What did you feel when Kanye West was giving a lot of the support and wearing the MAGA hat and everything? Yeah, I wasn’t with that, you know, and that’s my brother for, for as long as I’m on the planet, I love Kanye. That’s my, that’s my guy. He’s done so much for me. Personally, do you have a conversation with him? I never had a conversation with him. You know, it’s crazy we was hoopin’ like a little bit before all this stuff happened and he would say little things, but it never was really, like, connecting with me that he really believed this
Right. And at that time, you know, it was like, he wasn’t even saying much to me, he kinda was just saying it out loud. So um, but, I never had a conversation with him about, about Trump specifically, and I never ever supported. I think he did never really did a like diligence to know all the things that Trump was doing, or even if he had, he wasn’t weighing the fact that, man, all these things that Trump is doing, you might like him for these reasons, but, man, do you understand the people that’s being hurt by what this man- Look at all this over here, yeah. So, you know sometimes people have that tendency he had to learn like a lot of other people and I think, you know wherever he is right now and I still love him as my brother, but I never agreed with that. And I see Ye and I talk to Ye and the same bro. I never had a real Donald Trump conversation with him because for one it’s not gonna be, it can’t be quick.
Right. You know what I’m saying and then I think that if we talk for a half a day we gonna still walk out, cause he’s never gonna pull me over,
Right. you know what I’m saying?
Right And he’s, I think we’re gonna walk out the door with the same thing.
The same thing. With the same opinion. I actually think that’s been one of the reasons and the moments I’ve had with Ye I just talk about, we be, I be just trying to check and see how he doing Yeah. Yeah. and like talk about life things that we got going on. Yeah, that’s another thing I don’t want to spend my time with you talking about Trump Yeah. when I love you and I want to talk about something else. Exactly so,that’s where I have spent my time with him and I love that um, you know, he doing the Sunday Service thing. Yeah, those are good too, bro. He lighting that up. Those are good man. Common in the Neighborhood. Man we got to do it again when the album comes. The album is this year? Yeah, the album is August 30th. Oh okay, we’ll see you next month then. There we go. Yeah, yeah. We gonna want that. Yeah, he’ll be back. You know what I’m saying? Show me something and we can get a free show out of him. Start working on the flowers.
Yes, I like it.

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3 thoughts on “Common Talks His Relationship With Kanye Amid Trump Comments | Big Boy X Fuse”

  1. His mental perspective of the whole situation is expressed greatly in his song “ye vs the people”, people saw him wearing the maga hat and didn’t even give him a chance to explain himself

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