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Dennis Veasley


  1. Wish i'd have found your channel earlier . Some great tips which make common sense but sometimes when you're struggling with your game you can't see the wood for the trees

  2. today I went out and played 18. improved my putting by one stroke per hole , just walking it off and then stepping in as you instructed. then I was able to gain some ground on my tee shots I still need improvement I will continue to watch and learn your approach is so simple to understand, thank you .

  3. I have a tendency to sometimes 'double hit' the ball on some of my chip shots…during the follow through. What is causing this embarrassing hit and how do I correct it. Love your Premiere Package! Thanks Adam!

  4. I appreciate the video. Does the rotation of the shoulders play a role? At times I feel like a chunk chip shots because my shoulders are rotating to much up and down instead of parallel to the ground.

  5. i use a 60 degree on the fringe, and anything 20yards or less. works for me like a charm. but most of my buddies use like a 56 or a 52

  6. Wow! Again the analogy used of cracking a sheet of ice, I will remember this next time in the course. Thanks coach!

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