You and me Cleo and Cuquin Let`s dance and sing with Cleo and Cuquin Let’s play, laugh and play I want to laugh and play, with you all day Play play play play all day I want to laugh and play with you all day Play play play play all day day day day Oh, oh, oh….oh Yessss! All right! Here I come! Baalll? Baalll? Pelusin, Pelusin, Pelusiiiiin??? I´ve never seen thant door before Eh… Pelusin? I’m here! Come in! It’s really cool! Baaall!! Come in! Of course! That’s it! It’s playtime! Quickly, pandabag! Helmets, flashlights, canteens! We’re going in to bring back Pelusín! Pelusíiiiin! Where are you? Hello! Helloooo! Is that an echo? I’m not an echo, I’m Pelusín! Pelusín! I´m here! Ball! (Sadly) Baall no. Pelusiiiiiin! Come on in! Is super cool! Ohhhhh There’s treasure! Treasure? Treasure? Arggggg Wow, I lost them last summer! What are they doing here? Ball! It´s not your ball… Hey, you guys! You gotta come! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Pelusin! Ball? Let’s find your ball, Cuquín! Get on the mining-karts! Woooooow! It’s a cave! A cave! (Excited) Exploring caves roooooooooocks!!!! How coooooll!! Look! The way out! ball! I can´t believe there’s a secret cave in the garden! It’s the most amazing thing of all the amazing things in the whole wide world! Ball! Again And what’s more, now I know what I want to be when I grow up! A cave explorer!

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Dennis Veasley

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