Bayview Park is just such a great asset and
amenity for the entire City and the tennis courts are very heavily utilized and there’s
a lot of people looking forward to them being repaved. Certainly it will be safer and a lot better
for the play, so. Well I think this is a great thing. These tennis courts have been here for a long
time. I grew up playing here as a child on clay
courts when the were real clay, but unfortunately some of these cracks have developed. There’s a safety issue and they also kind
of direct the game of play. That can happen, so it’s good to see it getting
repaired. I use these courts, my family uses these courts,
excited to see this getting repaired. There aren’t many places you can play tennis
and get this view behind us so this is what makes Bayview playing out here unique. I actually don’t play tennis but I walked
a lot of neighborhoods in the campaign and there are a ton of tennis players in the City
and in the district. I’m a three five which is very, not a very
good intermediate player, a lower intermediate player, right there, so ah, like to have fun
though and get out here and hit it and have a good time. I still remember. like I said, when that was second row of clay
courts and his was one row up here before they turned into hard courts, but it’s still
a great place and I think it’s ah, what we’ve got here is a true treasure. What a beautiful view I mean what a great
place to play tennis. And you can look out and see over Bayou Texar. Here at Bayview we’ve got the waterfront,
you can bring the dogs down, play in the water, play up at the dry park, you can bring the
kids down. There’s a great playground for the kids. Just part of that diverse offering that we
have here at Bayview. You brought up a good point I mean this offers
other opportunities than just sports. You can come here and play sports and engage
in something, but you can just come here and enjoy the day with a picnic or something else. We expect this to be a Valentine’s present
but everything is weather dependent. We can’t control what happens with the weather,
we’re already sort of a little behind with some of the rain and fog we’ve been having,
but if we get some sunshine we’re going to finish up these courts and get them ready
for you to play hopefully on February 15. Just in time for the natural AC before it
gets too too hot in the summer, so.

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Dennis Veasley

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