body in any danger you see now we lived this moment To run all around the court we were already warm enough and We will go now for the Police and the smash then we start serving warming up deserve the return also aiming Several places in the court doing some drills there to end play in few games So, how do we warm up the valley and what we do we Warm up the Valley Inn, as you can see in one side in the skies. I Left side of the court we then use a double Space space for the doubles From behind we come up to the to the following warm up our Backhand and forehand volley One in this case can hit a ball with his forehand backhand so we hit a several Always to to warm up and there are several exercises we can do here also To train the valley After we have a warm up a little bit of alley We can try to put all the time every valley behind the line of the service And also count up to five Okay now say the term for want to warm up here is Valley then we will warm up also the Smash And we do the same when warming up to smash we can do it in a one side of the court and also trained in The Cross cross court smash Or chicken, it’s very easy because the court got a bit wet and He’s some kind of sleep brings some side. So You see if one is chicken eat Okay, so We warm up now serve and return We decide were to serve this case to I am serving to one say pork on and I’m serving few balls to the 457 Can also warm up his back and return while I am Focusing and serving in this case to the tea So the same time we’re warming up the serve we are already Being able to to warm up the return gaining confidence because we know where the ball is going Here also we can combine it with several drills by for example serving to one specific side returning To one specific side and after returning also I’m winning the point many ways of Okay Training Points already for the match at the same time. We’re still warming happened gaining confidence In every Stroke So no, what do you see warming up keys serve Already Amy my backhand As he served a couple of balls to the my forehand And here we can also decide how many to do depending on the time we have To warm up properly or even to training as I just mentioned To serve the return and the after return also Many drills we can do here depending on the time and what we want to train a specific session So but to start a match at least as we are doing Three or four balls to each side now, I’m Amy Once a backhand in the back side And then I will serve few balls also to the tee from that side Upon will do the same So I can also warm up my return It is very common that we only warm up a little bit the serve but not the return My advice is to tell the our opponent For him to know that we are also let me have the return and they will return in every time he is serving so We’re taking advantage of the warming up of the of the serve to us a warm at the return And for a complete Warm a training session before playing few games will be more or less ready. We skipped the smashes as you see Now one serving his few Kids to my backhand and then he will lay also the tea We did a fantastic training session warm-up session and if we have time enough we can play a few games or even a set Okay, so apparently the cord is already dry so we’re gonna start playing few games We decide that I’m going to serve one. It’s going to return we’re ready to play Our much other games as many as we have this attitude No second set Paul was wide. So this is 0:15 0:30 So 15:13. Thank you very much one In 40 Thirty forty And this is a four-year-old one is giving me a chance to Come back in this game So I’m doing it No, that’s that Advantage for one Very useful always to serve to the body in this case. Was it for me? Use again My advantage Use again So go sir One coming to the net Give me enough space for that Forehand passing shot And this is my ad A sexy one. This is a game for me. So now we’re going to Leave it with the ones served That would be It for the moment so we have a review with you This training session and in now with playing few games Thank you very much as I already tell you we hope You will enjoy it also improve your game. Thank you. Relax You

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