[intro music]>>Joey Lancianese: Hey everyone. I’m Joey Lancianese from DICK’S Sporting
Goods. I’m here with Michael Schaeffer who’s
the global product lines manager for Wilson Tennis, and we’re here in Chicago, Illinois
at Wilson’s innovation lab. Today Michael’s going to talk us through
how to choose the right strings for your tennis racquet.>>Michael Schaeffer: Yeah, so string is something
that is often overlooked when players are looking at tennis racquets. But the racquet is the car, and the string
is the engine. It’s really the only part of the racquet
hitting the ball. So, it’s really important that you understand
what string you are using and make sure you’re paying a lot of attention to your strings.>>Schaeffer: So, there’s really three main
aspects of restringing that I’m going to talk to you guys about today. The first is frequency of restringing. So, it’s really important that your strings
are restrung often. Because over time, the strings lose tension
and are not optimized for the player. So, frequency of restringing is really important. We generally recommend that if you play three
times a week, you should restring your racquet three times a year. Or if you play five times a week, you should
at least restring your racquet five times a year.>>Schaeffer: The next is tension. So, every time you string your racquet, you’re
stringing it at a certain weight or a certain tension. And the higher tension you go, the more control
your strings offer. The lower you go, the more power you offer. So, we generally recommend stringing between
50 and 60 pounds, with 60 being on the control end and 50 being on the power end.>>Schaeffer: And lastly, there is a lot of
different types of material that strings are made of. But specifically, we’re going to talk about
multifilament and monofilament. Multifilament generally offers more comfort
and more power. Whereas monofilament offers more durability,
more spin and more control.>>Lancianese: Be sure to keep in mind the
stringing services available at your local DICK’S Sporting Goods. Pick out the right strings for your racquet,
hit the court and swing away. [outro music]

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