hey guys welcome sandbag TV presented by Raw barbell club I’m here with Josh Wu how are you doing? good, how are you guys I’m good how the people are going I don’t know hopefully good we’re here today to talk about weightlifting shoes we’re gonna talk about why you might need to use weightlifting shoes what weightlifting shoes are good for what you should look for in a weightlifting shoe when you should use a weightlifting shoe and what weightlifting shoes Josh and I think are the best. what I guess three reasons why someone might need a weightlifting shoe My three main reasons why you should have a weightlifting shoe is this raised heel here is it’s going to help you if you have poor mobility or like limited dorsiflexion so hope you just get a bit lower in your squats and stuff the second reason is for the stability so it’s quite a solid shoe you can’t twist it like that so when you hit your bottom position first naturally split you’re not going to be moving left or right or falling forwards or backwards and third reason is just to fit in in the weightlifting gym everywhere not just going to have a lifting shoe so why wouldn’t you want one – only when do you think someone might not need to use a weightlifting shoe yeah that’s a good question man when a lifter has really good ankle dorsiflexion already then they may not need to use a lifter what we found is that if a lifter has limited dorsiflexion and that’s their limiting factor in getting down deep into that squat weight lifting shoe will help and if that isn’t the limiting factor if it’s hip mobility then the weight lifting shoe may not help a smaller Hill might still be helpful in building that stability but it might not help as much with getting down deeper so the higher the heel isn’t always the answer to you to all your problems sometimes it’s just having you know improving your flexibility and your mobility one other thing is as you get better at weight lifting I think you should also do a little bit of your training at least in either runners or like reasonably flat shoes with Limited stability I was I guess limited what would you call this structure to the shoe yeah just like a crapshoot yeah just wear crap shoe like a glove Donald volley all this with no stability yeah something for me but doesn’t do anything exactly because that will allow the muscles in your legs to to work a bit more because they can I guess cheap a little bit when they’re in this yeah okay there’s five things that you’re gonna look for when you’re buying a new shoe right yeah so I’d say number one would be just the general fit in the fit and like the tassel strap how tight your shoe is going to be how well it fits on your foot you’ve got the heel height I’ve got the weight of the shoe because that’s some people like a lot of shoes to move like a heavy shoe and then the fourth thing you know it’s alright yeah well there’s just a general look of the shoe to be honest if you like the shoe and fifth would be the price how much you’re willing to spend on a pair of lifting shoes and we must also mention that like a lot of these lifting shoes especially once you get to the pricier ones they are gonna last you a long time yeah so you’re gonna be you’re gonna have you know sort of three four years out of a shoe it’s not like a running shoe where it’s only gonna last you a few months no oh that’s a nice – a few years if you buy this you’d hope this would last at least three years for two hundred and twenty dollars exactly if you guys are thinking about getting a weightlifting shoe and you’re unsure whether it will help you there are some simple tests you can do so like a standard ankle dorsiflexion test you can try lift in your flat shoes with a plate underneath your feet and like just do some squatting and if that uprightness feels a lot better then maybe a lifter will be for you and Josh you usually recommend a big beginner lifters to get weight lifting shoes because it’ll help them a lot while learning their positions yeah I agree I mean you may as well then there’s nothing like a bad about running a lifting shoe you can only benefit you so you may as well just start off like that yeah instead of waiting we should add a caveat that it is not a requirement of the sport of weightlifting to wear a weightlifting shoe people wear them because that’s they they usually are huge benefit to you competing within the sport or performing the sport so you don’t have to wear weightlifting shoes you just have to wear a shoe that completely envelops your entire foot now in choosing a weightlifting shoe we are both fortunate and unfortunate in the fact that there’s like millions of them that you can get there is now 10 years ago it was a bit different but now there’s lots of choice so just you’ve had heaps of shoes along your days I mean some of these shoes are just shoes from around the gym but most of them are actually yours yes so can you maybe explain some of the different types of shoes and maybe we’ll talk about the the different types of heels they’re different flexibility levels of the shoe yeah and then the lifts different levels of you know tightness or fitting this okay um so yeah I started with these I don’t even know well these ones are called they were just the standard once they sold at the gym that I trained it and I started 10 years ago they about $80 on they got the job done I guess the heel was pretty sold even easier ten years old kneeling there quite good condition I grew out of them that’s why I had to stop wearing them but um yeah this is what most open shoes used to look like they’re quite ugly like I said they got the job done you pretty secure in there yeah and the much else to say about that this one similar even uglier but I don’t think it’s um it’s actually better this just a lot more like solid if you feel the see eh runs quite bad all right these are it’s a really bad shoes yeah but um yeah they had the heel which is yeah which is good when I start was already kind of flexible but I think it helped just get the confidence in those bottom positions and then yeah then this was 2012 and my thing she started becoming more of a fashion thing for me at least Nissa really solid these ones and sorry um so these this type of shoe you could potentially still buy on eBay or online if you search for just like a cheap weightlifter shoe yeah I think that a dealer sells something similar to yeah I think they pink on the side they might match something similar but that one that’s like this gem I think yeah blue yellow and green of course if yeah that and that’s a really good entry-level shoe for someone yeah yes this is probably their the next the next so it’s very my first like expensive like proper good weightlifting shoe and um and what is that that’s an a sister did they call these always go on Eddie powers Bowl but it’s not actually a powerful thing sure it’s always a waiting should they call this a deep hour and yeah this was a very good shoe I loved this shoe yeah it’s what I can ask my sister Jack must project that more solid in this because it was a heavy issue yeah that’s something that makes a big difference right yeah for sure a heavier shoe will tend to bring you back down to the ground will tend to to change your center of mass yeah allow you to be more stable in both the snatch clean and Joe yeah just means it might be hard to move your feet as fast but then again you just need to improve pretty much and then yeah the next shoes not much to say anybody’s brush this is similar to some of them wider because ROM 2 is a bit wild feets that was good for me yeah really good shoe probably everyone says that these are one of the best shoes yeah I would agree I think someone who’s who’s been in the sport for a short amount of time and they want to upgrade their shoe the remai leo twos are one of my favorite shoes yeah and they’re not going to be in stock much longer because the threes right now they’re trying to just continue this yeah you want one of these get in quick and then yeah after that then we moved on to the y stands so that’s why stung to I didn’t get the ones because so I asked other that’s why stung once didn’t get very good review so I waited until these came out he’s got quite decent reviews I thought they looked nicer as well say it’s got this boa lacing system here so obviously you tie the shoe offers normal first the BOA system you click it in like that and rotate it and that just locks your whole foot in so the shoelace is actually basically I found the shoelace to be um quite useless and the BOA system actually just locks everything in and yeah oh and to unlock it I just did it but you’re just gonna pop it out like that and that that just basically replaces what they call the tassel straps right yeah pretty much yeah that’s what I did I think I don’t know why they did it I think I guess we’re just trying to be cool why I know some innovate lifters some of the newer innovate lifters also use the tassel like a boa system I’ll get tied in their shoes so it might be just like new fancy technology yeah but at least we don’t have any pumps yeah that’d be weird but um yeah the Bose system is quite good I think my foot definite was more secure an issue compared to the ROM it’s because the other roms my foot was sitting at the back in the end but yeah I’m one of one of the I don’t remember which one but one of the shoes went tighter than the other one so it was a little bit annoying I’m not sure if there was actually rubbish read and sent it back so my car it’s not gonna make a huge difference yeah so yeah and then we get to the shoe that I’m up to now so the Reebok legacy lifts off which a lot of people had so I’m like why not jump on that bandwagon well if it’s good enough for CJ it’s good yes it’s got his name in it it’s even the really little name it was something okay CJ design code is on this apparently and again yeah I’d say the last three sets of lifting shoes have had very similar it’s more of this heavy issue really big heel just super solid shoe and you’d hope so for the amount of money you spend on it yeah and this for me I’ve gone back to the straps again this one so in terms of arm which you kept my footing the best I’d say that these legacy lifts is for sure they just fake it you can make them super tight sometimes make them too tight and my foot gets sauce I have to loosen it a bit but I’d rather it be tighter then not fit properly yeah so yeah that was good and again solid heel I feel solid in my couch positions for this yeah not much else to say about it I guess there’s a couple of other options also that we should we should talk about we’ve got the like that I guess the power lifting style addy powers I don’t remember exactly what they’re called but they have like this high-density foam heel which is very popular still as a shoe they’re reasonably priced which is a great thing yeah and they are stable the only big difference is that the noise they make when you land yeah isn’t quite as that you know that cloud that’s sloppy thud which you get from like a nice wooden Hill or a nice plastic heel so they’re great shoes still very reasonably priced yeah look great – they come in all different colors but they are they’re not like the upper echelon of waiting shoe so I can say they’re big good like entry-level shoe exactly like yeah you’re a parent buying a shoe for your kid like that first shoe you probably go for a cheaper one exactly um in terms of like a cheaper shoe as well or if you’re a crossfitter for example something like the innovates are actually really good yeah because they they offer a similar feel to what your normal CrossFit shoe would like a Nike metcon Reebok Nano or just a regular innovate shoe the the only difference is they do have that slight raised heel so they’re still very flexible they still have a lot of flex to them but they’ve got the raised here and they’ve got that little bit of stability here as well as securing your foot quite tight with the tassel strap and we’ve seen like a whole bunch of really good lifters do big things on the plant or is she want to bronze medal come with games this year I’m pretty sure it was a pink version of that shoe yeah sorry like the the shoe doesn’t really make up the lifter yeah but yeah if you’re looking for a cheap entry-level shoe these innovates are a great idea and then I guess lastly the new shoe on the block other than the Reeboks are gonna be the Ramallah threes now I’ve heard good things and bad things about them I’ve only heard that you’ve only heard bad things that’s why I haven’t bought them because there are views online the Nike store that average rating is like two stars Wow I think the problem also lies in that the remai leo twos are just one of the best weightlifting shoes ever built ain’t no I’m just made better in general like that’s a cheap cheaply made shoe this is a proper shoe yeah I mean if you hold this it’s a lot lighter everything about it is too thin in this is a solid shoe yeah well the main differences I see is that they are thinner they’ve got a single tassels app and then the construction like you said it doesn’t feel as solid yeah so when you’re paying that sort of $280 which I think this is the heavier sorry the most expensive shoe on the market right now technically an Australian Nike starts 280 the Americans probably paid 200 US dollars for it so Biff we bought up an American site to get a different color and of costing us a lot yeah yeah so I think these are the heaviest show on the market um I would actually recommend you try and find a Romania – over there yeah or go for like a legacy legacy laughter I think that would be best yeah and they’ve got this for me can I get this one’s from the UK I think maybe I also just recently bought a pair of the Reebok legacies and I’m liking them I like in the fan I think that’s it that’s about it right yeah if you haven’t already we have a free secret Facebook group where you can join it’s called strength training tips so you can search that on Facebook join it you can get free advice on all of your fit all of your weight lifting things in fact this weight lifting shoe idea kind of started from one of those members where they messaged me and asked me about it if you are in Sydney come check us out we’re just in the Hawkesbury role barbell Club you can come learn how to lift good weights and join our online team because we are growing every day we’re taking you over the world and you can be a part of that too I Josh where can people find you I’m on instagram at Joshua 7 and we’re also on instagram at robot that’s just me I’m mr. Instagram Facebook it’s my real friends only thanks guys for listening if you want any more advice on shoes on belts or anything else just message us and we’d love to make another video I’m sure Josh will come out hopefully that’s brilliant good job okay all right

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