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Dennis Veasley


  1. I thought you were going to do just once L Sit to Handstand, then it was 2, then 3, then I was like okkk wow still not even shaking, but I am

  2. Awesome Chris Heria ! You grew up to be an influence for the World, please thank Your Parents for me. At 10:00 someone might be at the Sky Zone trampoline park to record a video of me breaking my 83 bounce record, we'll see.🙂 FanTom USA

  3. Chris, Your strength is Soo Awesome, I've been going to Planet Fitness workout Center, always get compliments on my physical abilities, thanks for the inspiration.🙂 FanTom

  4. Oh ! I mention You to all, What Abiola put You on his You Tube, he thought that I was good, he is amazed at how much You do.🙂 FanTom

  5. I was on the Orbitrek, I see people doing different things, one guy did push-ups with dumbbells, now I am, might be able to get my handstands back?😀 FanTom

  6. Damn man your back lever flutter kicks are dope , you standed up there in the competition and said " hey people im here to win " like a crazy man , thats awesome 🔥💪🙏

  7. Thank you Chris, i'm a swimmer and after my last shoulder surgery I found your videos and have been steadily improving my strength, i do swim squad 3 days a week and your beginners ab routine plus other shoulder push up, dips 3 times a week. I have mad it a mission of mine to get abs the first time in my life and have lost 13 pounds and on my way to "ABS BABY" as you would say. Thanks again and i wish you the most success and happiness in your life.

  8. Even before you got mega jacked, you could still do a frickin muscle up. I think maybe you were born to be awesome

  9. Shit man, that’s awesome, as a guy who’s worked out for so long, I’d like to see a video on coping with injuries

  10. I really like your vlog, it's motivated a lot, wish someday can train together
    I live indonesian, happy to watch all your video 😎

  11. All of these people started so young.. I could hardly do 10 push-ups with 21 and was nothing more than a skinny anorectic ^^'
    Hope I will still get on this level despite having started late. Half a year into it now and I see massive progress.. but still not even close to any of this.

  12. My take away is try and be consistent and try and improve a little more every day. Awesome. You've changed my life man.

  13. You're an inspiration Man!
    I'm back to practice sport cuz of you!
    Trying to do the full planche on 3/4 month
    Keep up the good work 🙏
    (More freestyle videos plz)

  14. I commented on your story video with my story of drug addiction and getting in trouble. I gotta say you have me sold on calisthenics. I love it. as soon as I have my feet back under me I can't wait to be subscribed to thenx. just wait. I'll post progress videos on my Instagram and tag thenx once I start. thanks for the rescue. life was headed to dark places. 💙🙏😎

  15. Hello Christ Heria I have been watching your videos for month and you inspire me a lot. I want to ask you how much time you spend sleeping a day ?

  16. Aye how do i listen to those beats and background music you have in all your videos i really fw it. Also i've been watching since a year and a half ago you're a real inspiration man i literally did my first muscle up[s] today. keep it up man

  17. These moves are very advanced for a normal person … he was already strong since his karate days .. I'm a complete beginner

  18. I just watched this chris. Man cmon you remind me of saitama from OPM my god superhuman strenght!💪

  19. Just starting my calisthenic journey. I'm wrecked already. But that's great, love it, keep up the amazing work. Love from England.

  20. The music is incredible on all of your vids, anywhere I can find it? Also amazing stuff man, they should have you in movies and stuff lol

  21. I ain’t no fanboy just like I’m no hater but after only seeing these type of vids for the first time very recently, I’ve seen some of the petty shit that’s happening.
    From a totally unbiased, objective point of view you seem authentic AF mate and there’s a lot of people in this community that are jealous of what you’ve achieved and from what it seems, even after helping some of these dudes with collabs and advice, they’re still being extremely petty!
    Keep doing your thing mate and keep ignoring the ducks 🦆 ??? (Auto correct be a bitch)

  22. how can you do that? i just pull up 500 times everyday and hold the bar about 150 times,i can not do like you? can you give me the recipe? thanks you my friend,i come from asia

  23. … just realised why i had such i strong core when i was young… i did back lever flutter kicks on my bunkbed ahahha

  24. That move at 3:30 I am gonna work on. Your amazing bro and a champion. I knew there was something I liked the second I saw your 1st video.

  25. I've been trying different workouts for the past month but nothing interested me, I was just working out to workout. I started your workouts yesterday and I'm already hooked. I can't do a single pull up but I'll get there. Thanks. Love from Kenya.

  26. I came here because this guys body is extremely attractive. Honestly started working out because of how good he looks. No homo. Maybe just a little lol whatever motivation is motivation

  27. Hi there! Could you make a video about calluses on your hands or how to go about them? My hands really hurt when doing pull-ups. Thanks

  28. I appreciate very much the fact that you share a lot of content <3 your explanations are very clear for me and that helps me a lot . I got your app , 3weeks in , and i can definitely see the results . thank you very much for everything you do ! <3 much love

  29. I recently started doing L sits (while hanging from a bar), but I can only hold them for a few seconds before fatiguing (haven't done static holds at all up to this point). Are there any easier progressions I could hold for longer to get proper strength gains in holds?

  30. Hi I just wanted to know whether you lift weights together with callisthenics workouts or do u do full callisthenics your whole life

  31. Damn Chris I thought that was you, you were on south beach with Johnny unit and barstars right? You were a lot thinner then but still the best on the bar, the other guy the black guy was cool too, man way to go 👍👍

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