I am Berin I am from Germany The city we call [ i don’t understand} There are many good players in Germany, So to be hear in the finals i am pretty proud of it I play Clash Royale sometimes …..TO disconnect from the original world YA! Just dive into the Clash Universe My favorite sports is Tennis And there are different types of players in Tennis as well as in clash so You have to *DIVE* into your opponent every single match Berin’s going to put this thing into overtime now My Tennis Style is like playing passively and with the opponent to make mistakes Good hit from the hog as well, Berin is back ahead now in tower damage My clash play style is pretty much the same. Chilling at the the beginning and yeah I go aggressive Can Berin get that lighting cycle on the left to get victory..YESS..There it goes….Surge gets the good game… ARE YOU KIDDING ME, His first loss Berin wins defeats the undefeted Surgical Goblin I love Clash of course I cant really stop playing it when you are lost in game when you want to get the trophies back or play in challenge you don’t want to finish like with 3 wins and for the story line that could not have gone better to played one on one against my opponent on stage was fun but i hope they are not gonna be spamming emotes like crying face, I can’t handle that i really hope in the finals …i am gonna win the gold crown

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Clash Royale: Berin’s Thoughts on Tennis, Emotes, and Trophies”

  1. How can you sign to your old account that has not been registered in Google Play Games? It is still active but I can't connect to it! Sorry for bad English! i'm Romanian.

  2. * Level 12 account (15,000 xp)
    * All cards unlocked
    * Max wins completed
    * Can change the name
    Anyone interested to buy ? Ping me personally (will send screenshots )
    *over PayPal
    Reason: Desperately in need of money due to personal reason.

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  4. походу я играю чисто чтоб поугарать и у меня девка то есть,а это что блять за страшный прищавый дрищь пиздец!!!

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