[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Sophie Gonzalez,
here at the Byers Tennis Complex with Georgia Tech
tennis player, Chris Eubanks. Chris, thanks so much
for joining us today after practice. No problem. Thank you for the opportunity. I really appreciate it. Of course. Last year, you became
one of the top 10 tennis players in the nation. How does it feel to represent
Tech and be nationally ranked? It’s a tremendous honor
just to be able to know that the hard work that we’ve
been put in day in, day out– my coaches and my teammates– is
all kind of coming to fruition. And I can just try to
elevate the Georgia Tech name into a different light. Everyone knows this is a
tremendous academic school. A lot of other schools
around don’t really think much about our
athletic program, but I think being
able to showcase what we can do on and off
the court– especially with our entire mens
tennis program– is a tremendous honor for
us to be nationally ranked, as well as myself. So I’m pretty
excited about that. Going into this season, you
made a career high ranking of being number five. What are you focusing
on this season? Just continuing
to develop my game. I’ve made pretty
big jumps coming in from juniors to
my freshman year, my freshman to my sophomore
year, my sophomore year to now. So I’m just really
excited to see what the future holds in store. I think each time we’ve
come in, we’ve kind of come up with a
clear set game plan to work on different parts of my
game and it’s been working out. It’s been great. It’s been incredible. So if I can continue
to do that, I think this year could be
really special for myself, as well as the entire team. Now, Coach Kenny
Thorne has stated, “Chris has a big
target on his back and this is going
to be good for him.” How do you handle the
pressure on the court? I just try to control
what I can control. There is so many guys out
there that are literally– that are incredible
talents– some of the best players in college. And just to go out there and try
to be concerned about the level that they can play at or the
level that they will play at can be a little
bit overwhelming. So every match, I just try
to go out there and focus on what I can control, and if
I can execute the things that I know I’m able to do
on a daily basis– day in, day out– when it comes to
match time, pretty confident in my chances
against almost pretty much everyone in the country. You’ve been playing
tennis since you were two. Yeah. What’s your favorite
part of the sport? I think it’s just the
competitive one-on-one nature. At times, we’re
out here practicing and things are great,
we’re laughing, having fun with the team, and
then you get into the match and there’s this
feeling that comes upon you in your
stomach that’s just kind of– you can do one of two
things– you can either just dwindle away or you can
just rise to the challenge. You don’t have anyone
there to put the blame on. And I think that’s
kind of something that I’ve grown to enjoy. There are certain times when
that feeling of dwindling away is a little bit stronger
than the one that just wants to gear up and
compete, but I think that’s part of my development
in college– the things that I’ve become better at,
being a better competitor. And I think that’s probably
the most challenging, but also the most
rewarding thing that I really love
about tennis, is just the feeling of knowing
it’s me versus you and let’s see what happens. You’re an Atlanta
native, what made you decide on Georgia Tech? I think it was kind
of a weird story, just because growing
up in Atlanta, I never really thought
much about Georgia Tech. I had always kind of leaned
toward the other school out east, but there’s just
something about when I came and I met with Kenny. Kenny and Derek
and our– they just really made you
feel like a family. The guys on the team,
as well, kind of just surrounded you and made you
feel loved before you even said, I think I want to come here. We try to have this
family atmosphere here, and it’s gone pretty well. I think we’ve gotten a lot
of great guys because of that and I think that was probably
the biggest thing for me, being able to say, man, I
get to have a family at home and I get to have a family here. I get to play in my hometown,
have friends and family come out to watch my matches. This is your third
year at Tech, you’re majoring in business
administration, where do you see yourself
after graduation? Definitely playing tennis. Business administration–
it was kind of a major that I chose because
I felt like I still could stay in the sport of
tennis after tennis, but I do feel like I want to continue
to do this after graduation and I want to see
where it can take me. And I just want to make
sure, even now, I’m giving it pretty much everything
I have day in, day out. And if I don’t make it,
then I have no regrets, but I know I want
to definitely try to give it everything
I have once I get that diploma in my hand, and
we’re gonna see what happens. Chris, thank you so
much for joining us today. Not a problem. Thank you. Yeah, and best of luck
to you and the team. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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