– We’re here in the weight room. It’s 6:30 on Monday morning. This is our normal routine. – I win! – Hey Trevor, how would you
describe us in one word? – If I had to describe
my O-line in one word, I would say nasty. – Best part of the day. – Me and John on the moped, I just thought it was
the most efficient way to get to get to class. I didn’t feel like walking. He
happened to have a moped…. And I don’t like sweating, so it was the easiest way to get to class. – “Bro-pedding” is definitely the move. – Are they really on
that moped, both of ’em? How in the world does that thing hold ’em? – My first class was a success. We had to present a little bit. I think we did a good job at it. – So today is our long day. We
have 10 and a half more hours to go before I get to bed tonight. – This is how I survive with Sean Pollard. – What’s up guys? – Oh my goodness. Chase Brice. – Oh my God, it’s Chase. – They’re funny. – You’re funny.
– They’re tough. – You’re tough. – What’d you get? That looks good. – Iced cinnamon dolce?
– Dolce, dolce, dolce latte. – Dolce, dolce latte. Of course, you know. – What we got over here? We gotta little bit of Old Bay. Do a little sprinkle. Some garlic salt. Garlic is one of the most
diverse flavors in the kitchen. Always gotta have garlic up in there. And do one lemon on this side. That’s good. That’s real good. – Boom. – All right, roommates
gotta stick together. – O.K. – Oh my God, Gage. We’re supposed to be a team here, man. Oh my- – Whoa, Tremayne. – This is betrayal. – This is all they do. – You think you’re gonna try to get me? – I was going for player 3. Calm down. – You got- – I feel pretty confident. He’s a scrub, he’s pretty good, he’s probably the second best over here. So, it’s gonna be a challenging one, but I’ll pull out a dub. – ♪ I’m just a fool. ♪ – Fun fact, Zach Giella knows every word from every song ever made. ♪ A fool in love…. ♪ – This is our leader
of our offensive lines. His name’s Captain Falci. He loves video games and golf. – I don’t play golf. I’m really bad at golf. – What happened was a couple of years ago, I messed up a couple of times in a row. And that’s not a great
thing to do around here. So Swinney got a little mad at me, and I don’t know why he said it or what he was thinking about. He was like, “Falci, how long
have you been playing golf?” And ever since then it’s
just been a running joke about how terrible I am at golf. – Hey, I’m Coach Caldwell
with the offensive line. Fixin’ to go down the
slide out to practice, takin’ a little shortcut. – Dope. – Bro, you gotta get this. You gotta get this, you gotta get this. – That’s some serious flexibility. – He only did that ’cause
the camera was rolling. – Hopefully, you guys
enjoyed the in-depth look at us off the field. I know we didn’t have a lot
of real game footage on there ’cause, you know, our
play speaks for itself.

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Dennis Veasley

34 thoughts on “Clemson Football O-Line’s Intense Daily Routine | The Players’ Tribune”

  1. Wow first! BTW this offensive line didn't give up a sack to Alabama in the national championship game! I guess they're pretty good. Oh yeah and national champions! 😉

  2. Cant wait till lawrence gets drafted hes ganna be the next brady still cabt believe he was a true freshman this year

  3. Dude offensive lineman are the nicest ppl on the team. And they should be respected and shown more love

  4. These fukin college coaches are the biggest pieces of shit

    9o out of 100 of these dudesgot no fukin shot of makin the pros but they make them spend every minute of every fukin day workin out n doin bullshit

  5. Is there any reason why the outside of a helmet is not of a soft foam same as in side? Genuine question from the other side of the world. Like wouldn’t that soften the blows to the helmet/head?

  6. Someone commented that 455 bench press is a sign or roids. Dafugg?? A 300lb football player only benching 455 doesn’t even deserve that accusation yet.

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