Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today I will discuss why top Chinese players
switch to the red side (Tenergy red rubber) to forehand smash the ball. As explained in my previous video “the truth
about Chinese rubbers”, you understand the characteristics of Chinese rubber (DHS Hurricane
black rubber). These rubbers have a very low throw angle. They are also very hard and less bouncy than
European rubbers. Ma Long and Zhang Jike use hard Chinese rubbers
on Forehand to counterloop the topspin ball easily. Look at this slow motion, you can see that
Zhang Jike counter topspin the ball on the Forehand side, and the ball is very direct
and linear. It’s difficult to do that with a softer and
bouncy rubber. However, to smash the ball, top Chinese players
prefer to switch to the red rubber to smash the ball. Why? Look, Zhang Jike switched to the red side
to smash the ball. Chinese rubber on Forehand side (black) is
very hard and less bouncy. This type of rubber is used to power loop
the ball, which requires a long and full stroke. You need to “carry” the ball in a long distance. Hard rubber will transfer most of the energy
to the ball and make the ball go in a precision and linear trajectory. However, to smash the ball, you can’t do such
a long stroke. It’s a sudden contact with the ball, so it’s
better to use a bouncy rubber (red side). Bouncy rubber has shorter dwell time, so the
ball will leave the rubber faster. That’s why they prefer to switch to the red
side to smash the ball. The smashed ball will be faster so it’s harder
to defend this ball. So remember, hard Chinese rubber is good for
long and powerful forehand stroke (loop, counter loop, and loop kill the ball). Bouncy European rubber is good on the backhand
side, faster on a quick and short stroke. You can see my previous videos to understand
these characteristics. Now, I let you focus on the moment when Zhang
Jike rotates his racket to the red side. See you, EmRatThich.

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