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Dennis Veasley

27 thoughts on “Chinese technique | Micro adjustment | Improve your table tennis skills”

  1. What about ma long forehand ? Why is so unstoppable what's is his micro adjustment. thanks for your video I'm getting better at table tennis

  2. Changing the grip on my blade had increase by placing the ball on the table more than using the old grip thank you for you.

  3. Hey can you do a video on flips? My backhand flip is quite good but on the forehand I have some problems. Either I do not get enough power or it is too much and the ball goes over the table

  4. Excellent video , I hope you continue publishing many more . These small details of technique and tactics are critical and you explain it very well.

  5. Please do video on Xu Xin and Wang Hao penhold styles. With attention to reverse penhold backhand.

  6. Thanks coach now i understand what a micro adjustment in table tennis means. More power to your videos. I am now becoming addicted to your videos. You are indeed a great coach!

  7. I always like your video. This is the first time I unlike your video. Even I a small club player, I always relax / loosen my muscles every time after and before I hit a ball. This is a very basic theory in any other sport. In boxing, in wingchun, in badminton, we relax our muscle before hitting, and tighten our muscle just something like half second before contact the target, i.e. The jaw of your opponent. ONLY THAT WAY, your punch becomes SPEEDy the EXPLOSIVE and most of the time we can utilize our wrist too to make a whipping energy. It's a very natural movement. I mean on the contrary, It's hard for human to not do that. I mean we can not tighten our muscles all the time during the 'fight', it's very tiresome, and it makes you slow. SO I really DON'T BELIEVE when you said that CHINA National team B, I repeat it, CHINA NATIONAL team B, don't understand about this micro adjusment, loosen & tighten your mucles. It's a simple thing. Liu guo liang or any other provincial coachs can tell them about it if it's so important. EVEN you can enlighten us via 7minutes videos in this long distance learning tutorial. SO WHY CAN'T THE COACH OF TEAM B do the same thing to their players? You make it sounds like this 'theory' is only known by the Liu Guo Liang and You. no offense.

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