hey everyone welcome back! so, you know
we love a new climbing wall so we heard about this new bouldering wall opening
in Swansea so the climbing hangar Swansea – they’ve got a couple of
other walls around the country but this is their brand new bouldering wall
let’s show you guys around Try this white….see what it’s like, white’s here are meant to get V5 to V6 …..every climbing wall the grades are different, so.. sometimes V5-V6 is fine, sometimes it’s absolutely nails other times they’re quite straight forward which do you think they are…? I’ll tell you afterwards that’s good…probably about right, V5 you can tell it’s a new wall as the holds are still really sharp, really rough abrasive, it makes it nice and grippy but it does wear the skin a little bit! a little bit faster. they’ve had no traffic on them yet try the red it’s got these big mouth pocket things…big to me! Not big to anyone else yeah you always have an advantage with pockets because you can get four fingers in them and everybody else gets two fingers
…match the monos they’re all blind – couldn’t see where the little divot is in them So they’ve got a massive overhang – must be one of the biggest overhangs I’ve seen at any bouldering wall! not that good on the really steep stuff, but we’ll try our luck I’ll try the white first, if I can’t do that I’ll try the red white looks quite hard….give it a bash That was tiring! I fluffed the move in the middle as well…that took some energy You just campused it…lock off, one arm yeah, because I couldn’t reach from the foothold It worked…..that was a good problem need a rest now though! try the purple one…it looks like you’ve got to bump from this one, up to the edge one to keep the compression I don’t think I’ll be able to do that going to try this yellow…so yellow is their top tier, V6+ there’s not much chalk on the top, and there’s a massive gap between the holds at the start so I’m not sure if that’s a dyne or a weird technical thing with the volume find out that’s good! happy with that we left the Climbing Hangar in Swansea
that was a nice place…did you like it? yeah, it was good, good wall really friendly staff, really helpful. there were
super chatty they were really nice and they let us stay in their car park as well, which was triple nice nice facilities there, all new, all modern. there’s a front portion which is an old office building building that they turned into a cafe,
reception, then upstairs they’ve got loads of yoga studios
they got showers double thumbs up from Brett with the showers
my left arm is getting pumped..let’s go this way it’s been a good session when you can’t hold the camera up I’m not even using the self stick yeah definitely worth checking out if
you’re in the vicinity the Climbing Hanger Swansea. we’re going
to say goodbye for now so thank you for watching if you liked the video please
give it a thumbs up and if you haven’t already please do subscribe and we’ll
see you in the next video, Bye!

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Dennis Veasley

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  1. Thought I’d recognised you both from the hanger the other week 👋 you also give me 10 seconds of fame in your video lol

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