It’s not really fair to ask the question:
“What was Action Park.” On a basic level you can say it was a water slide park. But, in truth,
it was so much more than a water slide park. Action Park was the chaos summer
park. With very little oversight, too much alcohol, whistles blowing, people
screaming, motors running. It was an energy. You know, you knew you
were jumping into the fire pit. If you lived through Action Park, you lived
through an event in your life that changed how you felt about fun. If you’ve
never heard of Action Park, it’s an impossible myth that your friends are making up and exaggerating. But it was true Yeah, I think the very reason
people were attracted to Action Park was because they could get hurt. That was the
allure of it. I am 100% sure of it. The more you can control, the more exciting it is. I mean, who wants to sit on a ferris wheel. It was the most dangerous theme
park of all time. There was a waterslide that held one person that went in a like
a flip. Now imagine getting stuck in that thing.
The 360 loop is what you’re talking about. There’s water slide it looked like
a bunch of kids built it because that’s what it was.
The first couple people that came and came out and their mouths were all
bloody and they sent a couple other people down and they came down with lacerations.
Then they took the loop apart and he found teeth stuck in the padding from
the first couple people and these other people were just going up and ripping
into it. Growing up, like we would try to die for fun.
We would try to die for fun. Everybody almost died there. He poured gasoline on
his tennis balls and he’d had put them into the air cannon, lighting the
balls on fire and was shooting them at the tanks. I thought this gentleman was
decapitated. Every member of my family was injured in that park at some time or
another. They called it Traction Park. Class Action Park. Class Action Park: That’s what the lawyers called it. It starts out with people having fun and by the end of this
crimes have been committed, cover-ups have happened. The story hasn’t been told
truthfully. Because he had fake liability insurance in the Cayman Islands. Fake. It was fake.

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Dennis Veasley

34 thoughts on “Class Action Park: The World’s Most Dangerous Amusement Park. Official Documentary Trailer”

  1. Should be good. The Johnny Knoxville movie, Action Point, that is loosely based on Action Park is dumb, but pretty funny if you've ever visited Action Park.

  2. About time someone made a documentary about this! I can't believe it wasn't done already with the park's reputation. Can't wait to see this! 🙂

  3. Action park was my favorite park of all time. I used to love to go there when I was younger. I miss it greatly. It’s a shame that the longer exists in the way that we knew it.

  4. I went to action park many times in the late 80's early 90's, never once got hurt there, went down the alpine slide countless times, scared a shit at first, but never got hurt. But that might be because I never tried the cannonball loop, that's just asking for a life of paralysis. Something so simple, it's just a single loop, literally maybe 3 sec ride, and yet so demonic. It definitely was a very large, chaotic crowd of obnoxious teenagers in neon jams and spuds Mackenzie muscle tee's. It was like if you took the kids from saved by the bell, made them alcoholics, and transplanted them to pre hip hop Jersey shore. But I was also going as a pre teen, wouldn't be caught dead there once I turned 14, I was way too anti social and self serious by then. I went back once around 16 or so but I was basically just making out with my much older gf and pissing my mom off, those were the days. You could definitely drown in that wave pool though, honestly that was scarier than the alpine slide or anything else they had.

  5. Traction Park was a huge part of my youth – growing up in Brooklyn, we'd fill the monstermobile with the family, and head out there for the day. And when we'd all gotten our injuries, we came home. Only to do it again a few weeks later.

    There will never be a park as interesting or as energetic as Action Park was. Nor will the world allow it to happen again. I miss that.

  6. I think it was the mid-80s or so when they finally put up barriers on the deep end of the wave pool because some kids died. That felt like the beginning of the end of the best of times at Action Park.

  7. I got hurt in Action Park. The faux Sky Diving attraction? The guy let me go waaaaay up and I guess I left the "cone" of air? I came straight down on my precious, lovely neck.

  8. I remember Fracture Park quite fondly – went there a few times as a teen. If you could sense you were getting out of control on the rides that you controlled & slowed down a bit, it wasn't that bad. They had some great rides. I bungee jumped there -75 ft into a stuntman airbag. The jump line had 4 strands & a protective cover & it connected to a full body harness. I remember thinking "This is actually fairly safe". Climbing the bungee jump tower w/ everyone was the scariest part.

    The wave pool could be a little much (3 ft waves, max? – uh, no.) & there was no way I would ever enter the Cannonball slide.

  9. People have lost teeth, scrapped their skin off, and suffered pain but when this happens in a popular park, people freak out. This needs to be made.

  10. I was about the dumbest kid you ever met. I did SO many things that should have killed me. Some of those things I was even sober for. But even I knew better than to go on that cannonball loop slide. Man I loved that place lol.

  11. This place was the best amusement park in the country when I was a kid. Disneyland was a snooze fest by comparison. Helicopter parents stole the fun from the generation after me. Sorry kids, us Gen Xers are old now, but we had FUN.

  12. Huh, going to be interesting. Learned a lot about Action Park through Defunctland's episode on it. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely give it a watch.

  13. Damn it looked fun though. I love water parks. When I was a kid they weren't that safety conscious so you'd have people catching up to you going down a slide which was terrifying. You want to wear something slippery like speedos instead of board shorts to get some speed.

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