Willis Thomas: Too many children in this neighborhood
do not graduate from high school. The kids after school, they are
alone and they have nowhere to go. And we try to solve that problem by having this wonderful place
where they can be children. Tamika Mitchell: WTEF is the Washington Tennis
and Education Foundation. We help the kids with their
academics and we teach them tennis. Willis Thomas: We have retired teachers during
the tutoring and they’re here every day. WTEF is the sole beneficiary
of the Citi Open Tournament. Since Citi has become the
sponsor of this tournament, Citi has helped us raise more funds. That means we are able
to serve more children Tamika Mitchell: I’m so
proud of the fact that 100% of the students in WTEF
graduate from high school. Willis Thomas: These kids are
keeping the ball inside the lines. Inside the lines.

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Dennis Veasley

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